The Rabbit Hole


Sorry, I just had to say it. We’ve been waiting to drop some of the plot bombs seen in Episode 7 for quite awhile now. As a writer, I tend to geek out over those things. Nick and Daniel always tease me that I would end every episode “Lost” style with the resounding thud coupled with the TLW logo. It’s true. There would also be yetis with gatling guns. Damn Source engine and its limitations.

While today is April Fool’s, we don’t have any plans lined up. We thought about it a couple of times, but time working on these fake projects would detract from our break, which is going awesomely at the moment.

Interestingly enough, yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of the Matrix. Kind of odd to think about. Doesn’t feel like 10 years at all. That’s one of those movies that I could watch over and over, without really caring. There’s a few of those on my list. Serenity, The Last Crusade, Fellowship of the Ring, Apollo 13, etc. What about you guys? What movie can you watch again and again?

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  1. killerdog

    Black Sheep all the way. Theres just nothing like a good zombie sheep. Imagine – Left4Sheep

    First. :c

  2. Teh_meaty

    There’s a few on my list as well. Dawn of the Dead, Toy Story (Pixar’s masterpiece imo), Back to the Future, and my recent favorite Generation Kill the miniseries! (Must recommend for any Band of Brother’s fans)

  3. Hertzwijn

    I’ve got a whole list too, but my favorites are i think Four Brothers, The Blair Witch Project, Now For Something Completly Different, and there are more, like the Jay and Silent Bob movies, or the The Fast and The Furious series (I’ve got to see the fourth still, it’s comming in the cinema tommorrow here in the Netherlands, I’ll be there).

  4. Yamine

    Tropic Thunder,Step Brothers,Semi Pro,Rush Hour(Any of the 3)and Lord of The Rings(Any of the 3)

    As you can see im more of a comedy guy πŸ˜›

  5. Paperkut

    The Leet World season 1 πŸ™‚


    maybe Lord of the rings (all the three) and also Resident evil xD

  6. kendo

    [quote comment=”14530″]Tropic Thunder,Step Brothers,Semi Pro,Rush Hour(Any of the 3)and Lord of The Rings(Any of the 3)

    As you can see im more of a comedy guy :P[/quote]

    Add Rush Hour to me also. Forgot how good those films are.

    LuV TEH JaKCiE ChaNnNnnnnnnNNn…..

  7. Gforce

    Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, Black Hawk Down, Any Godzilla movie. You can see where this is going.

  8. Nick

    [quote comment=”14535″]I’m really disappointed that no one else here has said Jurassic Park![/quote]
    completely agree!

  9. Pwezem

    Jurassic Park!
    My favorite documentary! =D
    I’ve always wanted to pet them dinosaaar’s

    I’d have to say Clerks. Never gets old, but gets very childish πŸ˜›

  10. Eddy

    I agree on the Jurassic Park mentions! That was my movie that I used to watch when I stayed home sick from school. I’ve got the whole thing memorized, practically.

  11. playerborg96

    my top list (not in a particular order):

    1. die hard 3
    2. star wars 4-6
    3. leet world (i count it as a movie because its awesome enough for big screen)
    4. all the rush hour
    5. o brother where art thou
    i could go on
    but ya bra its definetly up there on my top 5 list with
    1. bruskies
    2. hard core rap legenda of ’95
    3. movies
    4. and kickin but!!!
    wait thats only four….
    wut was the fifth thing… ugh wheres player when u need him

    Prolly off becomin better android lolololol

  12. Floydz

    matrix, bourne, lotr (i love trilogies πŸ˜› )
    also ofc the big lebowski (dude !!!)
    and all quentin tarantino movies ^^

  13. Blazamane

    Ong Bak me and a mate just sit there with our jaws on the ground epic action flick;

    Hot Fuzz
    The Dark Knight
    The Matrix Trilogy
    All 3 Rush Hours

    Oh I just realized sgtpepper is above me; Is WoD still a shit clan?

  14. SNOWMAN7

    I really like those “THUD…” moments. It really makes the whole movie epic, sorta.

    See what happens when you put a THUD with the title on the movie forest gump!

  15. livingdestroyer

    fight club, final destination 1,2,and 3, watchmen, wanted, the resident evil movies, dawn of the dead, shawn of the dead (as you see i like a good zombie movie)and the lord of the ring series.

  16. SNOWMAN7

    I like the matrix series my self. It’s really a modern classic now. I also could watch I Am Legend for a couple times, heh.

  17. Stefanus Lie

    Actually, I love horror movies, but i don’t have a favorite horror movie in particular. I love a movie that can give me adrenalin rush. lol.

  18. Sikkamore

    I can’t believe no on has mentioned Gladiator! Ancient history FTW!

    Gladiator, 300, all Bourne’s, How High, all Chronicles of Riddick, Borat, Ali G, MR BEAN!!!, and the first 2 mummy movies/the scorpion king.

  19. Ubergamer13

    There are plenty on my list πŸ˜€

    28 Weeks/Days Later
    Children of Men
    Jurrasic Park
    Back to the Future Trilogy πŸ˜›
    And many, many others.


  20. Bullit_Sponge

    ZoMg nobody has mentioned freedom of Sir William Wallace

    Braveheart far and away best movie

  21. playerborg96

    i change all of my choices to the leet world movie yet to be made and i vote we all do the same

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