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faqIt really is nice to have the Web Zeroes announcement out in the open. We’ve been working our butts off on the rebooted version of the series for a couple of months now to make the Fall release date.

The support coming in from you guys and from other places has been really awesome for us, especially after giving our all to get that TLW Finale up. Thanks for that. We even got some nice props from Burnie Burns, of a little outfit known as Rooster Teeth.

In recent days, JJ has updated the trusty SFF FAQ page. We’re still taking some questions, so send them in. A few of you have been asking some questions about the new show. So I thought I’d answer those and a few more below the jump:

  • What about the old episodes of Web Zeroes?

We’re rebooting the show, so they’re gone. Lost in the vacuum of the Internet. If you really wanted to download them, you had a chance to do so for about a year. But you are lazy.

  • What’s with the “reboot”?

When we started making Web Zeroes, it was really just a test. We loved the idea, didn’t have many long term plans for it, and just wanted to make something that was uniquely ours. Pretty soon, we realized that the machinima angle was a bit too constricting, and there was a better way to open up the show more to give it more options: namely, that Alex, Ray and Nate would try anything and everything to get famous, and not just making movies with video games. They will still talk a lot about video games and will dabble in machinima, but it won’t be the only thing they do.

This gives us a lot more places to go with the story, and will make for a better series, I think. We discussed doing this kind of reboot anyway, and when Revision 3 came calling it gave us the perfect opportunity to start the series off again, with a better focus. That being said, not all of the old jokes/scenes are gone, and a few of them will find their way back into the first few episodes of the season. Other than that, the show is almost entirely the same. Except for the laser-eyed sharks.

  • How often will the show come out?

Web Zeroes is going to be a weekly show, starting October 7th. You’ll be able to watch episodes here, on Revision 3, on YouTube, on iTunes and even Tivo if you really wanted to. Pretty much anywhere you can think of, our episodes will be there. It will even be at your mom’s house. We go there often.

  • TLW Season 2 Soundtrack plox?

Jace has done some work on it, but we’re not sure when it will be out. We’re focusing on Web Zeroes at the moment. Believe me, I want to listen to it as badly as you guys do. For future information, plox has become the word that we associate with mental disabilities.

  • What about the TLW outtakes and making-of video?

We’d still love to release that stuff in the next couple of months. Right now we’re so swamped with Web Zeroes that it’s just not really on the radar. To give you an idea, we’re currently working on six episodes at once. Eight if you count the two that Jeff and I are writing. Once we finally feel like we’ve got some breathing room, I definitely want to start working on those outtakes and show you guys some of the behind-the-scenes footage from TLW.

I think that about does it for now. That’s about as specific as I can be with Web Zeroes and our future plans. In terms of when there will be more machinima stuff, who knows? I hear Dragon Age: Origins is going to have some robust machinima tools, as well as Uncharted 2. We’ll see about that in the near future. Right now, though, we’ve got a sweet deal to do what we love, and that is live action content.

P.S. You guys have heard that the dude who made Counter-Strike is making a new game called Tactical Intervention, right?

29 thoughts on “FAQ’in Around

  1. Pwnation

    Awesomeepicsauce!!!! I wuz sad when The Leet World ended. (Hope you guys come out with a short soon!) But WEB ZEROES makes it all up again.

    “You guys have heard that the dude who made Counter-Strike is making a new game called Tactical Intervention, right?”
    No, I haven’t heard of it, but it already sounds badass, like Cortez.

    I really really really want the season 2 soundtrack. I mean a LOT. GOOD LUCK with the creation of Web 0’s cuz that will rock the entire sitcom/machinima world for YEARS.

  2. playersbro

    Holy crap guys!! just gotta look at a screenie of that game, looks amazing. It has a lot of similarities to counter strike but its gonna have some more features to make it awesome. im anticipating that game now as much as Modern Warfare 2!! And i look forward to the new Web Zeros. One of my favorite live action series. if u guys are trying to find out any new stuff on MW2 my roommate found this awesome site, http://www.modernwarfare247.com, it gives u everything new on the game. id definitely recommend it. Modern Warfare 2 is gonna be amazing.

  3. DjFang

    Nice, I actually can’t wait for web zeros, I wanna see all the parts of Houston((i think thats where you guys are)) and you guys acting like idiots,((Mostly the idiots part)), And Odd thing is, I always wanted to come meet you guys((Like Houston is a day or two drive away)), but That wouldn’t happen :P. And thanks for telling me about Tactical Intervention, so I can research it, For meh blog. Hope you guys will have a great time making webzeros as much as i will be watching them.

  4. DragonRomer

    You guys have sold out. You sold out your fans to the TV company and abandoned that which made you famous. I do not watch any revision 3 shows, and I wont start now.

  5. OfficerHonkHonk

    I have to hand it to you guys, you guys make a great effort to please our hungry minds for internet enternainment. I watched the trailer on Revision 3 for Web Zeroes and I was baffled by such craftmanship on an internet web series. I expect great things from you guys and more to come. Keep it up, you’ve always got my view!

  6. TheHiddenOne

    Can’t wait for Web Zeroes, and it looks like it’s going to be great.

    I’m also glad that we’ll eventually get to see the outtakes and behind the scenes footage. That will be great to see as well. I do have a question though. I know awhile back you guys did commentaries for the first few episodes of Leet World. Would you guys ever be willing (not now of course, but maybe in the future) doing commentaries for other episodes? Or Maybe even some of the shorts you did?

  7. JJ

    [quote comment=”17262″]You guys have sold out. You sold out your fans to the TV company and abandoned that which made you famous. I do not watch any revision 3 shows, and I wont start now.[/quote]

    CONGRATULATIONS! You win the prize! We knew that someone would eventually accuse us of selling out. I’m surprised it didn’t come earlier.

    The great thing about your accusation is that if we had gotten a deal to produce The Leet World, you would be frothing at the mouth with happiness.

    However, the sad truth is that you wouldn’t really be happy for us. You would just be happy to get what you want.

    So, please, anyone who thinks we’re sell-outs for taking this awesome opportunity to follow our dreams, feel free to move right along. We’ll be glad to see the back of you.

  8. Eddy

    [quote comment=”17262″]You guys have sold out. You sold out your fans to the TV company and abandoned that which made you famous. I do not watch any revision 3 shows, and I wont start now.[/quote]

    The funny thing about your sellout accusation is that we decided months before Web Zeroes even came up that we were going to end the show. If you’ll remember, we announced the end of the show back in April. We didn’t get the Revision 3 opportunity until somewhere around June and it caused us to stick together and give it a shot. Daniel postponed a move and we re-arranged our plans to do so.

    So no, we didn’t end Leet World for some kind of crazy money grab. If the only thing we cared about was money, you wouldn’t have gotten 2 free seasons of Leet World and we would have signed some kind of deal with Machinima back when we started.

    You’re welcome for the videos, by the way. I’m not sure what you think we owe you. I’m sure it was really hard work for you to sit back and enjoy all of that free entertainment we provided.

    Anywho, you’re a troll and your responses are banned on our site until you have something worthwhile to say. Judging from your newest response where you called Jeff arrogant… I shouldn’t hold my breath.

  9. JJ

    There is one more important thing I think needs to be said: there is nothing wrong with wanting to make money for your art. All of us here at Smooth Few Films want to make careers out of being creative.

    Good artists can balance commerce and creativity and still make good art. Anyone who jumps to the conclusion that we are selling out before the show has even premiered is telling me that they don’t think we are good artists. I don’t think I could ever satisfy someone like that.

    To close: we do actually welcome both positive and negative feedback. DragonRomer is not banned because he had something negative to say. He is banned because he decided to resort to name calling and abuse after we responded to his comment.

  10. playersbro

    good for you guys, and hey, dont you just hate how someone can jump straight into conclusion land about something when they know about as much as, say a bumbling idiot. and honestly, if suddenly someone is a sell out because they found an awesome opportunity to make some money doing something they love then i guess we are all guilty, as human beings because honestly, the only way anyone survives in this world is with money, be it a lot or a little. i for one, think you guys are pretty lucky to get the chance to do Web Zeros for that purpose and still have fun with it. so congrats again guys, and i hope that it all works out. Im a huge fan of your guy’s work and so grateful of the fact that it was provided to us free. great work with The Leet World again guys, so sad to see it go. but it was my fav.

  11. - Anonymous -

    Nice guys. Don’t listen to dragonrover, Jeff, you not arrogant.
    Anyways can’t (I MEAN CAN’T) (BUT I HAVE TO) wait for the premiere. And HOLY@%#&OMGWTFTILOOKSSOSICKWTFHOLY%@*#!!!
    So yeah…

  12. Gezo

    I doubt Ill ever really watch Revision. I never heard of it before. If the episodes arnt on this site, then I really won’t ever get to see it.

  13. Ty

    Ok I know it is not my place but I have to say something here. Accusations of selling out are pretty damned egregious to anyone creating art, and I suspect this slur was lobbed in that capacity only. That is to say it was only used as an insult without any intelligent discourse to back it up. Selling out is a pretty specific allegation referring to an artist changing his vision by watering or dumbing it down for money. If anything the opposite has happened here. They are now getting a bit of money to more accurately fulfill their vision. I suspect the mote in dragonromer’s (related to ex-governor Roy Romer?) overly sensitive craw is the fact that he dosent like Revision 3. Which is fine and could very well be soundly argued, if it werent for the fact he has now rendered any opinion worthless by making specious and spurious indictments. Again, selling out is nowhere near equal to a formerly beloved artist doing something you don’t like, nor is it an artist presenting himself in a venue that reaches a larger audience. Ah, but there is the rub, a wider audience could very well lead to people you dont like enjoying a thing you do; the most feared situation in all of Marginalized-Boyland. Like that day you saw the quarterback eating Pocky.

  14. Aaron Clark

    It’s difficult to produce something for free over a long span of time. We at Running Gun feel the same way with Spriggs as Smooth Few does with Leetworld. Sure, it can be fun to make, but it takes a lot of time and effort, and many a “sane” person would call it a waste to put so much into something that cannot be owned or formally copyrighted.

    I’m very excited to see the Web Zeroes reboot. Granted I never caught the Leetworld bug, but I know what it represents for the SFF guys, and if it were us at Running Gun, we would have taken the same path, no questions asked. You can’t goof around in someone’s basement forever, you’ve got to grow up and make something that you can point to proudly and say “That’s mine”, and “I made that”. Being able to profit from what you make is part of the equation, but I think it’s more about the logical creative progression, and that has to be nurtured.

    Web Zeroes will be no less than Leetworld in terms of creativity and entertainment. If anything, it will be better, but in different ways that should be embraced objectively. You can’t dwell on it not being exactly what you want at the time. If you look deeper, you’ll see the same creative spirit you fell in love with in the first place. If you want the best for the guys, you’ll embrace the reboot with the same enthusiasm that you would for every new Leetworld episode. Its the least you could do for all the great entertainment they’ve delivered over the last two years.

  15. S.T.R.E.L.O.K.

    I’m not gonna say you’re selling out, because I only see a thing as “sell out stuff” when it’s really dumbed down, and as I haven’t seen the new series yet, so I’m not gonna judge now. But I will say that there are some things which make me a little bit suspicious.
    1. Abandoning of TLW.
    2. Web Zeroes is gonna be “remade”. To quote Yahtzee again: “[…]I think remakes are bloody stupid!”
    But hey, maybe it will be equally good or better than TLW, and “that my arse will grow wings and fly me into space!”

  16. Eddy

    Maybe your definition of “abandon” is different from mine, but I think of abandoning as quitting something and leaving it unfinished.

    That’s actually the opposite of what we did with TLW.

    I have never grown wings from my butt but it sounds awesome.

    Also, Aaron Clark hits it on the head. I have to admit, seeing people getting downvoted for saying they liked Web Zeroes more than TLW makes my brain hurt. One doesn’t have to be better than the other. They’re entirely different things, but made with our same brand of creativity and humor.

    And Ty? You are the king.

  17. JJ

    [quote comment=”17279″]2. Web Zeroes is gonna be “remade”. To quote Yahtzee again: “[…]I think remakes are bloody stupid!”[/quote]

    Yahtzee hates everything. Because of that, I can’t take anything critical he says seriously. Not trying to be rude, just saying.

    In any case, his quote doesn’t apply in this context. The “remakes” he is referring to are, for example, when Gus Van Sant decided to do a shot-for-shot remake of Psycho.

    The Web Zeroes episodes we released last year were the first draft of the show. The version on Revision3 is the final draft. It’s not a remake, it’s a rewrite. Because, you know, the same people are doing it.

  18. Gadfly Jim

    wow this reminds me of the l4d2 boycott! what a ridicules since on entitlement.

    It is awesome that you guys found a way to get something back from your work, realizing how much you put in to it, and there is nothing wrong with that. I liked both TLW and The Web Zeroes for different reasons. TLW was awesome because it is one of the, very few, good machinima series out there. The Web Zeroes, on the other hand, felt more free and less restricting, if you will. Because of this I liked The Web Zeroes better, in the end its like saying you like pie better than cake, they are both really good, and I would go for either one any day, its just that we all have our personal preferences. Cant wait for October 7th!

  19. LotsofLuck

    Hey SFF, sorry you guys have to deal with stupid people on the internet. I for one am super excited to see you guys continuing with Web Zeroes, and happy for you that you guys were able to chance upon the offer with Revision3.

    Can’t wait to see what in SFF’s future, and all the best!

  20. S.T.R.E.L.O.K.

    Dude, saying that Yahtzee hates everything is just low, because it isn’t true. I’m not gonna be a fanboy, and I know HE needs no defenders. I’m just not one the sheeple who swallow everything they get served. Also calling people stupid because of their opinion implies several facts about the person who said this. I’m not being rude, just saying.

  21. Gezo

    Its a bummer that the old episodes are… dead.
    Maybe one day youll put them up on Youtube? Or will you get sued by Revision?

  22. hypnotek

    Can’t wait to see the new stuff from you guys! I watched the first episodes of WebZeroes and I felt that it was lacking a bit, like you were cutting yourselves off and limiting your creativity by restricting it to being a show about machinima. But now that you’ve opened it up to be about becoming popular on the internet in general, I can see that it has the potential for greatness, especially with such a great cast, crew, and generally awesome bunch of dudes.

  23. JJ

    [quote comment=”17288″]Its a bummer that the old episodes are… dead.
    Maybe one day youll put them up on Youtube? Or will you get sued by Revision?[/quote]

    You say that like the old versions are being held hostage, which isn’t the case. We wanted to rework the show. The new episodes are going to be the definitive versions. You’ll see bits of the old episodes in the new ones.

  24. TheDutchMANBEARPIG

    Woot! I remembered the correct capitalization in my username, thus, i can now comment again. Unless i get the banhammer on this comment.

    I understand what SFF have been trying to say abt the old episodes. Sure, they were good and the ideas were funny, but the execution was not always a 100%. I think given the time and resources they could do them so much better, which appears to be the case. Or I may have misunderstood them, but oh well. that’s just my opinion.

    Besides, they are still keeping in ‘testes, one-two’ so what are y’all complainin about?

    I like how you also broadened your options by not constricting the theme only to Machinima, although I hope you guys are still gna do that so we can at lesat have some (albeit unrealistic perhaps) insight into how works of art like TLW get made.

    In other words, CANT WAIT!

  25. hl2lover14

    Another question I haven’t seen yet:

    How long will the episodes be? I know I can wait until tomorrow but I just can’t wait! Is it going to be a 30 minute show every week?

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