The Question of Rock

electric-guitarEpisode 7 is nearing the final stages. We feel like we have scaled some kind of beastly machinima mountain. No, this doesn’t mean the episode is coming any minute now, because there’s quite a bit that has to get done to it before it’s ready for your calloused videogamer paws, but it’s close, and I’m excited.

One of the coolest parts of doing The Leet World is getting to hear the awesome stuff that Mr. Jace Ford, aka Damn Dangerous, pumps out for us every new episode. To watch the process go from a script to a final cut with his music put into it for the first time really is something special. The dude works hard to score each episode, and usually only does so in about a week’s time.

Anywho, over the course of the show we’ve seen tons of great comments regarding the music, so I wanted to know- which episode of The Leet World has your favorite music? I couldn’t quite put that in a poll since there would be way too many options, so feel free to respond in the comments.

41 thoughts on “The Question of Rock

  1. Eddy

    Mine might have to be either End of All Things (Finale part 3), Challenge Activated (Finale part 2), or some of the stuff from Episode 6 of Season 2.


    It seems that every episode has better tune than the last one. It`s really hard to pick.
    But I found that the music for ep4 was pretty awesome.

    Wish I could get it on iTunes *wink wink*

  3. Ninja

    I like the challenge activated one and the song when Chet is defusing the bomb. The only song I could find that was close to it was “If it bleeds.”

    I didn’t want to buy the full album, because I’m a “one track suits me best” kinda guy. As a kid, I’d purchase a CD just to listen to one track and it was really a waste.

    So now I pretty much buy one song, unless it’s cheaper to buy the whole album (which in this case, it cost less per song to buy separately).

  4. Mr Leet

    Argh. All the music is awesome!
    But the thing that sucks is the fact that i don’t have a credit card to buy the soundtrack. With the two free tracks released, is it possible, that since they are up on Jace’s myspace, could you maybe provide a download link to the ones that are already posted there?

    If only my (upcoming) web series had any chance of having music as awesome as the stuff Jace does for you guys… I’m jealous!!! 😛

    Although from what i have heard, i would say that the end of all things sounded awesome 🙂

  5. Mitch

    The music for Trial by Inferno was really exceptional, in my opinion. A nice mix of the usual rocking Leet World battle music with a slower electronic piece.

  6. Rustay4

    End of all things was my fav, Challenge activated and the trial by inferno song (Round 2)

  7. Stefanus Lie

    My favorite is The Dark Night. It really merged with the challenge, give me excitement to the MAX!
    The trial by inferno’s great too, it really shows that the CT’s are owned by the T’s
    Where can I download these tracks anyway?

  8. angeloftheafterlife

    End of all things is my personal favorite.

    P.S. i head you guys talking about a LTW theme song remix competition… have you already done that?

  9. Rachinator

    Episode 11 Round 2 of the challenge was great. I was playing on de_train once and that came on omg i was supercharged with power lol!

  10. Stuart

    Definitely Death Comes Home. No particular part, just the whole thing. Jace really did something special with that episode…

  11. kendo

    The Ocho Muertos song is awesome. It’s from episode 13 “The Brothers Cardinal” when The Ocho Muertos came to the house. 8)

  12. Sam-urai

    The end of Episode 13, “Ocho Muertos” on the soundtrack.
    Such an awesome sound, and a nice little FF7 reference to boot! (around about 1:54 – 1:59)

  13. Cortez

    1 – The End of All Things
    2 – The Ocho Muertos
    3 – Attack of the Noob
    4 – Wrong Side of the Hax
    5 – If It Bleeds
    6 – Dust 2 Dust (Ambush at Bombsite B)
    Are my Favorite soundtracks 🙂

  14. Schoolboy

    1. Ocho Muertos (or however you write that :D)
    2. Bitch got Served (can’t remember the episode)

    It became that popular, like every1 uses it on css =D

  15. Yamine

    Last music in episode 6 season 2 is the best i heard so far
    And Challenge activated in episode 14 is very good also 😉

  16. Eclipse1337

    I have more than one favorite, I love the music from the 2nd round of the 2nd challenge first season, just makes it all come out, then followed by when Cortez faced Ahmad in the warehouse, then episode 13 when Ahmad told the ct’s to come outside. Also episode 14, all the songs in those 3 episodes. Also on episode 3, when the bomb blows up on Ahmad and Cortez, the music there which follows to the theme song, is the perfect fit from my point of view. I need to buy the rest of the soundtrack soon, only got 3 songs from Season 1. Keep making music like this Jace! Your songs are awesome.

  17. Pwezem

    There Producer is awesome.
    Really eerie and it suits him perfectly!

    Then it might be the end of all things, on the finale of season 1

  18. ...pwnzor...

    Mine is the end of all things, ocho meurtos, challenge activated, de_dust 2 (2nd part)and the domanation man

  19. Blazamane

    Well the 3 parts of Death Comes Home had some great music in relation to the question at hand

    I find my favorite track from DD to be the Leet World Jam which I got on the album that is some insanely awesome guitar work and I get shivers every time I listen to it

  20. jamesblond09

    Challenge Activated, hands down.

    One of the coolest things about the music in TLW is the way Jace always makes it fit the mood of a scene perfectly. The soundtrack really heightens the whole experience of the show.

    Major kudos to Jace. Keep it up!

  21. sgtpepper

    i really enjoyed the latest music from epi 6 season 2.

    The dramatic elements the music has really makes the show and the experience more memorable. It makes the show stand above the others!

    What software does the composer use if you know? Fruity loops?

  22. marshy546

    I would say Thunderhead is the best musically related episode yet. The composition and chord progressions are appropriate for the suspenseful parts and are so catchy that they get suck in my head! Very well done Mr. Jace!

  23. mrcube

    I don’t think I could pick a particular episode as having “the best music” as the series as a whole has had a such a massive number of tracks that are purely awesome, and the soundtrack was a purchase I haven’t ever looked back on, and I’ll definitely be buying the season two one when we get to see it.

    Either way, for me, the best track (I guess it’s actually a tune or motif or whatever now) is and will always be the producers theme… sheer awesomeness.

    (Oh… and End Of All Things – that’s the other one that always really sticks in my mind).

  24. Lord Hayden

    Mine would definitely have to be the “battle” music from the Episode “Trail By Inferno” (I think it was called) It was totally awesome! I actually posted this on the forums a while back when the episode came out. If you are going to pick 1 song out of them all to add the the Season 2 Soundtrack, PICK THAT ONE PLEASE!

  25. playerborg96

    defineltly without a doubt the single handed 100% is the song at the end of season 1 finale

    NO CONTEST!!!!!!!!!

  26. sgtpepper

    im really interested about the music.

    If your there damn dangerous would you mind letting us know some part of your methods? do you use pc software such as sibelius or fruity loops? If not what do you use? How do you go about making music for the episodes? Do you watch them before you even begin to think of ideas? Or do you have ideas that you apply to particular situations? Im really interested.

    Listenin to your music has got me inspired – wheres my ukilalie.

  27. CyberJordan

    for me:

    1st: Producer’s theme/Ocho Muertos
    2nd: Challenge Activated
    3rd: Wrong Side of The Hax
    4th: End of all Things
    5th: Ahmad’s Plan at 1.13
    6th: The Start of The Leet World 1.1
    7th: Tempest’s Ending (with Player/Leeroy)
    8th: ThunderHead’s beginning
    9th: Cortez’s Interrogation (1.13)
    10th: Tempest: Hostage Rescue

  28. Trogador

    My favorite piece is in the end of the episode Stranger in the House, after the T’s get radio communication from “Mendoza”. It’s so ominous and simple.

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