Oh, What a Night

houston-nightBy the time many of you guys read this, Episode 1 of Web Zeroes will already be out.

Tonight, we did a screening of the first episode in front of a live audience at a bar here in Houston. And let me say, it was one of the highlights of our short careers doing this Web video thing. I’ve actually never had the experience of watching something I’ve done live with a group of people before, so seeing people react and laugh was absurdly satisfying, especially after all the weeks of preparation that have gone into this.

Much thanks to all of our friends and family who came and anyone that wanted to be there but couldn’t because of the vast amounts of physical space that separates us. Also, huge thanks to Joey, the lone Leet World fan who drove across town to come meet us and thank us for putting out one of his favorite shows. I’m glad you got to meet us and Ty. It was super humbling, dude, and it was a pleasure losing my voice talking to you.

Enjoy Episode 1 tomorrow, I’ll be posting it then.

8 thoughts on “Oh, What a Night

  1. Ganoosh

    will there be a premier page for Web Zeroes so we can watch in higher res like TLW or just watch it on home page?

    btw…if my rents were rich! than i’d fly from aus on a monday and watch your guys “gig” at the bar haha wouldve been epic and than fly home next day still fresh for school haha

  2. JoeyDude

    lol yea Eddy it was great meeting you guys irl and watching episode 1 of WebZeroes on the big screen with you guys standing there was THE SHIT xD best of luck to you and if you guys do any events i’ll be there to support you it’s the least we fans can do.

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