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New SFF Short: The Devil of Destiny

Why hello, friends. In case you didn’t see this video on YouTube, then you might have missed that Smooth Few Films is going to be making some content again. We haven’t made much ado about this, so that might be a surprise.

Double surprise: we just created a new Destiny Short called “The Devil of Destiny.”

You should watch it. And tell your friends.

Thank you all so much for still checking on this space. Stay tuned for more.

PAX Rules

Just a quick update: PAX is incredible. Yesterday was practically a sensory overload in terms of going places and seeing all kinds of crazy stuff. We said hello to people from Bungie, Mega 64, Felicia Day, RoosterTeeth, and we also saw a ton of unreleased games like Dead Space, Fallout 3, etc. I’ll write a bigger post with pictures about it soon enough, but it was just a very cool day overall for us in terms of handing out DVD’s and business cards and trying to get our name out there.

If you’re interested in reading more at the moment in terms of actual games, I’ve put a couple of things up on GamerSushi, including a blurb about the coolest thing we saw all day in a clip of an animated Red Vs Blue series. I’ve also put up a video of MK vs DC (Batman vs the Joker!), and there are more videos coming over the next few hours.