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Birthdays and Battles

danielToday is a very special day for Daniel, director, and voice of Ellis and Adam Sizzler in The Leet World. He turns 28 years of age. Yikes. I hope he doesn’t break a hip or something. Wish him a good one, he deserves it.

Production has started again on the show as of this weekend, and we are slicing that thing up like raptors in Jurassic Park. That is to say, the attack will come from the side, from the raptor you didn’t even know was there. The second half of this season is kind of awesome, so we’re looking forward to getting on with it. I’ll have some screenshots for you dudes later on in the week, I hope.

I randomly watched a lot of Season 1 yesterday, for the first time in several months. While watching some battle sequences, it came upon me to ask you dudes which gunfight/battle you’ve liked best so far in The Leet World. So, answer away. What’s your favorite?

Happy Novemberween, 2008 Edition

Wow, I’ve said it before, but lots of thanks to everyone who has been supporting us by purchasing the TLW Season One Soundtrack. It was a labor of much love by Jace. I think the coolest thing of all is that the people that are buying it seem to love it in a totally passionate want-to-touch kind of way.

All of that aside, it’s been a long time since you’ve all seen or heard any shred of information concerning the whereabouts of one Mr. Adam Sizlewski (AKA Sizzler). Well, I figured I’d bring along a little teaser for Season 2 of The Leet World which finally reveals his location, and maybe ties up a few loose ends on the way.

Also, it tells you when to expect Season 2. Try not to hyperventilate, but it’s cool if you are, I am too. Video after the jump!

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Idle Hands…

Det. Dawson, Case File No. 14113

Back to Square One. I might have to go off the books for the next few weeks. Something doesn’t add up here. Finally logged Exhibit B, but it seems rather inconsequential to me. Traced the call back to a warehouse in Italy but all that was left there was dust and echoes.

Exhibit B (Sizlewski’s answering machine)

Probably just some kids screwing around, or some bored workers.

And the Winner Is…

Det. Dawson, Case File No. 14113

This was pulled from the entertainment page of this morning’s edition of “The Daily Source”. Filed to archives.

After personally reviewing the surveillance tape submitted by Mr. Wolfe, it confirms that Westheimer was indeed at the TLW house as specified in the report. I thought it seemed too easy. Mugshot filed to archives as well:

The Case of Adam Sizlewski

Case No. 14113

Location: Abandoned apartment of Adam Sizlewski. Profession: Actor, stagename is Sizzler.

Status: Presumed missing

Exhibits A, C, E, F:

Photos of the crime scene reveal signs of a struggle, possible injury. Blood is a match for Sizlewski. Bullets removed from the wall match a handgun registered to Sizlewski. Neighbors heard the gunfire and alerted the authorities.

Exhibit G is most curious:

Package and envelope mentioned are missing. Nothing else appears to have been taken from the apartment. Investigation is on-going.