Web Zeroes Finale Music

A few people have asked about some of the music in the Web Zeroes Series Finale that aired yesterday, most specifically the rocking Earth Angel theme that Jace cooked up. Because we’re such nice dudes, we thought we’d bring you guys a few gifts. Right click and save-as on the direct links to download them.

Earth Angel

Web Zeroes Theme

Techstrogen Theme

We’re seriously getting tons of great messages about the finale so far, and we really appreciate all the support we’ve seen from all of you. Enjoy the awesome music.

14 thoughts on “Web Zeroes Finale Music

  1. Justin Vinall

    Oh Sweet! I was going to ask about the Earth Angel piece. I think that is one of the best pieces composed by Mr. Ford. Great job.

  2. Pwezem

    Yes! Thank you so much guys, I’ve wanted the WZ Theme.mp3 since i first heard it on the REALLY Old Episodes.

    Love it, thanks guys. And Kudos to Jace Ford!

  3. Blackwatchfilms

    This is so great. So far, I had to manually take a clip from a Web Zeroes episode and edit it so that I could convert the opening theme to an MP3, just so I can listen to it… not anymore šŸ˜€

    Jace is just amazing. I would pay him as much money as I could just to play at my school. Keep up the awesome work Jace and thanks for the songs guys šŸ˜€

  4. Bazzel

    Massive thanks for those awesome tidbits. That Jace kid really is quite the talented one!

    I remember when you guys offered the first TLW season soundtrack for digital download… any chance something similar might come for WZ?

  5. getsomehax

    Sweet music guys! It’s cool to have on your Ipod while walking down the streets fantasizing about being a part of it. I guess that we’re all a part of it.

    I’ve been a fan since TLW s 01 ep 03 (the first episode i saw) And I personally think that WZ is just as great as TLW!

    My problem is that i live in Europe and i can’t attend Web Zereos Series Wrap Party! I AM SO SAD! šŸ™
    You guys post some photos for me please?

    Greetings and may the force be with you guys!

    – Peter AKA GetSomeHax

  6. f4741 3rr0r

    I can’t stop listening to earth angel it’s so sad. I really hope this isn’t the end and can’t wait to see what you do next.

    Good luck guys.

  7. Supremum

    Just wanted to give you my sincerest thanks – as pure and emotional as lulz we all got watching your show! And the final episode with it’s music – outstanding. For real.
    You Are Awesome. Period.

  8. nelandquinten

    To Jace:

    Seriously rockin’ music man. I see you and Damn Dangerous getting big someday. You pumped out 3 years of great soundtrack pieces since The Leet World, and you are the musical mind behind SmoothFewFilms!

    Fantastic work!

  9. Corsair

    Sorry to see you guys end the show …but I guess that’s just how things go sometimes.

    It was an awesome show. I had fun watching it. I hope to see something from you guys in the future. Who knows what it will hold.

    That’s life!

  10. Suraron

    This is EPIC. im just wondering if you guys can put out the tabs for these songs, especially the Earth Angel song. Love Web Zeroes and TLW, cant wait to see what else you guys have in store.

  11. theodoh

    Thank you Mr. Ford for some great artwork. Skilled pieces from a skilled and wise master. Thanks for the musical advice again. Twas awesome. Really fucking awesome.

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