Birthdays and Battles

danielToday is a very special day for Daniel, director, and voice of Ellis and Adam Sizzler in The Leet World. He turns 28 years of age. Yikes. I hope he doesn’t break a hip or something. Wish him a good one, he deserves it.

Production has started again on the show as of this weekend, and we are slicing that thing up like raptors in Jurassic Park. That is to say, the attack will come from the side, from the raptor you didn’t even know was there. The second half of this season is kind of awesome, so we’re looking forward to getting on with it. I’ll have some screenshots for you dudes later on in the week, I hope.

I randomly watched a lot of Season 1 yesterday, for the first time in several months. While watching some battle sequences, it came upon me to ask you dudes which gunfight/battle you’ve liked best so far in The Leet World. So, answer away. What’s your favorite?

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  1. UnKnoWn PlaYeR

    Sweet 1st comment!!
    hmm.. of all the gun fights… i gotta say the last episode of season 1 of the leet world. Epic man!!
    hope the next one will be able to be more epic than this one xD


    Happy B day dood! Your the best EV4R director!

    My favorite battle would be the first challenge of season 2. The terror’s were epic there.

  3. Danny-Boy

    happy birthday…

    best battle… that must be the ocho muerto/mendoza fight vs TLW stars (both the house fight and the challenge fight)
    but im 99,99% sure somthing more epic will come in this season!

  4. Midg3y

    I loved Round 2 of Dust 2 Dust when the CTs came in through double doors and the battle begun.

    I also like Montrose vs the CTs in Episode 11 as well as 1 on 1 battles in Death Comes Home.

  5. Teh_meaty

    Happy birthday Daniel! Hope your birthday was sizzlin’. Just like Adam Sizzler’s birthday would’ve been.

    Anyways Eddy, I’d say my favorite gun battle was the epic battle between Ahmad and Cortez. 1 Legit badass, vs 1 non legit badass. Perfect match!

  6. Hertzwijn

    Happy Bday dude,

    The best battle for me is dust2dust, and offcourse the ocho muertos vs tlw house.

  7. SAMMY


    and yeah probably for me it would be season 2 challenge 2, or season 1 challenge 3.


  8. boneclinkz

    Happy B-day Daniel i like season 2 of The first challenge bcuz there working there team work and the best part there only using HAnd gun KOOL

    HMmm the 1st season i like was Episode 4 it was there FIrst challenge and All of them were awesome except or Westhimer bcuz his Kill Joy And Player was very funny he was shooting at the air and throw the grenade at his self very funny that was the 2nd episode i see in LTW then

  9. Alex525

    Happy Birthday, Daniel! =D
    Hope your birthday was good and you enjoyed it.

    About what combat scene I liked the most…
    I’ve liked pretty much every combat scene in a way, but for me, I think Dust 2 Dust, aswell as the combat scenes in “Death Comes Home” was the best ones. I also liked the 1 on 1 fight Cortez and Ahmad had at Nuunien.

    Keep Sizzlin’, Daniel!

  10. sgtpepper

    gun fight between weisty, cortez and men…i mean senor cardinal :P. That was the most epic.

    I was impressed with Dust 2 Dust. This would be my second fav.

    Glad too see you guys are back into it. Hope you had an awesome break – well deserved.

  11. 5thlive

    the best battle got to be Ahmad on h4x0rs with all its horror movie chills.

    btw happy birthday Deniel ^^

  12. Ovadose

    Most Epic and Lulz Fight was the Chet and Leeroy fight like comon when do you see a punch on in Counterstrike lol
    And Happy birthday 🙂

  13. Stefanus Lie

    Happy birthday Daniel!!! I love your Ellis voice acting!!!

    My favorite battles are the 1. battle between cortez and Domination Guy and 2. The last episode of season 1, both the challenge and the… “house cleaning” process.

  14. comardoisepic

    Happy birthday Daniel!!!1!!

    I seriously just love the leet world and all the work you guys do.
    TLW is so ******* epic it shuld be a real tv-series, no wait A MOVIE.
    I hope Eddy and Nick gave you what you deserved and I hope
    You had a great day

    BTW my favorite battle is dust 2 dust.

    Subject:Daniel miller
    Status:having fun (I hope)

  15. Unpossible

    Haha Keep Sizzlin’, that’s a great new catch phrase for you Daniel. Happy B-Day btw

    My favorite battle was probably the Muertos vs. The House, the challenge part was great too, but with only 3 participants it’s kinda bland you know? Especially with Chet’s great one liners: “Dude, no homo” and “What’s up bra? *Owns Muerto*”

  16. Tarik

    2: oh man uhh i like challenge 2 in season 1 and 2 sence both teams had trained hard and the CT’s cut the comunications and power to spice things up!

  17. 5aga-m4n

    Happy Birthday Bra!

    Watch out the cake is…. (nvm over used reference)
    Player: WUT REFRENCE?

    Best battle, best battle…. the Westy, Cortez and Dozer sequence was the best actiony-wise. Also both 1st challenges were some favs too, I think cause it mainly focussed on the fighting. This is what first came to mind anyway cause they’re all so excellent XD

  18. Eclipse1337

    Episode 12, when Cortez and Ahmad face off, was my favorite. Then episode 4 season 1 the 3rd round, all 4 ct’s ganged up on Ellis and Ahmad, and how Cortez was able to plant the bomb the same time.

    And happy birthday Daniel!

  19. Nafets


    By the way fave gun battle/MOST INTENSE…is Round 2 Dust 2 Dust. It was actually some intense 3 on 3 because Ahmad was killed and Player was still an inexperienced NUB then. Everyone killed each other until the “Good Old” NADEZ came and pwnt Ellis.

    Ur best piece of Art yet SFF!!

  20. Nafets

    I know this may be annoying but i forgot to mention….besides the scientist I hope there is another Odd figure that comes out of no where(Asher no count)


  21. pl4y3r_rul3z

    First off, happy birthday, Daniel! You do an awesome voice for Ellis. He cracks me the f’ up!

    As for battles, that whole standoff between Westheimer, Cortez, and Mendoza was pretty epic, and pretty much anything involving Cortez or Westheimer was pretty awesome.

  22. Denman_HG

    Happy birthday Daniel. I’d say something clever but the only unused quote I could say is to tell you to eat a bag of dicks. Go eat a dick cake! Those candles? Wax dicks.

    Best fights in top 3:

    1. Part 3 of Death Comes Home, as in all of it. 18 and 1/2 minutes of epic, with every Muerto dying in a totally kickass way, especially Mendoza.

    2. Ahmad vs. Cortez. The entire battle rocked, all the way up to Cortez shooting the bomb.

    3. Thunderhead and Tempest. As episodes and the action was great. I really loved Chet’s “I will execute a bitch!” and his great comeback to Leeroy, “Listen, bitch! Shut your whore mouth when men are talking!”

  23. djshox

    Damnit Jim you beat me to it.

    Happy birthday Daniel!

    It looks like you guys are testing out the production systematically for weaknesses. You guys remember..

  24. bigboss911

    I dont have a favorite fight, for they are all Epic.
    One of my favorite parts is in the first challenge…
    “Alright nerd its just me and you, this aint like one of those mmos that you play, this is real life”. “Im gonna kick your ass”, (tink tink), “OH SHIT” (BOOM)
    Everyone: “OWNED”
    Ellis: Hey that is Bullshit,why dont you all go eat a bag of dicks”. LMAO
    Happy b-day!

  25. Contributor


    I mostly enjoyed where 2 people would be killed by 1 person or 1 person owned by lots of people like what happened to ahmad

  26. GreaseMonkey

    Happy B-Day! I know you’re out sizzlin’ right now, so I’ll just leave a message after the beep…


    My favorite battle scene was the one where we first saw Ahmad on hax. His moves were awesome!

  27. Dunnerski

    At first i thought it just said fight, so I thought “Hey he didn’t specifiy gunfight! LulZ!!” So I was gonna post 2:47 on Episode 2. When Montrose epic burns Ellis.. But now I must find a gunfight…

    Probably when Leeroy naded Ellis during De_Dust2

  28. GamingLols

    Happy Birthday dude!

    Favourite gun fight (thing) for me would be when Chet and Player are surrounded and Player takes out Montrose and Ahmed with his epic headshots in Tempest!

  29. Stefanus Lie

    About the gunfight, is the fight between player and ahmad in ep10 included? It was really awesome knowing how player has improved since the first challenge. Player was really awesome at that moment.

  30. playerborg96


    my favorite gun fight is the inevitable bad-ass one yet to come

    but for current versions, its just to damn hard. i mean, how could anyone choose their favorite there to damn good blowin up crap COME ON NOW

  31. Fusion of Evil

    I liked the Cardinal Brothers shoot-outs, and the Domination gun-fight at the ruin looking things

  32. P14yerPwn5Terr0r

    When Player gets back to back headshots against terrorists. If that doesn’t count the one where Cortez fights that Domination Guy. PLAYER FOREVER… PLZ DON’T MAKE PLAYER A R0b0t that w0u1d suck nub @$$!!!!! 1f anyth1ng mak3 h1m an art1fital human at th3 v3ry l3a5t. 0r mak3 h1m a c10n3.

  33. Mendoza

    hey happy birthday dude even though im 6 days late lol. id say my favorites are basicly every one so far (i just cant make up my mind) but the 2nd challenge of season 2 was pretty awesome especialy when chet was in the bedroom and montrose was on the roof and then chet shoots the sky lights and he screams “WHERE ARE YOU?” and montrose comes upside down and says “marco”. OMFG that was so funny me and my therapist were laughin so hard im just laughing just thinking about it. LMAO

  34. HEV Bucket

    season 2 Challenge 1. Can’t beat a bunch of terrorists taking out the entire team with the glock

  35. greenpeace

    the battle cortez vs ahmed where ahmed is looking for hax and then he blow up!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHU!!!

    epic ftw

    OMFG 28 years old… omg aren’t you going bed around 4 in the afternone? 😀

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