Vote Web Zeroes for the Streamy Awards!

Smooth Few Films needs your help!

The first season of Web Zeroes is nearing an end, and it happens to be right when the annual Streamy Awards have started back up! The Streamy Awards honor the best shows around the Web and we are asking for your guys’ help with voting to see if we can be one of the official nominees for our work on Web Zeroes. You can vote once each day between now and the 15th of January.

Votes can be made on a “series” or “individual” basis. Here’s what we’re asking for your voting help on:

SERIES (linky)

Best Comedy Web Series
Best New Web Series

Please go to the series voting page and submit “Web Zeroes” for the series name and put down either or as the series URL.


Best Directing for a Comedy Web Series- Daniel Miller
Best Writing for a Comedy Web Series- Eddy Rivas, Jeff James
Best Editing in a Web Series- Nick Comardo
Best Sound Design in a Web Series- Alex Adamitis
Best Original Music in a Web Series- Jace Ford

For this one, please head over to the individual voting page and submit all these fine dudes for their hard work on this show. Use either or as the URL. Remember, you can vote every day for the next month!

Thank you guys so much for taking the time to do this! It would mean so much to us for you fans that have stuck it out with us to vote and help us get more exposure.

Please vote for us!

9 thoughts on “Vote Web Zeroes for the Streamy Awards!

  1. Supremum

    For your complete awesomeness guys, I’ll do it (not every day, but still).
    Keep it up! The Internets are watching you.

  2. James Freeman

    Done it πŸ™‚

    Good luck to all of y’all and especially to Mr. Ford, I can never get enough of the awesome music he provides.

  3. benign1

    You guys forgot Best Ensemble Cast! And voting’s open through the 22nd – another week to get on it. Setting my reminders now.

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