Even Darker Nights

hype-train1Episode 7 should be gracing your monitors at some point next week, and we couldn’t be more excited. I’m not trying to get the hype train going overboard or anything, but I’ll admit that I’ve been looking forward to this episode since we started working on the season. When you’re working on a long term project like this, it takes a Herculean effort to not get ahead of yourself when you’ve got cool things down the road. I think we’ve done a decent job of it so far.

Anywho, some surprises are in store for the cast (and you dudes) in Episode 7, to say the least. You might pick up on one or two through the screenshots, or maybe there’s nothing there at all and I just want to make your brains hurt. Both of these things are possible.

tlw207_screenshot1 tlw207_screenshot2 tlw207_screenshot3


19 thoughts on “Even Darker Nights

  1. Nafets

    I’m surprised no one’s left any comments for such

    “Interesting” shots i thnk that the first two may show something but the last one not too sure

    Overall CAN”T WAIT…looks tooooooooooo 4we50m3(AWESOME)

  2. Hertzwijn

    Hmm…… Leeroy and Cortez next to each other, probably a sign, but i don’t know what the other two mean. Well something else to think about, thanks for the screens and continue the great work.

  3. ...pwnzor...

    I really cant wait to see the real part of the producer its all peices of a puzzle to figure and I dont get leeroy and cortez because leeroy is still with the CTs….right. Anyway I’m going crazy till the next episode because all of the secrets are going to be revealed 😀 😀 😀 🙂 🙂 XD H)

  4. Rustay4

    I wish i didnt look at those pics, im so pumped for EP7 now -.-

    Anyways, first pic maybe Leeroy taking a shortcut to warn Cortez?
    Second pic I reckon they see whats in the box
    Third pic is prolly player and Chet listening/watching what the box says/does 😮

  5. sgtpepper

    Wow i cant wait!

    I knew even before these pics that leeroy would play an important role in the next episode, its all leading to a fantastic season!!

    Does this mean that the filming is complete and the music and editing are being done next week?

  6. angeloftheafterlife

    completely agree with the post above. ^^
    i think that the pic with Leeroy and Cortez is showing that they finally
    A) find out what’s in the box/what it does
    B) find out where nunian is located. (sorry about spelling)

    Can’t wait for it to come out. Keep up the good work.

  7. Denman_HG

    Looks like Cortez and Leeroy are discussing what Westheimer said. The first could either be Leeroy or Asher, so idk, and the last one shows Chet and Player using their sneaking skillz.

  8. endplanets

    Please please let the suprise be that the two white combine who are killed by the “Dominator” are combing back. They were really funny. Or at least bring them back for some short skits while we wait for more episodes (not that that is a problem, damn ep 7 is coming fast. )


    I guess leeroy is going to get kick out of the show… sad. I loved that nerd.

    Then, the CT`s would need a new member 😀 maybe…

  10. Rogue12

    I’m thinking the first picture is actually Asher.

    I wonder, does Leeroy kill him perhaps?

    That’d rock. I hate Asher lol.

    Does Leeroy change sides like Ahmad did in season 1?

  11. sgtpepper

    Good ideas. Im thinking that Leeroy joins T’s, 1 thing i think is almost certain is that the ct’s win this challenge, or that there is some strange ‘Producer’ Rule that means that the Terrorists lose.

    hmmm the more i think about it the more i feel that this season will have no winner, my theory is that they will both gang up on the producer or the producers forces once wiesthiemer finally relises what happens, that they will use the box against the producer…

    Hmmm hope you enjoy that theory. lol

  12. Stefanus Lie

    Hmmm… I don’t think Leeroy’s going to join the T’s.
    I don’t think that Asher’s going to die in this challenge either. He’s the producer’s b**ch anyway, so he’s gotta be good.

    I wonder, if Asher’s shot dead in the challenge, will he go to the death room?

    There’s a possibility that there will be no winner in this challenge. It’s the producer’s show, after all.

    I think the second picture is not going to happen in the next episode. It’s in the middle of the challenge dude, there’s no way the T’s going to let anyone, even leeroy, fraternizing with them.

    Maybe player has a hidden power or something, since he is a successful project of automoton (is this the correct spelling?), lol.

  13. Blazamane

    After sitting down and scratching my pondering beard for several hours I have come to the conclusion that these pictures have something to do with the next episode

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