PAX Rules

Just a quick update: PAX is incredible. Yesterday was practically a sensory overload in terms of going places and seeing all kinds of crazy stuff. We said hello to people from Bungie, Mega 64, Felicia Day, RoosterTeeth, and we also saw a ton of unreleased games like Dead Space, Fallout 3, etc. I’ll write a bigger post with pictures about it soon enough, but it was just a very cool day overall for us in terms of handing out DVD’s and business cards and trying to get our name out there.

If you’re interested in reading more at the moment in terms of actual games, I’ve put a couple of things up on GamerSushi, including a blurb about the coolest thing we saw all day in a clip of an animated Red Vs Blue series. I’ve also put up a video of MK vs DC (Batman vs the Joker!), and there are more videos coming over the next few hours.

17 thoughts on “PAX Rules

  1. GainesWorthy

    3rd! I am so glad you guys are getting business at PAX, great opportunity for you guys to get the recognition you deserve.

    Edit: I was second πŸ™

  2. zombie bait

    damn man thats the most awsome thing i have seen except for say fallout 3 (watched the 5 part guide on and its awsome!) but wow just wow i have to say that 2008 is going to be the best year of games that we have ever had!!!!!!!!!!! oops i left some games running have your selves a great time! πŸ™‚

  3. James Blond

    Lol, I just thought of something. Mebbe if Valve is represented at PAX you can personally show them your work and ask for the rights to make/sell DVDs?

  4. nightvenom


    Hmm i’d love to see some Dead space stuff.

    I checked out those pics on GS for Fallout 3 amazing stuff πŸ™‚

  5. Maxxef

    dayumm, i wish i was there.
    how bout some pics?
    gamersushi’s a great success too. smooth few’s on a ROLL.

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