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The Road to Austin

Here is Episode 13 of Web Zeroes, the Season Finale. We do hope you guys enjoy it. It’s definitely a great feeling to be done with yet another season of a Web series we made, the third in just 2 years of doing this. A bit insane, really.

In this episode, the guys attempt to stop Ray from going to his job interview in Austin. There’s some RPG talk, a repeat appearance from a hobo, and a special cameo from the good dudes over at RoosterTeeth. Special thanks to them for taking the time to appear in our silly Web show.

Big props to Jace for this week’s music. I love the RPG feel of a lot of it. There are places that even remind me of Final Fantasy 7, which is not a bad thing in the slightest. Also, a huge thanks to all of our friends who helped us out over the season, and for Alex and Chuck, our sound and camera dudes who gave up their weekends for nothing in return.

Remember to vote for us for the Streamys if you haven’t done so yet. And to watch the episode, just hit the jump.
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Webcomics and Pranks

Here is Episode 12 of Web Zeroes, <a href=”http://smoothfewfilms.com/2009/12/23/chicken-and-beard/” “target=”_blank”>Chicken and Beard, uploaded for your entertainment (con lulz, as they would say in Spanish). In this episode, the trio continue development on the iPhone app while starting a new Web comic called Chicken and Beard. It’s a very literal name, and is actually based on some stuff Daniel did at one point. Anywho, there are some twists and developments by the end that make for a good time.

This leads us right into the finale of Season 1, which will be coming out next week right on schedule. We don’t take breaks for Christmas apparently. Anyway, after Season 1 is done, we’ll be taking a bit of time off before Season 2 starts up, since we’ve been working like burros for right about the last year and a half. Basically we had no down time after Leet World and jumped straight into Web Zeroes, so we’re dying for some time to drink margaritas and play video games until our thumbs fall off. Or we become zombies.

To go ahead and watch this new, sweet episode (written by Jeff James, yet again), hit the jump. Before you do that, you might want to vote for us in the Streamys.
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Vote Web Zeroes for the Streamy Awards!

Smooth Few Films needs your help!

The first season of Web Zeroes is nearing an end, and it happens to be right when the annual Streamy Awards have started back up! The Streamy Awards honor the best shows around the Web and we are asking for your guys’ help with voting to see if we can be one of the official nominees for our work on Web Zeroes. You can vote once each day between now and the 15th of January.

Votes can be made on a “series” or “individual” basis. Here’s what we’re asking for your voting help on:

SERIES (linky)

Best Comedy Web Series
Best New Web Series

Please go to the series voting page and submit “Web Zeroes” for the series name and put down either www.smoothfewfilms.com/webzeroes or www.revision3.com/webzeroes as the series URL.


Best Directing for a Comedy Web Series- Daniel Miller
Best Writing for a Comedy Web Series- Eddy Rivas, Jeff James
Best Editing in a Web Series- Nick Comardo
Best Sound Design in a Web Series- Alex Adamitis
Best Original Music in a Web Series- Jace Ford

For this one, please head over to the individual voting page and submit all these fine dudes for their hard work on this show. Use either www.smoothfewfilms.com/webzeroes or www.revision3.com/webzeroes as the URL. Remember, you can vote every day for the next month!

Thank you guys so much for taking the time to do this! It would mean so much to us for you fans that have stuck it out with us to vote and help us get more exposure.

Please vote for us!

The Presentation

iphoneAnd now, here is Episode 11 of Web Zeroes, Software of the Future. In this ep, the guys pool their resources together to come up with an iPhone app presentation. Naturally, goofiness abounds.

We are only days away from wrapping filming on the first season, and it’s definitely a great feeling. There are going to be 13 episodes total, and the next two are kind of awesome. It’s been great reading everyone’s reactions to the series thus far, and I can’t wait to see how you guys respond as the first season wraps up.

In other news, the Streamys have started back up again, so your votes for Web Zeroes would definitely be appreciated. In particular, I’d love to see Jace Ford get the credit he deserves for consistently delivering us awesome music. Not that I’m telling you how to vote or anything…

Anyway, hit the jump to see the episode!
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The Leet World Fan Works

tlw203So Episode 3 is going to be here in the next few days. Sweet. And rad.

Thanks for all of you who have voted for us for stuff for the last few weeks. There’s just one week left to nominate Web Zeroes for the Streamys! For a full list of names and such for nominations, check out this link, so you know what all we’re hoping to be nominated for. Once again, only do this if you really think Web Zeroes deserves it. No pressure! But we would super appreciate it.

And speaking of appreciation… Over the course of the last year and a half (wow) that we’ve been battling this raging behemoth of a Counter-Strike machinima known as The Leet World, different fans of ours have shown their devotion and gratitude by getting creative and making tributes. I’ve made a list of a few of our favorites. Check it out after the jump!

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Battle Shots

The holidays are almost over, and I am saddened that I will lose much gaming time. Been playing Prince of Persia, Fable II, The Force Unleashed, etc. But alas, the real world beckons yet again.

A bit ago, I mentioned the Streamys, which are still accepting votes/nominations. Feel free to submit Web Zeroes for the comedic categories, if you feel inclined to do so. Also, Hawty McBloggy is running a contest called the “Best of Halo Awards” for notable Halo machinima from the past year, and Bag Boy has been nominated! There are some other greats on the list as well, so browse, watch and vote to your liking.

I think it’s about time you saw the first glimpse of Episode 3 of Season 2 of The Leet World. In true Counter-Strike:Source fashion, our dudes are battling it out in Inferno. We worked hard this weekend filming, and I’m excited about the results. Here are some screenies:

tlw203_screen1 tlw203_screen2 tlw203_screen3


The Voltron Effect

Yesterday, Smooth Few Films (Jace, Jeff, Nick, Daniel and myself) got together as a whole for the first time since The Leet World started. In fact, Jace and Jeff had never even met one another until then. We gorged out on mexican food and acted fat together, and it was an explosion of awesome. Much like Voltron.

In other news, I wanted to remind everyone that The Leet World Season One Soundtrack is still available for purchase, and is still ridiculously badass. Definitely a good way to spend some of that Christmas money. Pre-paid credit cards ftw.

Also, I wanted to let you guys know about the Streamys, awards for live-action web shows. If you would like to, we would dig it if you guys nominated Web Zeroes for any category that you think it fits. This will definitely help us get the word out about our show. Click here to nominate for the Streamys!

EDIT: Thanks to you guys who have voted! Remember, if you do cast a vote, cast it for Web Zeroes!