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A Late Christmas Gift

Well, here’s a late “Happy Christmas” to all of you guys from us here at Smooth Few Films: new Leet World outtakes!

I meant to have these things up on Christmas morning, but I got a bit distracted by how awesome my weekend was. For real. We’ve finished filming Web Zeroes (the season finale is out on Wednesday) so Daniel, Nick and I are getting to experience the now-awkward warmth of actual friendship for the first time in a long time. You know, playing Dungeons and Dragons, hanging out, Rock Band, etc. It’s the opposite of how our time is spent when we make this stuff, which usually involves family curses, tiger uppercuts and CQC.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these outtakes. They hail from Season 2 of TLW, Episodes 9 and 10. As such, there are no Leeroy lines as he was out adventuring in the Matrix Mordor. There are also plenty of things from Ty doing his Asher and Mendoza voices and even some beatboxing at one point, as well as lots of Daniel having fun with Adam Sizzler. Because honestly, who wouldn’t have fun with that guy?

Sizzlin’ indeed. Right click and “save as” to download this stalwart mp3 to your general desktop region.



The Rabbit Hole


Sorry, I just had to say it. We’ve been waiting to drop some of the plot bombs seen in Episode 7 for quite awhile now. As a writer, I tend to geek out over those things. Nick and Daniel always tease me that I would end every episode “Lost” style with the resounding thud coupled with the TLW logo. It’s true. There would also be yetis with gatling guns. Damn Source engine and its limitations.

While today is April Fool’s, we don’t have any plans lined up. We thought about it a couple of times, but time working on these fake projects would detract from our break, which is going awesomely at the moment.

Interestingly enough, yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of the Matrix. Kind of odd to think about. Doesn’t feel like 10 years at all. That’s one of those movies that I could watch over and over, without really caring. There’s a few of those on my list. Serenity, The Last Crusade, Fellowship of the Ring, Apollo 13, etc. What about you guys? What movie can you watch again and again?