The Most Wonderful Time…

e3I think E3 week is probably one of the coolest times of the year. It’s like Christmas, but for nerds. If you’re unaware or have been living under Nick’s beard, E3 is a massive video game expo that happens around June. There’s nothing like hearing all the gaming news and announcements such as Left 4 Dead 2, Halo: Reach and then some. If you aren’t aware of what you missed today, you should definitely go catch up.

In other news, the next post on this fair site will be the long-awaited Episode 10 of Season 2. The Leet World’s got a few watershed episodes, and I believe this to be one of them. I can’t wait for you guys to see it. Don’t punch yourself waiting for it, though.

Daniel’s out of town for the next few weeks or so, but Nick has been busy editing while I move forward on Episode 11 assets. In the meantime, here are some last-minute screenshots of Episode 10 to hold you over until the big release.

tlw210screen4 tlw210screen5 tlw210screen6

You have been teased.

27 thoughts on “The Most Wonderful Time…

  1. playerborg96

    e3 has to be guarenteed entertainment im sure.

    thanks for the tease dudes, im dying with anticipation for the next episode. Yet sadly as the episodes come out, one more badass than the next, we slowly near the en of leet world

  2. hl2lover14

    Sweet can’t wait. Also I’m cool with Valve making a new Left 4 Dead but please, oh please release something on Half Life 2 Episode 3!

  3. Eddy

    [quote comment=”15503″]lucky!!!
    e3 has to be guarenteed entertainment im sure.

    Just for clarification, I’m not actually at E3. I just like the time of year for all the news, haha.

  4. joq_kain

    Well I see they are finally releasing Splinter Cell Conviction… been waiting for this 🙂 . Modern Warfare 2 = OMG xD… . Left 4 Dead 2 = just started to play the fist one so a bugger for me. And about Halo… I don’t know why, but I have a x360 and didn’t play any Halo so far, maybe I’ll try this one.

    Oh and btw, can’t w8 for the next episode 😉
    Cheers from Poland

  5. Boxin

    Yesterday was pretty epic, and only the first day!

    Freakin’ Hideo moving MGS to the XBox (even though it has Raiden 🙁 ), Left4Dead2, SWTOR, that new Project Natal (looks BA), along with Zune HD and coming to the XBox. I nearly crapped myself watching it all :D.

  6. Boxin

    Don’t mean to double post (no edit for my previous, odd) but I also can’t wait for CODMW2 and the Splinter Cell, looks so BA. I might even rent Saboteur at some point.

  7. Anonymous

    Weren’t there already screenshots for Ep 10? lolz x2…

    L4D 2 should be pretty sick, splinter cell, and halo.
    Thx for the pics, cant wait!

  8. mortenkrabbe

    it’s very badass!

    as cortez ones said:

    montrose: so Ahmad, how did it make you feel when Cortez didn’t let you throw that grenade?
    ahmad: SAD!, AND ANGRY! what’s that word you always sais ellis?
    ellis: BUTTHURT!
    ahmad: yea, BUTTHURT!
    montrose: and cortez, how did it make you feel?
    Cortez: like a badass!
    montrose: but what about the times you don’t feel like a badass?
    cortez: i do not follow..
    cortez: ey?

  9. Anonymous

    mortenkrabbe I think it’s “que” not “ey” because he like mexican or italian or something…

  10. Stefanus Lie

    AAARRRGHHH!!!! The teaser is killing me!!!! I can’t concentrate in my exam without TLW!!!!

  11. S.T.R.E.L.O.K.

    @SuperToaster: Psst, SuperToaster!(Idiots of Gmod refference). Go watch Web Zeroes to see Nick’s beard live & in color xDDDD.

    Also great screenshots, they don’t say nothing as everytime^^. Waiting for a new episode.

  12. sæþór jóhannesson

    this is great i cant wait for L4D2 the trailer is fantastic i just cant wait for both The Leet world and Left 4 dead 2.:D

  13. SuperBuu

    But i saw a gameplay video fo l4d 2. Only thing im interested in is Directer and its improved AI.
    And i liked the TMP they are going to include. The incendiary ammo is fail, because its so pointless. only if a Tank is coming to you it’ll be useful. Otherwise i advise to use pisotls. Speaking of pistols. Pistols have limited ammo this time. Then you just gotta rely on melee after that.

  14. DPbg94

    Valve have a character named Ellis…He talks like a redneck…does that remind you of another character from TLW named Ellis who’s a redneck…HMMMMM?

  15. SuperToaster

    [quote comment=”15528″]Valve have a character named Ellis…He talks like a redneck…does that remind you of another character from TLW named Ellis who’s a redneck…HMMMMM?[/quote]

    Nope, not really.

  16. Eddy

    [quote comment=”15530″]Heard that you dudes are having a long editing session this episode. Keep it up! Looking forward to the big event.[/quote]

    Yeah, this episode is being dragged kicking and screaming to release. It’s been a pain. However, the last episode that did that was Episode 7, and Eps 11,12 and the Finale part 3 of Season 1, so…

  17. Mr Leet

    Sounds like Episode 10’s a monster Ep. You guys really have grown in the realms of storytelling from Season 1, I came here from episode 10 of season 1 and am glad, for TLW has become a part of my life (I was refresing the site anxiously after my 4-episode marathon last night waiting for episode 10 ROFL. Cheers from all the way over in New Zelaland! When episode 10 comes out im gonna be watching it on mah TV 😛

    Although, I am curious– What happened to the “Making Of” video you guys were planning on releasing? And I can’t wait for the next podcast, as you avent done one since episode 11 of season 1!!!! 😛

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