Season 2 Update and WZ Screenshots

Wanted to give you guys a couple of production updates, as well as some screenies from the new episode of Web Zeroes that we filmed over the weekend. For future information, 9:30 am-11:30pm shoots were first thought up by the devil. And carried out by his bee-eff-eff Daniel, our steely-resolved director.

The first two episodes of The Leet World, Season 2 are almost written. There are some things we learned from the Finale – namely, that filming 3 “episodes” at once goes a lot faster than the normal method.

The idea this season is to film in 3 episode chunks. It’ll be an interesting experiment. So, by the time we release Episode One, we should be done filming the first three. What’s even cooler for you guys is that in theory, you should be getting a new episode almost exactly every two weeks on the dot, and in the meantime, we’re three episodes ahead, not killing ourselves. I’m a fan of the not killing ourselves part.

Of course, that’s all in theory, which, like Nick’s beard, is the subject of much speculation and myth. Men have died on those furry peaks. We’ll see how it goes. Filming hopefully starts next weekend.

Here are those screenshots I promised thirty seven seconds ago:

11 thoughts on “Season 2 Update and WZ Screenshots

  1. Maxxef

    Can’t wait for TLW Season 2! [quote comment=”11906″]
    I agree, whatever can get them eps out nice quick and on-time I’m pretty much OK on ;)[/quote]
    Well said, Saga Man. I’m with you on this one.

  2. DPbg94

    Since weve started…


    Anyway good luck with all your videos I’m really looking forward to all of your videos.

    Keep Up the good work!!!

  3. Niceman

    8th………. damn i mean 7th

    Like the idea that you are going to release episodes every two weeks

  4. GainesWorthy

    Kind of upset that not as many people comment on this kind of thing with WZ screen shots as Leetworld related news. :[ I cannot wait for Epicsode 1 WZ!

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