Webzeroes Meetup in LA

This past Sunday Nick and I were in Los Angeles and we thought it might be cool to get together with some fans of our work. We met at Kansas City BBQ in North Hollywood and Cristo, Max, and Theo showed up. We had a great time talking to them about all sorts of stuff ranging from music they like to the gut wrenching terror one feels when riding Tatsu at Magic Mountain. It was great to meet some people who liked what we do and hang out with them for a bit. Heres a picture for the guys.

Thanks for coming out, seriously.

download link (right click > save as)

-daniel out

9 thoughts on “Webzeroes Meetup in LA

  1. theodoh

    Hey guys, It’s awesome that you guys had a meetup. It’s even cooler that now i know a good place for barbecue. Sucks that more people didn’t come, i was expecting a few hundred more [*HINT *HINT OTHER FANS] but I’m glad I got to talk to you guys, a very educational experience. Eddy, where were you? 😛
    Thanks again guys, let us know if there’s going to be another meet-up.

  2. Tuoppo

    Those guys now know the purpose of live and dont need to live anymore. As for the rest of us, we can just dream about meating you guys irl.

  3. Mr. Web

    It would be great if you guys have a chance like going another countries for a meetup, am I right? 🙂

  4. Michael Denton

    “Sucks that more people didn’t come, i was expecting a few hundred more [*HINT *HINT OTHER FANS]”
    HEY. Not my fault I live in Australia!
    … Ok, maybe it is, but still!

  5. Mr. Web

    [quote comment=”18122″]totally! @ mr. web. if it weren’t only just america![/quote]
    I believe it’s what people usually call “fate”. 😛

  6. Simon

    Loks lik these fans r all HL2 fans, checkout their T-shirt.

    T_T i wanna meetup with u guys…

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