Epic Shots

We cliffhang like Sly Stallone.

Now that the hubbub over the end of Part 2 has died out long enough for me to speak, I wanted to give you dudes a few screenshots from Part 3 of the Season Finale. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you when it’s going to be out, because it’s all taking a tad longer than we anticipated. Rest assured that Nick and I are devoting virtually all of our free time to knocking this finale out of the park. I’ll let you know more soon, along with an announcement or two.

U HEER DAT Montages Shoot ze glass

Also, if you have a few moments, I have some lines in the new episode of Red Vs Blue. You can hear my dulcet tones in the first scene and elsewhere. Woot and such.

56 thoughts on “Epic Shots

  1. Dave

    and don’t rush it, if you need more time to make it the best it can be, take all the time you need. I love your guys’ stuff. Keep it comin’!

  2. Nade-Target

    Its funny.
    Montrose complains about people breaking the windows and after all this he goes forth with breaking a window. Hehehe something i remembered.

  3. GainesWorthy

    Sorry for Double post but were you the gaurd? The one who was against Washington, kind of “You cannot approach the crash site.” Or the one who said “Wha-“

  4. 5AGA-M4N

    RT ought ta be payin you with all those excellent roles u’ve been supplying em with. Otherwise It’s just a waste of tallent…… tisk, tisk.

  5. James Blond

    Omg! I was just about to post about that, I thought I heard you.

    Kickass, man. Kickass.

  6. Nexolate

    Dude, you guys really have something awesome here. I’ve been excited since yesterday when I realised that the final part will be out this week.

    Just don’t rush it, we can be patient for quality.

  7. Arctic Avenger

    “Just don’t rush it, we can be patient for quality.”

    This man speaks the truth!

  8. LeetWorldFan

    Hey guys! Take your time on this video. You shouldnt be in hurry. Just make it perfect. We can wait.

  9. Gforce

    “Player is going to die isn’t he… boohoo… :’(”

    Player can not die, he is a consistent anomoly within the show itself. If he were to die the entire show would implode upon itself, leaving behind a expand of nothing-ness. and no, i dont know what it means either.

  10. Daarklord

    I’m waiting for part 3 then I will watch part 2 and 3 together as I usually do. The buildup of suspense/lulz/adrenaline is greater like that πŸ™‚ And if anyone tries to shout spoilers I will flash you.

    Yay Red vs. Blue! The new season is starting off nicely with serious characters to bounce the main characters off of. But still doesn’t match TLW. You guys should try to get a deal with Valve like they have with Bungee.

  11. Max van Mesdag

    [quote comment=”7992″]Wait, why is Player Alone in the Death Room? o.O[/quote]
    I think that Player and Ellis are going to run away from the bomb in the Death Room, it’s probably the only thing they can do. Hmm… where does it go?

  12. Daf

    naw, player is going to do something very mature (w00t)….like save ahmads life or something to show that he was sorry…then he’ll probably have to finish it off with something funny to remind people how silly he is (in a good way -.-)

    can’t wait, take your time…tis looks like teh sex ladies and gents πŸ˜€

  13. LOLOL

    dude take your time doing but don’t make it untill next week…..I’ll suicide rather then to wait another week………

  14. GunshyPigeon

    I cannot wait for part 3!!
    I know its just gonna be amazing!!
    take your time obviously and make it the best it can be, but the suspense is just killing me!!!
    also, I saw the new Red vs Blue episode before I came here, and I thought a certain voice sounded familiar, and now I know!!!
    (even though I know that TLW is just alittle bit better then reconstruction so far!!)

    wait, possible future spoiler!!!
    A huge joint roosterteeth/smoothfewfilms collaboration!!!
    which will produce the greatest machinima ever!!!!
    (let me know if I’m close to anything here!)

  15. Megabrain3000

    Wow….the first shot looks awesome, with the epicness of player standing there alone…
    Anyways, I agree with a majority of people here, I’ll gladly wait for the awesomeness that will be Part 3!

  16. devildog1785

    aw player is alone, those shots look epic guys
    WTF is montrose doing
    and Cortez will shoot Westy there

  17. xXGriffXx

    [quote comment=”8037″]Did Montrose just break a window?[/quote]

    Lmfao. Drastic times call for drastic measures…

  18. Kyreo

    Looks pretty epic….
    its good to see you guys work with Roosterteeth…maybe youll join forces and become some kind of super power……or not

  19. CrazyFAN

    I bet that Playder and Ellis will kill that Muerto member !
    Then when Chet and Montrose die Ahmad will be 1 on 1 with a muerto and then Ahmad will win that fight πŸ™‚
    I think that Player will defuse the bomb.

    Though I could be wrong about all this πŸ™‚

  20. dizzll

    maybe rooster teeth + smooth few films = red blue vs tlw ? πŸ˜€
    it could so work.

  21. Piano Man

    I <3 <3 <3 this show guys. I think its the best machinima ever! /salad toss

    Y’all other commenter s should watch the episodes way more then once . . . The writing is thick with good funny stuff I didn’t catch the first time.

    (Yay for voice in RvB)

  22. the rev

    omg…WHAT R GON H4PP3N T0 PLAYER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! IF J00 R KILLZ HIM IR GONA KIL J00!!

  23. Crisdorya

    I think that part 3 will overload the servers and it will have over 500 comments!
    I can`t wait to see part 3! Take your time to make it the best!

    P.S. I will still press F5!

  24. xXGriffXx

    [quote comment=”8171″]I think that part 3 will overload the servers and it will have over 500 comments!
    I can`t wait to see part 3! Take your time to make it the best!

    P.S. I will still press F5![/quote]

    Lol f5 FTW!

  25. DragonRomer

    [quote comment=”8171″]I think that part 3 will overload the servers and it will have over 500 comments!
    I can`t wait to see part 3! Take your time to make it the best!

    P.S. I will still press F5![/quote]
    You fail, there will be over NINE THOUSAND comments.

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