The Last Hurrah

Back to the FutureWell dudes, here it is: the final episode of Web Zeroes, appropriately and unimaginatively titled Series Finale. If I could have chosen a subtitle, it would fall anywhere in the range of “Earth Zeroes” to “In Which They All Became Cylons”. In a happy coincidence, the finale is a huge tribute to Back to the Future, which happened to have its 25th anniversary last weekend. Funny how these things sometimes work out completely unplanned.

In this episode, the guys put everything on the line to get their show done in time to deliver it to Revision3. There is some battling, advice from war heroes, BttF-ing, and more. I think it stands as maybe the best episode we’ve done, and among some of our best work, partly because of Jace’s killer anthem near the end of the episode. Then again, I’m a little biased.

There’s not really much else to say to you guys about the episode, other than thanks for watching it. We always knew that we would lose a lot of viewers after Leet World ended, so those of you that continue to hang out, comment, watch our show and share it with others are among some of the cooler folks on the planet. If you’re interested in reading some more of my thoughts on the end of Web Zeroes, I’ve put a few over on my blog. And if you happen to be in the Houston area, you should come say hi to us at the WZ Series Wrap Party this Saturday, where we’ll be hanging out and having fun.

For now, hit the jump to watch the final episode!

Again, big thanks. I’ll be posting in the next few weeks with some extra content, I hope. A few people have asked what’s next for us, and the big answer is “I don’t know”. As I said last week, we’re taking a break from actual production for a bit, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be active.

Speaking of us being active, you should check out our brand new GamerSushi podcast, where we talk about Transformers, Crackdown 2 and Saturday morning cartoons.

Enjoy the episode!

45 thoughts on “The Last Hurrah

  1. TheHiddenOne

    That was an awesome finale! Loved it!

    You guys have done an awesome job with yet another show! Good work!

    Now go rest for awhile! You guys deserve it!

  2. PrO-bOy

    it’s the end of an era…

    great job,guys
    i hope to see more from you in the future 🙂

  3. Blackwatchfilms

    Am I the only one that shed a tear? Honestly, that last rendition of the Web Zeroes theme and the slow motion party scenes really got me.

    I’ve been following both Web Zeroes and The Leet World for a long time but Web Zeroes is ultimately my favorite of the two. Many people may disagree with me but I connected with these characters; trying to get famous on the internet, all the struggles, it was amazing.

    I fell in love with this series ever since the first original pilot was shown and I still have them on my computer. It’s great to see how it’s changed and I was very disappointing that many of your so called “loyal fans” left you guys immediately after The Leet World was over.

    This show had great characters, hilarious dialogue and from episode 1, had me feeling that these guys could actually make it big, even if they were fictional characters…so to speak.

    No matter what anyone says, this series was probably some of the best work you’ve ever done, it’s such a shame to see it end, but then again, sometimes ending things early makes it become a cult phenomenon, like Firefly.

    I would love to go to the wrap up party but I live in Puerto Rico, so there is no way I could go on such short notice but I hope you guys know that you will always have this one loyal follower from a little island in the Caribbean Sea.

    Never let your dreams die and always follow them to the end, even if it means collapsing under immense pressure. Long live SmoothFewFilms!

  4. Djllb03

    Loved the episode, I just wanted to say, I’ve followed this website from The start of the Leet World to the end of this great show, Web Zeroes – thanks for the pleasure of watching your videos every wednesday, I guess all great things end sooner or later = /.

    Hope you guys achieve whatever your goals are, the flair and talent presented in your productions shows you guys have a bright future to go ^.^.


    PS: Are you gonna release that awesome rendition during that “fight scene” on the site soon or say wherever its from?

  5. rwtfp

    The series finale is really awesome guys, thanks for the entire show, it made me laugh and be entertained the whole way through and it totally sucks that I’m not even close to where the Wrap Up party.

  6. rgarrow92

    loved the last episode especially the mgs1 reference.looking forward to the future of smoothfewfilms

  7. dompody

    Thank you guys. Thank you guys so much. I loved both TLW and WZ so much… and I’m not gonna lie, when you left the phone running through “The Leet World… yeah!” I cried.

  8. glebe

    Great finale to a great series. I love your guy’s work and hope you success in whatever your going to do next.
    Great job SFF!

  9. Trogador

    Is this the end of Smooth Few Films? Hardly. I think that as long as there is a Kevin Rose, as long as there is an internet, as long as there is a Fox that hates Mass Effect and alleged copyright infringement, there will be Eddy, Daniel, and Nick. There will be Smooth Few Films

    Yeah, prose aside, I really loved this episode. I laughed a lot, smiled and grinned, and was taken aback by the epic crescendo at the end. I think that while the finale of The Leet World was amazing, this finale managed to beat it as far as emotions, humor, and plot development. I really wish I lived near Houston to go to the wrap party. 🙁

    In the words of Dr. Issac Kleiner, “Bon voyage…and best of luck in your future endeavors.”

  10. HeroOfTime92

    I really can’t express the amount of joy the three of you have brought me over the past few years. I can still remember being giddy when I checked the site and seeing the post about the beginning of TLW Season 2. I’m really glad I got to be a part of a pair of series of epic proportions, however small they were. Thanks so much for the laughs and smiles. You guys really gave the series the ending it deserved. My only regret is that I can’t get to Houston, but I’m sure it will be an epic blow-out.

    So thank you SFF. I really do hope you all have the greatest of lives, whatever you decide to do, because you sure as hell deserve it after the joy you’ve brought to so many people.

  11. Justin Vinall

    Eddy, Nick, and Daniel.
    You guys have been great inspiration for the last 3 years I believe. Ever since I saw Leet World Episode Nine, Season 1. I have been watching you guys for a long time and have admired everything about you guys. Eddy for your creative and brillant writing, Daniel your awesome dedication and awesomeness, and Nick your beard. You three have inspired me to write great content and learn how to be a better filmmaker by the way you guys work on videos and the stuff you told us that you use during the show of Web Zeroes. I hope you guys go very far in life, If you guys decide to ever make anymore web content I’ll be there to watch all the way. Web Zeroes is one of your best work and I hope to see you guys do more stuff in the future. Thanks a lot for great videos and being great fellows on the web. Thanks for the entertainment brothers.

  12. StaleThesis

    Hey guys. I have been following smooth few films for a long while now. From the third episode of The Leet World. I have been very impressed with all of your work and I have appreciated always having something to look forward to on your site. Thanks for the hours of entertainment. Good luck.

  13. thewind32

    Man I loved it. I’m not the type to comment frequently; I posted this specially just to express my support! lol. It’s been a long ride since I started watching you guys’ productions. I still remember how much I loved The Leet World when I saw it for the first time. Anyway, regarding your “We always knew that we would lose a lot of viewers after Leet World ended”, I say too bad for them. They don’t know what they missed out. Lastly, there’s still us! Whatever direction you dudes choose to go from, I’m it’s the best for you all and here’s wishing you all the best!

  14. KillRanger440

    Yeah get some sleep and think of a new series i loved this one and yet i am sad another finale has arrived and it maybe gone for good but at lest i can do what i have done while you guys took a break re watch all the eps and enjoy them all over again congrats on a great finale and making everything all come together.

  15. haxthias

    Well, I don’t comment much, but seeing as it was the end I felt as though I should say something. I’ve been following since the beginning of The Leet World and I had a blast watching those and I was totally bummed when you guys stopped that. Now that Web Zeroes is done to, I don’t know what to look forward to on my Wednesdays. The episode was phenomenal and I hope you guys come back with something because you guys always produce the quality stuff that becomes pretty hard to find on the internet now a days. I’ll miss it.

  16. Ty

    I just wanna state publically my love for everyone involved with Smooth Few Films. Actually I am obligated to because of Megan’s law. These gentlemen worked their asses off to make this possible (literally. I watched Eddy lose three and a half asses over the last couple years). I have never been prouder to be associated with a group of people and I am seriously going to miss slapping on a mustache and acting like an asshole for a couple hours every weekend. Speaking of; I want to thank my beautiful and very talented wife for slapping on that mustache all the damn time, I love you. Thank you guys so much for allowing me to play a small part in your endeavours and I look forward to helping you in the future however I can. Even if its just to teach your children how to swear properly one day. And thank you to all the fans who said nice things about us and enjoyed all of our antics. And to the people who talked smack; You can go **** your own ****** while ******* sideways and then eat the ***** ***** directly out of her ****** ******!
    much love,

  17. Aaron Clark

    Gentlemen, I salute you. Your devotion to making videos for people is undeserved, and the level of quality and effort you put into it is both admirable and enviable. I know one day you’ll hit it big, and I look forward to smiling and telling people about your humble beginnings.

    Kick back, have a cold one, and enjoy some games and time off with your friends and family before you decide on the next step in your journey to stardom.

  18. Stuart

    Hey guys.
    I’ve not posted often, as i thought i would have more time to become active. I had begun to wonder how the show would continue into a 3rd season with the story arc going where it was. I see now the more obvious truth. Ah well. Guys, you are some of the best things to happen to the internet in a very long time. Don’t leave us all in the dust, m’k? We want to keep hearing about you, even though you aren’t making machinima. Also, i have always been curious: were you ever able to make money off of WebZeroes or did it just cover the bills? Was it actually profitable? Not meaning to be rude, i’m just curious now that you’re not bound by the contract anymore.
    Anyway, heres my schpiel:

    Smooth Few Films

    Your contribution to the lulz shall be missed. May 4Chan have mercy on your souls; we take thee from the gentle bits and enlighten thee to bytes. In our darkest hour, you provided the light, taught us to make our own, and would not leave us until we were ready. Now, your journey progresses ever onward, leaving our humble selves behind, and going places we can never tread.

  19. DJay32

    Hello, Smooth Few Films. I’m a long-time watcher, first-time writer. I’ve been watching you guys since part one of “Death Comes Home,” back in the Leet World days. You guys have always been fantastic at what you do, and you never cease to make me laugh.

    Web Zeroes is one of the more interesting shows on the internet, and I’m quite sad to see it end. D: I had made it a weekly routine– every Wednesday, the first thing I’d do is download the newest WZ and watch it. It’s a very clever show, and is filled to the brim with epic references, music, and comedy. Your acting is fantastic, as well! 😀

    I get the feeling you guys might make at least one last series. After all, every badass film company makes trilogies. You need a trilogy of two-season series! But that’s just my theory, and I’m also expecting to be disappointed. I mean, we’re all Valve fans here. Valve fans must be masochistic.

    ..where was I? Ah, yes. I have definitely enjoyed this Leet Web journey, and I sincerely hope you eventually do at least one more… anything. I’d like to hear from you guys again sometime. I guess, for now, I can just keep reading GamerSushi, though. And I probably will.

    I’ll miss you guys. …WE’LL miss you guys.

  20. Eddy

    Thanks for all the great comments here. Just wanted to let you guys know that we see them and they mean a lot.

  21. Apollo733

    I’m usually not very vocal on forums and the what not but I feel I need to say something. Thank You.

    Thank you for all the hard work and effort all of you at Smooth Few Films have put into your projects. I have been following you since the second episode of “The Leet World” came out and have loved everything you all have done. Not only have you produced legitimately great material, but you have introduced me to so much other great material and ideas whether it was through Gamer Sushi or another content creator you guys promoted.

    Those of us who love film (be it writing (me), acting, etc) but had to give up on it to survive “real life” and get a job, applaud all of you for living the dream. For braving through it all to give us hope that hard work and luck occasionally come together to create something as wonderful and amazing as the gem we all know as “Smooth Few Films”. Regardless of whether this is the end of it all or just the beginning of something else awesome, I just want to say it again. Thank you.

  22. RGamesINC

    Well, just finished watching it. To say that I cried a little would be a lie, because there was nothing “little” about the crying that went on here. I wrote a king-sized, heart felt essay when Leet World ended, so it feels like it’s only appropriate that I get to do it again a year later.

    Watching Web Zeroes from beginning to end (not including the pre-Revision 3 episodes that seem to be gone forever, forever wandering the endless, nebulous void that is the internet) is not only entertaining, but also comes with a strange, chaotic feeling. It’s the feeling you get as you watch a montage of loving parents raising a child, going through the goods and the bads, and then finally it culminates when the parents see their child, who is not so much a child anymore, off to college. Allow me to elaborate on that…

    The show begins very rough, but the characters are instantly lovable and it’s hard not to relate to their struggles. Everything seems so real-life, and it starts without much direction or story. People wondered if this would be a good direction after Leet World, and there seemed to be so much uncertainty surrounding it, all we could really do was sit and watch, waiting to see when -or if- this infant show would learn to walk.

    It was only a few episodes in when it started to show a real story. Web Zeroes was gaining its main characteristics, and was developing into a much better project, and it was showing that those working on Web Zeroes (the parents in this long-winded metaphor) were getting better at directing the show down the right paths. Things started getting smoother and jokes started getting better, it was starting to become a great show.

    When Season 2 started, there was notable difference. Everything was smoothly flowing together, and it was showing how much love and attention the show was getting from its metaphorical (and in a way, literal) parents. It had reached its full potential, and followed this trend of awesomeness straight through the season. It seemed as though we were going to enjoy lots of great quality internet show for long into the future.

    But as with all good things, this good thing had to end. It seems this was mostly because, also like with all good things, this good thing took loads of torturous work. A parent cannot support their child forever, and eventually the child must leave their home and make their own life, and that’s where the metaphor ends. The show is out in the internet, the result of the hard work put into it before it was ended, and it will continue to entertain any who stumble across it or seek it at the recommendation of friends. Watching the show from start to finish is, like watching home movies of a child from birth to high school graduation, a visual record of the love that went into making it what it is.

    Now that I’m done with that crazy-go-nuts metaphor that made no sense, allow for me to express my awe at what is, honestly, one of the best original series on the internet. I would expect nothing less from the guys who made Leet World which also holds a place as one of the best series on the internet, but still, way to raise the standard of internet television yet again. While most original internet content usually consists of a hand-held, over exposed camera in somebody’s backyard while somebody gets hit in the nuts with a football, you guys busted your asses you produce something of top quality. Hell, I would watch this over almost any show currently on television (though that’s probably not saying much these days, but you get the point I’m trying to make here. Your stuff is gold).

    So once again I’m in this situation where, as a viewer, I have to watch the series created by men that I admire more than other mere mortals end rather abruptly, though, like Leet World, it was sent off with a surprisingly non-disappointing and actually rather awesome finale. It’s a strange state where I selfishly feel that I would rather Smooth Few, who I hold as heroes, bust their asses more rather than take their long deserved break than see one of my favorite series end. It is a selfish feeling, I know it is selfish, and I feel bad for being so selfish, but it is something that I cannot help. My reaction to hearing that this show was going to end followed the Kübler-Ross model pretty perfectly. I started by wondering if it was some sort of joke. I didn’t as much do this with Leet World since it was so in advanced, but with Web Zeroes it was announced literally a week before the end, causing me to doubt its credibility till I read it on this very website. Immediately after this I started trying to find some sort of culprit for why this was happening. “Is Eddy whining about how much work he has to put into a quality product?!” I asked myself a couple times before realizing what I was saying and how idiotic it was. It’s easy to think like an internet troll, but unlike internet trolls I realize that some feelings are brought on by anger and quickly moved away from that rather than spamming the nearest comments section with unintelligent gibberish. I started to go into the bargaining phase. I started wondering what it would take to make it more worth while for Smooth Few to make just one more season, ONE MORE SEASON! Realizing that I was looking for something unrealistic, I quickly gave up on that. Going into grief mode, I felt disappointed and started thinking about how much meaning Wednesdays would lose with the loss of this show. Finally, I felt acceptance and figured that, since this is something that I have no way of stopping, it will end and that is the way of life. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t beat a baby chimpanzee to death with my fists to bring the show back though (or two if it brings back Leet World as well).

    Joking aside, while I say that I would bring back the show, I’m not sure that I could stomach to do such a thing. Both Leet World and Web Zeroes had such dignified endings that it would be like deciding that it’s time to paint a body for the Mona Lisa- it’s already finished and adding to it will only remove the artistic properties. You gotta let a dead dog lay, and if you zap it with 100,000,000 volts to bring it back to life, you’ll only get to awkwardly play with your zombie dog for a little while till it inevitably dies again causing the grief all over again. Boy, I don’t think I could have tortured that analogy any more if I tried.

    Well, when all things are said and done, you guys have made two great shows that will sit around the internet helping people waste time in an enjoyable manner for years to come, and I hope you guys are as proud of your product as I am proud to have watched from the beginning, and these series that you’ve created will be with me in my memories for as long as I live, always somewhat altering my sense of humor in a certain way and always making me look at things in a slightly different way than I would have before.

    P.S. if you guys disband after this then I’ll hunt you down one by one. That’s a joke right now. Let’s keep it that way, ok? *intimidation face*

  23. Firefox


    O_o is all i can say.

    And Epic series finale. Wonder what’ll be next.

  24. Mitch

    I don’t comment here often (given that most of my time is spent over at GamerSushi) but I felt that I should take a moment and thank the guys at Smooth Few Films for all their hard work over the last couple of years.

    I originally started watching The Leet World around the office episode of season 1, and I’ve been following their works ever since. During the recording of the last podcast, I mentioned to them that a large portion of machinima on the internet is absolute garbage, and TLW is one of the few shows that actually pulled off watchable content in an absurd medium.

    Smooth Few Films should be congratulated for sticking with their projects through all the trials and setbacks and for making some of the most earnestly funny and cool videos on the internet. Honestly, if I compare how many times I’ve laughed at a nerdy reference in one of SFF’s videos to any other on the internet, the difference would be large indeed.

    While this may seem like unabashed ass-kissing considering that Eddy brought me on the contribute to GamerSushi, the fact remains that I’m still a fan of their work and it’s sad to see their series come to an end.

  25. JPC

    You guys really put a lot of heart into this show, it shows very strongly. Hopefully you guys keep the same motion for future projects. Thanks again for showing how cool some smooth few guys can be.

  26. hexplode11

    Thank you so much SmoothFewFilms, for everything you have done so far. I will always check back. The videos may be over for now, but SmoothFewFilms lives!

  27. moorsey

    seriously awesome, I loved WZ almost as much at TLW.

    Nearly had man tears at the end of this, good job guys

  28. dompody

    [quote comment=”18253″]… allow for me to express my awe at what is, honestly, one of the best original series on the internet. I would expect nothing less from the guys who made Leet World which also holds a place as one of the best series on the internet, but still, way to raise the standard of internet television yet again. While most original internet content usually consists of a hand-held, over exposed camera in somebody’s backyard while somebody gets hit in the nuts with a football, you guys busted your asses you produce something of top quality. Hell, I would watch this over almost any show currently on television (though that’s probably not saying much these days, but you get the point I’m trying to make here. Your stuff is gold).[/quote]




    “dompody Likes this.”

    Seriously, it’s impossible emphasize this too much. I mean, I don’t know how much Rev3 paid you, but I’m reasonably certain you didn’t make old-school TV money… and that’s a shame, because you guys deserve that and more.

  29. dompody

    Also, forgot to mention this before: “Don’t test me bitch, all I need is a reason.” is, without a doubt, both the best-delivered and generally the overall best line in the entire series. I don’t think I stopped laughing for the whole rest of the episode.

  30. leetmaster22

    Another fantastic ending you guys!!!
    It’s very clear how much you care about your work and it shows in the amazing quality of you work

    Btw: the beginning of the episode = 4th wall smashed!!!!: )
    LOLOLOL great job again!!

  31. jrock09

    i made this account to just comment on your last vid i’ve been here since leet world and seeing two great shows come and go after 2 seasons each makes me wish i had money to pay to make these things

    much respect and love to you guys hope you chose to come back sometime may it be 6 months and year or even two idfc

    it’l be fucking EPIC and i hope i have a mustach by then

    thx for the shows and best of luck in the future

  32. orismology

    That was awesome, and I’m sad to see it go. You’ve probably already thought of this, and hopefully it’s in production, but… DVD? I would buy one (especially if it included both seasons, and some special features). Hope you can do it!

  33. Tilted_Logic

    It’s been a blast watching you guys, and you really have done some amazing stuff. Terribly sad to see Web Zeroes end when you guys were doing such a fantastic show, but non-the-less I understand your reasoning.

    I wish you all the very best in the future, and I’m sure most of us will still be dropping by to see what crazy stuff you guys are getting up to 🙂

  34. f4741 3rr0r

    This has been a great show and I still cant believe that it is over. Really hope that this isn’t the end of smooth few and I really cant wait to what comes next. I’m going to keep checking this site daily until there is new stuff or it goes down.

    Thanks for the great times.

  35. Hyperkultra

    Manly tears have been shed. I wish you many good years of machinima and/or movie making in the future, gentlemen. Not many have the balls to do what you’ve done.

  36. Macck

    When i saw that this was not a season finale but a series final episode, i got deeply sad. You guys are hilarious and i hope hope hope to see more stuff from you guys.

  37. Stealthnull

    Two greats shows down. Now when are you guys going to get an actual TV show. i bet FOX would hire you guys. lol. Well you guys enjoy your much deserved break. Can’t wait to see what you do in the future!

  38. JMarszal

    First I would like to thank Eddy, Nick, Daniel and the rest of the cast and crew for creating Web Zeroes. It has been a delight to watch Alex, Nate and Ray over the 25 episodes. I always looked forwarded to Wednesdays nights. I would fire up my XBMC box and stream Web Zeroes to my TV and was never disappointed with any of the episodes. Considering your limited resources in both money and time you did a fantastic job. When I learned you did the show in your spare time after your regular jobs all I can say is WOW. I have worked on a few personal projects and do a lot of video editing as a hobby. That is a lot of work for you guys to write, shoot and edit a show in a week and do that for almost 25 episodes. The hard work shows and your break from it is well deserved.

    While Alex, Nate and Ray are great characters I would have to say my favorite character of the whole cast was Hobo (aka Keggar). When he would appear I knew the episode was going to go to the next level. For some reason I think he had some of the best lines. I remember when it was revealed he was one of the developers form Duke Nukem Forever. The news of the 3D Realms going under was just in the news the week before. That was a nice touch in the writing that we will miss. The “Hobo Day” episode ranks as one of my favorite.

    “Hi Diane”. I think something has to be said about Jennifer Rivas and her character Diane. Diane is one of the few characters that represent the normal people stuck in the crazy world of Web Zeroes. She is our link or the character we can identify with. We can all see Jennifer is not an actress by trade but I think she did a wonderful job in the whole series. I would say she really hit it out of the park in the episode “Day in the Life of Diane”. Her acting went to next level and it showed in her subsequent spots in the season. Great work Jennifer.

    Ty Mahany did a fantastic job in the role as Bobby King. I really didn’t like Bobby King at first but all his “lawyering” and crazy side professions grew on me. By the second series he was joy to watch. I can’t believe Ty does that great George McFly impersonation. On first viewing of the final episode I really thought you dubbed in the audio from Back To The Future.

    I loved Bobby King’s Gamefly “Lava” commercial. Then there was the NetFlix commercial you guys try to sneak by with Tech Yeti helping his caller with Pirate Bay. The NetFlix with Eddy saying he looks like the guys from Twilight was good also. It’s nice you guys went the comical way with the commercials like Film Riot did.

    The last episode was really good. But I liked it a lot more after the 2nd viewing. The Battlestar Galactica references where well placed and the slow motion to “Earth Angel” was fantastic. What made it perfect once again was Hobo/Keggar with the guitar.

    I have a few ideas on what could be a future series for Alex, Nate and Ray but as you say in your FAQ you don’t want ideas for legal reasons. So I will just wait and see. Hopefully the characters will appear again in future projects.

    If you guys would ever release a DVD or Blu-ray of the show I would have no problem placing my order. I would rather support original shows like Web Zeroes, Rooster Teeth, The Guild, etc than regular over-processed network television.

  39. Julez

    I also don’t reply here often. But I wanted you guys to know I do watch and read everything that gets published here. I’ve been following for years ever since I discovered TLW.

    Great work by great dudes. Can’t wait to see what you guys can come up with after some much deserved time off.

    Goodluck, see you over at GS!

  40. Bobzer77

    You guys have produced the two most entertaining web shows on the internet.

    I really don’t know what else I can say other than that.

  41. JMarszal

    Like I did for last season. Took show and edited it into two segments for the season. Now I got Web Zeroes in roughly 4 one-hour parts (Season 1 Part 1 & 2, Season 2 Part 1 & 2) in HD. Also did mobile version 2 files (one for each season). I still left one copy of Gamefly Lava commercial in each file because Ty did such a good job.

    Even though I have these I still would like to get a copy on DVD if you guys would make them available for sale. Have to support the show.

  42. Sir_Godspeed

    As we say in Norwegian; “Når enden er god, er alltid godt. – When the end is good, all is good.”

    That – gentlemen – was beautiful.

    Also; try reading Ty’s comment (the last, censored part) with Bobby King’s voice and attitude. Epic. XD

  43. CrazyIvan1745

    I loved even re-watching this episode. I did notice at the beginning Alex isn’t on the couch then when it zooms in Alex is there. Is that intentional, or not?

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