Wheels and Deals

Exciting news! Hold on to your butts.

Here’s what I can tell you: we just got a big deal to produce Smooth Few Films content. No, it is not TLW. I can’t tell you who we made the deal with or go into more details about it, but trust me when I say it was a pretty crazy moment for us when we found out they were interested.

This means the “band is staying together” essentially, and that all of us (including Daniel) are rearranging some plans so that we can invest ourselves into this project. As a bonus for you guys, it means lots more Smooth Few Films content after The Leet World is over, which wasn’t going to be the case before.

This is a huge opportunity that deserves all of our time. It’s the kind of thing that we’ve been working towards for the last two years. We’re kind of giving it all we’ve got. So it means there are probably going to be some more changes coming soon, and it is partially responsible for the extended time that Episode 14 is taking us.

We’ll give some more information when we can, but our hands are a little tied. Rest assured, you should stick around for all of this because it’s going to be badass.

74 thoughts on “Wheels and Deals

  1. Mr Leet


    I must say, this is exciting news. ive been sticking with you guys for every new release since episode 10 of Season 1, and you guys honestly deserve it!!!

    Congrats, SFF!!!

  2. J.Freeman

    Allow me to express my happiness through a series of random key presses:


  3. JJ

    [quote comment=”16669″]Allow me to express my happiness through a series of random key presses:


    Hahahahahahahaha +1

  4. kendo

    Good luck to you guys in your LOLOMGWTFZOMGBBQCONTRACTLMAOROFLWOOTLOLCATZ. Can’t wait for last episode and of course the movie it self 🙂

  5. Lord Hayden

    Amazing! So happy to hear that! I predict it is going to be excellent! Does this mean you are going to produce the third season? Or are you guys just going to stick with the movie? I don’t mind either way… 🙂

    …also, I lost my butt, I forgot to hold onto it… 🙁

  6. No0b-0-rAmA

    Changes you guys do always make things better around here! Im glad to hear all of you are still going to make some great stuff, I can’t wait!


    Woah, woah. I think I know who your talking about! If it’s true, it would be awesomesauce. and what J.Freeman said XD

    Great news SFF! You dudes are the best!

  8. TheHiddenOne

    Congrats! Glad to hear you guys finally got recognized by someone! You guys deserve it after all your hard work!

  9. dream_hunter

    Glad to hear the good news. You guys have done a great job and I’m sure whatever it is, is well deserved. Can’t wait to see what is next for SFF.

  10. Randomhero

    I must say, if you guys cant be famous for TLW then i really hope this is for Web Zeroes. I recently watched the eps, and really enjoyed them.

    Kudos to you guys, and good luck 🙂

  11. Star Breather

    Great job guys, you really diserve this. You have put so much effort into entertaining us over the past years that you should have a lucky break.


    Lots Of Love and Happiness

    [TLW] Star Breather


    Now that your getting sponsored will we get to see some more leet world shorts about how the guys are doing after the show?

    Pretty Please

  12. Kratos

    i bet they god a deal with valve or steam or some bid video gaming company that we all know, my friends were saddend to hear you guys are moving apart, after that we were like when the leetworld is done the company would be finished, but now since you guys are going to get paid you guys will stay together.

  13. quantumoftoast

    Man, I am excited with Ep. 14, and now I’m even more excited about your deal. Next thing you know, I’m going to wake up one day and Cortez is in my room.

    All I have to say is that you guys rock, and the mysterious entity (teh Producer?) who made the deal with you really knows what good machinima is.

    Congrats, and I can’t wait to see what you have next!

  14. BR@!N~$M@$H3R

    ive been waiting for the leet world since the preview came out in 2006,
    and been watching it ever since, a bit hooked,
    tlw is kinda like heroine, once you start its almost impossible to stop.
    hah i even still type in theleetworld.com to get to this site!

    ive never had a reason until now to create an account,
    just to say congrats,
    you guys have worked extremely hard,
    and have definatly earned this,
    what ever it is, im sure you have everyone buzzing away wondering who, what, or even when we get to know.
    keep up the good work, ill surley stay tuned in even after the leetworld is over, till then i wish SFF all the best and i hope everything works out for SFF.

  15. SargentPikachu

    Lemme guess…

    It’s Machinima.com isn’t it? They’ve been hiring “segment producers” lately and they just make machinima, essentially. But that would mean you’d have to move to LA, so I wonder.

    My second guess is Valve, but it’s highly unlikely. But please get the season finale out! The suspense is killing me!

    Give me +1 to save the polar bears!

  16. Trogador

    “Rest assured, you should stick around for all of this because it’s going to be badass.”

    In the words of Cortez Cardinal…

    “I can smell the badass.”

  17. RGamesINC

    Congratulations guys. If anybody deserves this, it’s you. You’ve delivered nothing but high quality movies that are longer than most, packed with more lulz than most, and come out faster than most. Not to mention that you guys seem to be the most professional Machinema artists out there. Kudos and drinks all around. Mostly drinks, though.

  18. LotsofLuck

    That is great news, SFF! I know it’s a lot of work to put these episodes together, and it’s great to have your work appreciated by others, (especially people that have money! XD). Hope this is the first step in a lot of SFF content, and great working relationship with whoever has signed you on. Can’t wait to see where this is going, and looking forward to the future.


  19. hl2lover14


    I’d like to point out that when I read the news I waved my arms really fast in the air like some severe ADHD person.

    If it’s not for TLW then I really hope it is for Web Zeroes because that show is seriously on par with TLW.

  20. rgarrow92

    congratulations good to hear the good news my moneys on valve seems like the kinda thing they would do

  21. blainesterzilla

    CONGRATS GUYS, after all the hard work you’ve put in to entertain all of us, you guys definitely deserve this. i’m happy for you.

  22. Hasimirfenring

    Congratulations, no one deserves this more than you guys. That new project, I know it’s probably just wishful thinking but how about reviving G.R.I.E.F? I’d love to see it alive and kicking.
    For the rest just congratulations again and smooth few films is the best!

  23. ThePowerSlave

    As someone who has been following your stuff since the Trailer way back when (and two websites ago) all i have to say is : HELL YA BITCHS!

    But really as a long time fan this is awesome to see this happen to you guys,I cant wait to see what other great projects you guys will be working on after TLW.

  24. Doogan

    Congratulations guys! You deserve everything after all the hard work you’ve done!

    Now finish the story!!! i can’t take it anymore!

  25. duartemad

    I am happy for you guys!
    Looks like all your efords are now being rewarded!
    I Love leet world and most of the people agreed that you guys deserved is a lot!
    Hope that deal of your goes well!

    Duartemad (from portugal lawl

  26. SargentPikachu

    Wait, why would it be Rooster Teeth?! They’ve got their own machinima and practically the rival of all machinimas.
    @everyone who says it’s Valve
    Checked Valve’s site recently and haven’t found anything about making agreements with any machinimator.
    Still have to check Machinima.com to see anything about any deals. I’m pretty sure it is them because recently a some people, including Ross Scott from Accursed Farms (the maker of my second and third favorite machinimas, Civil Protection and Freeman’s Mind) got deals to be a “segment producer”, and that job is to make machinima, but with Machinima.com and slightly different format.

    Gimme +1 and magical candy will fall out of the sky!

  27. Nafets

    Congratulations to all of you people….you’v3e worked your asses off for us to give us one of the best shows of our lives…..you all deserve this like the producer deserves to die lol……..You guys rule and defintely tell us wat it is wh3n u g3t the D3t4Il2….Hellz ya

  28. Pwezem

    You guys deserve every single think you get.

    You’ve created the most original and best made Machinima in history!

    Whatever you guise make i’ll buy it!

  29. Gforce

    Cool, you guys will be staying together and I will still be entertained. Everybody wins!

    Now make me laugh jesters, make me laugh.

  30. SargentPikachu

    Almost all machinimas are just featured and catalougued on Machinima.com. It doesn’t entirely mean that TLW has made the deal with them. But I’m guessing they did make the deal with them anyways.

  31. fattymicfat


    congratulations guys. you have earned it.

    now let us know what valve ask you to do XD XD XD j/k

    anyway, again, congratulations, and hope this works out for all of you. and maybe in the future, maybe you guys will be more famous then now 😉

  32. S.T.R.E.L.O.K.

    Probably a deal with machinima.com like Ross Scott. Would be the best opportunitx to get some money and NOT dumbing down the series.

  33. Orlin

    It doesn’t really matter to me who these mystery sponsors are, the only thing that does is that they have my undying gratitude. Smooth Few Films has some of the best machinima work on the internet and I am really excited to see what you guys come up with in the future.

  34. Kuilui

    This is terrific news! I was so sad to see you guys splitting up but once again fate throws a curve ball. Really this is turning into one awesome month.Do whatever you got to I’m sure most us don’t mind the delay. This is just as good as a new episode in my opinion heh.

    Good luck with your new venture! You guys earned it.

  35. NTLUTE

    I’ve been following since episode 5 of season one when a friend told me about Leet World. I’ve always been amazed by the content you produce to make all of our lives leet. When I first heard the news about SFF splitting up i was devastated (to say the least). I couldn’t believe the best machinima creators were not going to do it anymore. Now that I know you’re staying together I couldn’t be happier. Good luck with your futures and congrats on the deal.

    If it takes another month to make the season finale no one cares.


  36. darkwatcher5

    I…how can express myself?

    ok, two ways:

    – Finally, your hard work will be compensated. I’m very glad for you guys. Really. You deserved it. It makes me happy too that you will continue the SFF in a brand new way.

    the other way…:

    – I CAME

  37. vinixd


    I wish u guys all the luck and i’m very glad to know that you are going to improve and raise SFF name, even become world wide known( =D )… you guys really deserve it

    and, as mr. J. Freeman said:



  38. Stefanus Lie

    All that is well ends up well.. I am really that you guys can stick together to the very end.. (even though there will be no end to SFF)

    I can only guess that the next masterpiece that you guys are going to make is gonna be really awesome!! I mean, that project can really make a living for all of you guys, so it must be a massive project!!

  39. Flango

    So, what do you guys speculate the whole deal is?
    I’m guessing maybe it’s like something with Rooster Teeth or some other big Machinima thing.

  40. SargentPikachu

    Since the last episode of “The Leet World” is postponed, I can finally share my idea: once the episode is ready to go live, can you postpone it one more hour to have a one hour countdown timer until you put it on live? Please, because I don’t know when episodes always are released and it would be a nice way of building suspense up.

  41. Blazamane

    May I point out that all of the Web Zeroes videos have been removed?

    Also big congrats to SFF – This is the 3rd time I have said it as I stalk Eddy

  42. Eddy

    [quote comment=”16738″]Since the last episode of “The Leet World” is postponed, I can finally share my idea: once the episode is ready to go live, can you postpone it one more hour to have a one hour countdown timer until you put it on live? [/quote]

    That would completely shut our site down traffic-wise. I suppose you weren’t around for the fiasco that was the Season 1 finale. The site was down for a couple of days because people knew when it was coming.

  43. Mr Leet

    [Quote]May I point out that all of the Web Zeroes videos have been removed?

    Hey yeah!!! WTF???

    Maybe it has something to do with this announcement…. Does this mean more Web Zeroes? We haven’t had an episode in ages. Although I do understand why, as TLW has taken up most of your time 🙂

    One More Comment: Your dedication is amazing!!!!

  44. SargentPikachu

    Eddy said:
    “That would completely shut our site down traffic-wise. I suppose you weren’t around for the fiasco that was the Season 1 finale. The site was down for a couple of days because people knew when it was coming.”

    Yeah, I was thinking about that. Rooster Teeth’s site does have a timer for each new RvB: Recreation episode, but I guess they have more advanced servers than WordPress’. Oh, and, no, I wasn’t here for the Season 1 finale. I was new to machinima at that time (still watching old RvB episodes) and didn’t learn about “The Leet World” until its second or third Season 2 episode.

  45. HeroOfTime92

    Reason I think it’s rooster teeth is because they are in the same city.(I believe, if I’m wrong, I know they are both in Texas)
    3rd One Down under the “Addl Machinima”
    If I totally just ruined the surprise, just don’t allow my comment d;

  46. Korushi

    All this time and your hard work is starting to pay off.
    Congratulations guys, you deserve it :]

  47. SargentPikachu

    HeroOfTime92 said:
    Reason I think it’s rooster teeth is because they are in the same city.(I believe, if I’m wrong, I know they are both in Texas)”
    I really don’t think so. Rooster Teeth is their own machinima company, and usually, major machinima companies and groups stay separate.

    @people who are saying it has to do with Web Zeroes
    Yeah, I am leaning a bit to your side. Web Zeroes IS made up of original content (and awesomeness), but I’ve got myself more planted that it’s just more machinima with Machinima.com I just hope that Web Zeroes is jumpstarted!

  48. NTLUTE

    I definitely think it is Web Zeroes. All of the content for the show is gone and Eddy specifically said that the deal had nothing to do with The Leet World (I take nothing to do as absolutely nothing meaning not even machinima). No matter what the deal is for though, SFF is still the best!

  49. Kaiser Norton

    That really was about time. i really hope it has something to do with gabe newells new “we won’t more steam related miniture series” anouncement, but anyhow, great to hear, you deserved that!

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