Storm’s Coming

stormThanks for all the comments on Episode 5. Like I’ve said before, we’re really getting into the swing of things this season. It is getting rather served, as some friendly folks are wont to say.

The story is just starting to get to the good stuff. Two more episodes, and we’ll be sitting on the half way mark of the season. How I wish you dudes knew what was marching relentlessly towards you…

I’ve been playing the junk out of Civilization Revolution lately. For a console RTS, the controls aren’t bad, and it’s actually surprisingly fun. Also, for those of you that played Mass Effect, there is a sequel coming, and the teaser rules.

The last episode ended on a bit of an ominous note. The storm is coming, and we’ve even got a few screenshots to prove it.

tlw206screen01 tlw206screen02 tlw206screen03


23 thoughts on “Storm’s Coming

  1. Rustay4

    You just got me pumped for EP6… I dunno how but you did.
    Those screenies look great with the night map.
    I wonder if Leeroy will help the T’s again, or if the T’s will hate Leeroy if he helps the CT’s.. Hes in a bad position lol

  2. angeloftheafterlife

    nice screen shots. i wonder if westhiemer (sorry about the bad spelling) will acomplish the task the producer gave to him… to me, it seems to me like leeroy will end up having to fight westy. i sense a big showdown coming up. WOOT TLW is amazing!

  3. Nuginator

    What I Think Will Happen , Westheimer has always had his suspicions about the producer and the cts and ts unite to fight a new enemy!

    Or its all out war wit CTs and Ts

  4. Es3

    Every tlw episode is amazing; I can’t tell you guys how much I love the series. Im about to buy a shirt soon xD

  5. Goldeneye1989

    What i think will happen over the corse of the two episodes is that the producer will want westy to do this take (he wont) and he will be kicked of the show and replaced by,….. “whatshisface”

    Cortez, seeing (heh heh) this will try and use leeroy to convince westy to help the T’s do … whatever.

    Chet and player will still remain on the side of the producer (chet will be bribed with the promice of Bitches, and boose and player… who i still expected to be the person that the scientist was talking about (end of Season 1, is under the control of the producer)

    lets see if i am right on anything tho 😉

  6. Goldeneye1989

    [quote comment=”14009″]
    Cortez, seeing (heh heh) this will try and use leeroy to convince westy to help the T’s do … whatever.

    by whatever i mean acheive his goals, tkaing down the producer or yeah…. you get the picture….

  7. Untitled

    I think we are going to see team killing again, and then Leeroy gets kicked out of the show. After that he helps T’s from cave by using some crappy computer. 😀

  8. Cortez

    Like i sad this challenge will be much different than others. Now style now skills.
    And new things what Ct and T will worry about.
    We know the beginning, bat do we try the end.
    Much likely Peace of u all.

  9. Stuart

    I like the modifications you made to the map. You guys have some epic 1337 skilz with hammer. I’m pumped for Leet World but i miss new episodes of Web Zeroes. OH WEB ZEROES, WHERE FOR ART THOU WEB ZEROES!!!

  10. th3n00bk1ll3rpartdeux

    wow…the TLW Night House looks shweet! and i also noticed the new hi-res default weapon textures just now..xP

    anyway, CT’s and T’s, no holds barred!

    TLW FTW!


    No comment (Every time I say awesome :D)
    That’s not enough, create a word that is 8683678X better than awesome, and it still won’t be enough 😀

  12. Nafets

    Extremely SWEEET!!! Props to the photo of Montrose….Night house<now i see i looks AMAZING.

    THo best shot of all Chet…Probably found it or he’s go Someone over him but i thnk i’m rong cuz u guys always think of something SIKK

    Ty reely made me Dsay

  13. Pwezem

    Arrrgh The Scientist!
    I forgot about him… twill be massive!

    By the Way,
    News on Downloads?
    And Downloads for the newest Episode of WebZeros too

  14. Ganoosh

    [quote comment=”14021″]The scientist made the artificial hostages amirite?
    If he didnt I have no idea where he fits in.[/quote]
    yeah im with you i rekon scientist made hosty’s and prolly got chip in em or something to do what ever producer wants 2 wen ever……epic plot omgomgomg


  15. Vergilz

    So i was right… its gonna be a wild n wet night battle btwn the CTs n the Ts…

    Wonder if Montrose will do his sexy dance on this episode >.<… i noe all of ya would like to see that…. hahaha…

    N peeps… u guys gotta chill n stop demanding vids for WZ… they are bz with their own lives n also making the awesome leet world episodes for us… dun put more pressure on them or episodes will come in later….

    Putting that on another note….
    I bet episode 6 will the epic moment for TLW season 2! WOOT YEAH!!

  16. BadMan171

    1337. i love the new house. is the server still up? cause i downloaded the old house but did not know how to install.

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