Everything’s Amazing, Nobody’s Happy

Saw this great clip yesterday from Conan O’Brien and Louis CK. I find it to be an absurdly funny rant about the culture we live in. More specifically, I think it actually offers a witty, insightful, sobering depiction of the Internet in general.

All web content creators can probably identify with this in some way, in terms of people feeling entitled to things they weren’t aware of until 10 seconds ago. Create on you crazy web pioneers, with those megabyte wagons rolling along. Watch out for the dysentery, though. On the trail, it’s a killer.

EDIT: Our hosting provider is experiencing some issues tonight, so the site could range from slow to not working. Should be back soon!

13 thoughts on “Everything’s Amazing, Nobody’s Happy

  1. 5aga-m4n

    “Did you partake in the miracle of human flight, you non-contributing zero?” haha, pretty true. Everything is taken for granted these days.

  2. Eddy

    Haha, seriously. I died at the part where he talked about signals having to go to space. It’s funny what you never stop and think about.

  3. popdoctor

    Hey, make another GD Web Zeroes so I can pretend like I’m hanging out with you again. Thanks.

    – Doug

  4. hypnotek

    Your right, every web developer in the world can associate with this.(and by web developer i mean someone who has made something other than a myspace, facebook, imeem etc., and yes, a blog that you arent hosting on your own server counts as one in the same.)


    Oh man, he is so true! A lot has changed.
    I know lot of people like, “Fudge, Twitter is down again. How can I live without posting what I hav done in the next 30 mins.”

    I hav to re-post this on my twitter dudez. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Nafets

    I THINK HE IS RIGHT…BACK TO DONKEY”S….Yes EDDY ur part that u thought was hilarious wasn’t hilarious… it was amazingly Hilarious…TY GUYS

  7. Fornicator

    Wonder how hard it is for Louis to keep himself censored.

    His stand up routines are just plain rude…but hilarious.

  8. playersbiggestfan

    leet world is realy awsome but it would be even better if you make another episode of web zeroes

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