Another SFF Birthday

Portal CakeWell, last month we officially passed the three year birthday of Smooth Few Films. That’s right, in August of 2007 we first started posting Leet World episodes, and the rest is kind of history, I suppose. A good or bad history? Who knows. In fact, thanks to Matt and the trusty Web Archives, we actually have a snapshot of the old Web site, in that first week of posting.

It’s funny thinking back to those first few weeks. We’ve told the story several times in a variety of different ways, but we honestly thought we would only make a few episodes and then stop the whole thing. It was unplanned, partially spontaneous, and then the support for what we were doing was ludicrously overwhelming, which helped us through some of the more brutal production runs. Interesting fact: we came this (imagine me holding my finger and thumb really close together) close to quitting during the production of Episode 11 of Season 1. Two series and a few years later bring a bit of perspective, and it’s been a mostly nice ride, though it’s had its own share of bumps. Which is why the current break is rocking our faces.

Anyway, I’m curious: of the people left that are still faithfully checking this site (thanks so much, by the way), how many of you were here since the very beginning? If not, when did you first stumble across our humble abode on the Intertubez? Answer away, commenters and lurkers.

P.S. Stay tuned for more free tracks of the TLW Season 1 soundtrack.

49 thoughts on “Another SFF Birthday

  1. angeloftheafterlife

    Hey just though i’d stop by an say hello. haven’t posted in a while, mainly because I was more of a TLW fan, but anyway.
    I have been here pretty much from the beginning. i remember when i first came to the site, that the first post was about episode 3, so i guess you could say i’v been here almost from the beginning. As a long time watcher, i would like to say, you guys have done some amazing work over these past 3 years! I will continue to check back at this site as i look foward to what you do next

  2. Marvin

    First off, Happy Birthday SFF!

    I’m proud to say that I’ve been around since the beginning. I remember that bright orange and white website…I hated the color scheme but to each his

    Anyways, *holding up my beer* here’s to 3 more successful years! Cheers!


  3. uncachable

    I wasn’t here from the beginning, but from only the first episode of Season 2 (I think). Just heard of machinima, finished all five seasons of Red vs Blue (Blood Gulch Chronicles), and was looking for other series. And I found you guys!

    Thanks anyway for keeping Smooth Few Films on life support, even though you guys aren’t doing much (yet).

  4. Nic

    Woo, Happy Birthday!
    I can say that I’ve been around since probably the second or third episode of TLW, and I was instantly hooked.

  5. DaPurpleSharpie


    About the whole website checking thing, I only see occasional updates from RSS and Twitter.
    Mostly feeding my gaming addiction at Gamer Sushi.


    Still, I keep looking over the past and present uploads of both Web Zeroes and, the long-past-dead, Leet World. So yeah, I guess keep ’em coming and I’ll keep randomly replying to stuff on your, long-past-dead-to-replies (lol), Twitter account.

    — [insertnamehere]

  6. - Anonymous -

    Hey guys. Great to see your still posting πŸ˜‰

    I came in around ep 6 of TLW. It was sick!
    Still to this day I visit smoothfewfilms and watch

    Thx for the TLW song πŸ™‚

  7. fruit202

    wow, i’ve been following you guys since episode four and i just now made an account for the website. i guess i just thought u could feel the bro love(as chet would say) for you guys that i felt after every vid that i didnt feel the need to post =], or can you?


    no? well i guess thats why im posting. i raise my coke to you!(as im several months away from being able do drink legaly)

  8. loplop95

    I wish I was here since the beginning, but I was here from episode 11 in the first season on tlw, but you guys are awesome, hope there are 3 more years of fun videos

  9. haxthias

    happy birthday! I can’t quite remember how long I have been around and lurking, but I do remember the old site. So I’m not sure how long that is, but I know its a really, really long time and I’ve enjoyed it all.

  10. trueunderdog

    Just made an account to let you guys know I’ve been following you guys since 2007 when someone by the name of Pwnocchio posted a link to TLW on’s off-topic board. You guys have provided tons of entertainment. Thanks for that.

  11. awsomo

    hey guys, ive been around since the inbetween time of the first and second seasons of the leet world. i have to say you guys were my favorite things to watch, not only on the internet, but you guys beet every tv show out there. you make we be proud to be alive and i will respect you guys in any decision you choose for you future. so what i guess im saying is. good job smooth few films(its been one hell of a ride)

  12. RGamesINC

    Been here pretty much from the start, but mostly just watched passively until episode 6 or 7 when I finally decided, “This is awesome, I should be paying closer attention.” I think that I first made an account back around episode 11 of Leet World season 1… around when the whole “gravitars” thing or whatever was taking off.

    I remember I threw a party when the first Season was over with a few of my friends who watched it, and we were going to watch through all of the episodes projected on a screen because we were holding off on watching the finale until we watched them all back-to-back (projected on a screen). We ended up just watching the first two episodes and then the finale, because my friends were too impatient. Good times, good times.

    Oh, and then there’s those huge ass-kissing essays that I wrote in the comments section. I would go back and reread the first one, but it’s tl;dr even for me, the guy who wrote it :/

    Well, I’d probably make some sort of video montage with something like “Time Stands Still” from Rush or that “Time of Your Life” song by Greenday, but Youtube is too anal about using the music that’s really great for looking back on fond memories, so I’ll just continue to drink my ginger ale and ramble on in the comments, hopefully for many years to come.

  13. Mr Leet

    I’ve been hanging around since episode 10 of Season 1 of TLW, and have been a frequent follower ever since. SFF, you guys have never disappointed, and I feel like I will be a fan till the very end πŸ™‚

    Keep on rocking, guys.

  14. DevMan27

    I actually found you dudes browsing At the time you only the first five episodes of TLW, and kinda forgot about you guys after that. Then one day, I remebered you guys, checked back to the site, saw episode six, and been following you guys ever since. I was bummed when both TLW and WZ ended, as they are two of my favorite webshows, but what can you do, you guys got lives. Looking forward to whatever cool stuff you guys got planned.

  15. dhrocker2000

    I haven’t been here since the beginning but I stumbled across this while searching for some decent machinima to watch over a a year ago. Red vs. Blue got me hooked and I wanted something that was done well, not the junk that 12 year olds do but stuff with actual production value. I found TLW in the aforementioned search. During episode one I was crying from laughter from the moment Chet jumped off of the house till the ending credits rolled. Chet is the best and Player comes in as a close second. I miss them both dearly. You guys are the definition of awesome.

  16. Apollo733

    I love all the work you guys do. Top notch work every time. I’ve been following you all since the 2nd or 3rd (Don’t remember) episode of Leet World. I was looking up Counter Strike videos for some reason and found that little gem. The quality, writing, and awesomeness made me a follower of your works forever more.

  17. Gforce

    I was one of your first fans,Ii started commenting around episode 2. I believe I was the first one to ask for, what i called at the time, the director’s theme at the end of episode 3. I remember badgering Damndangerous about posting it even if it was only 30 secs. Man where has the time gone.

    I ussualy check the site every two/three days to see if you have put anything funny/interesting up, but mostly im waiting for the day when you guys will say you have a new series in the works.

    All of your work has never failed to make me laugh, smile, or just crack an insane grin when quoting an obscure reference or some nostalgia joke. I bid you guys good tidings in life and hope you come back soon, your fan Gforce.

  18. fsdetained

    Wow, happy b-day SFF!

    Came around the third episode. My friend had just shown me RvB but Halo pisses me off so I looked for machinima based on CSS. Watched every episode since, the first three webzeroes included. Sucks that both TLW and WZ are over but i’m sure you’ve got something just as awesome planned for your next project/s.

  19. siblin

    happy birthday sff

    i wasnt here from the start, although i did join at about episode 3-4th episode when following it from some related video’s from a garrysmod machinima. i didn’t even know there was a website until near the end of the series. lol.
    hope to see you rock the web more in the future

  20. Matt

    I came around about episode 3. I have checked the site almost daily for 3 years. It’s become my routine…
    I’m really excited I got a mention πŸ˜€ (even though its just for a link I posted….:/)
    Happy Birthday SFF!

    On an unrelated note, who’s happy that DNF is finally going to be released?(unless Broussard gets into gearbox, haha)

  21. Nuketrooper315

    Hey folks, Happy Birthday and Happy New Beer! I’ve been stalking these parts since the release of Ep8 of season 1 of TLW but was always too lazy to register. Good times …for those who were only watching at least πŸ˜‰ Alas I couldn’t watch the second season of Web Zeros as it came out as I had to go to China for a year or so and there they like internet freedom ..not. The site itself was not blocked but everybody was having issues with the flash players there- fortunately the issues disappeared as soon as I was back on European soil. It has its good sides though – now, just when I started watching TLW I will have a big bunch of episodes to enjoy.

    On a side note : I unintentionally picked up a bit “Player sP33kk” – especially when dealing with Trolls
    Me and my bro use “nub”,”nublar” and variations of those to address each other .
    A friend of mine thought he was [i]exactly[/i] like Cortez (i.e. being a “badass”). Little did he know he only got the “ass” part right. And I was using the “oooOOOOOoooOoO Domination” in CS servers from time to time. Admins just “loved” me . So yeah, I guess this thing did have an impact on my life. And since then I’ve been following what you’ve been doing.
    Cant we8 to s33 j00 n3kst PR0Jekkt!

  22. viking357

    i joined about the 6 – 8 episode of the leet world
    man itΒ΄s great that you guys have gotten so far itΒ΄s kinda amazing really well i wish you guys the best of luck and a happy birthday from icealand

  23. MrMcStupid

    I have been creeping around these parts sense Ep 2 of TLW season 1. And followed like a loyal dog sense then. I’ve only posted 2 times before now. Mainly because I don’t like to post on stuff, no matter how much it rocks πŸ™‚

    I completely forgotten what the first site looked like. Also my favorite quote to this day remains, well.. I don’t really have a favorite one.. there all to good πŸ˜€

    PS. you guys kick a** now and forever πŸ™‚

  24. Constantine

    Happy Birthday! A friend showed me TLW on youtube (your site was down) right after the season finale of s1 came out. I watched it on youtube for a while before seeing on the end of a episode “visit our site for more”. I found it and fell in love.

    As for changing my life – YES. More than you know – I owe most of the things I’ve done over the past few years to you guys – I figured that if you guys could make such a badass show in your free time I could do whatever it was at the time.

  25. Reg

    I check the site every few days, but seeing as you mention lurkers especially in this post, I feel I have to reply.

    There was a Swedish dude who played on our (English) CS server back in the day. He was nice enough if a little crazy, but he sent me a link to the latest episode “Set Up Us The Bomb”, insisting it was the funniest thing he’d ever seen. I watched it just to humour him, but instantly loved the show.

    When my friends and I moved away to different universities in 2008, we used to keep in touch mostly by talking about the new episodes whenever they came out.
    Before the last episode aired, we even met up to have a TLW day where we watched all the available material in a straight run.

    You’ve given a lot of people many good times, SFF.
    Enjoy your break – you more than earned it, and we aren’t going anywhere.

  26. Stuart

    I’ve been here since the day the trailer for TLW was launched.
    There have been up’s and down’s, but i think you guys have come out with more on the plus side than the downside. And yes, i will keep you in my RSS Feeds, just in case you decide to surprise us.
    Personally, i don’t think you guys played the “Web Zeroes is Ending” thing right. I think a BIG part of your audience went off to watch other stuff, which is never a good thing. Unless of course you are planning on shutting down, which makes this all moot. Anyway, im sure you had your reasons for the way it all worked out. Keep it up

  27. sdematt

    I still remember reading about this on the Steampowered forums in August of 2007. The announcement was the release of the first episode of the Leet world. I’ve been watching ever since, and I’ve really enjoyed the stuff you guys have done.

    I’m especially happy since you guys answered one of my questions in your second podcast from the old website.

    I still get to this site every time by typing in and being redirected πŸ˜€

    Once again, you guys have done a great job, and I really appreciate the time and effort you guys have put in to keeping me entertained. πŸ˜€


  28. donat

    I’ll admit that I still look at the SFF website from time to time. Checking to see if TLW’s ghost has poped back up. I do hope by next year’s anniversary we at least get a trailer for something, its a shame to watch well performed machinima die. πŸ™


    I have been checking this web site once or twice a week or more. What are you going to do i mean are you going to make a season 3 of tlw or more shorts?

  30. Bazzel

    I don’t remember when I started following but it would have been around the second or third episode of season 1, after hearing about it from a friend. It’s been one heck of a ride, nice work guys.

    Happy Birthday. Have a drink or several for me!

  31. CrazyIvan1745

    I joined around episode 6 or so of Season 1.

    (By the way apparently the makers of Borderlands is picking up Duke Nukem Forever. Hopefully this means the hobo is getting his job back lol)

  32. Dunnerski

    Ive been here since Episode 4 of TLW. God I miss the old website at πŸ˜› The characters from TLW have definitely been dynamic. I miss crazy Alzheimer Westy though πŸ˜›

    I bawwd when TLW was finished. Good luck with the road ahead guys, I’ll be waiting for the music πŸ˜€

  33. koach2

    i began followin on june 1st 2009, these year and 8 months had been great for all of us fans and SFF, i think everything ended up pretty good with almost no bad news and i hope things keep happenin like that, so happy birthday SFF and lookin foward 2 see new vids and stuff

  34. rac91790

    Happy Birthday. I’ve been around since…Episode 4 or 5, Season 1 of the Leet World. It’s been a really great run, and I loved watching every time another came out. You guys spun a great story for that, and you totally deserve the response it got from its fan base.

  35. CEP2

    Woot for the awesome years you guys worked hard πŸ˜€ I’ve definitely been entertained since my friend introduced me to TLW sometime early 2008. Hope time brings you good things soon!

  36. Montessoir

    I’ve been on and off with you guys for a while. I started watching TLW on youtube and stopped kinda half way (Just got busy). This past christmas however, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a rare and easily curable cancer, every day i was checking the site to see if there was any new laughs for me. So thanks you guys (among other things) helped me keep a positive attitude during chemo.

  37. lessthanhuman

    Like many others, I did the same and registered so I could comment. I started following the site shortly after you guys switched youtube channels I believe and I started watching the first web zeroes story arch and every now and then I checked back and forgot about it and one day I remembered web zeroes and came back and started watching again and kept coming back for each WZ post mostly for the witty comments, I remember I kept coming back with more repetition after reading “things are kind of scrambled around here, but in a good way – like eggs”

  38. afdfirefighter231

    Happy Birthday! I have been around since Episode 3 of TLW and I have loved every minute of it. Ever since the beginning I have been checking the website faithfully at least once a week for new episodes, news or other fantastic content. Keep up the good work and we are all here for you!

  39. StaleThesis

    I have been following Sooth few films and the leet world since season 1 episode 4. I check it at least twice a week. It has been a riot watching your shows and I appreciate all that you have made for us. Happy birthday. Hopefully you start making more.

  40. Mr. Web

    Happy Birthday SFF πŸ™‚

    I’ve been here since episode 5 or 6 came out. I’m not exactly sure when. I saw one of the news about TLW on and decided to check it out. That’s how I met SFF and TLW.

  41. andyromanchik

    Happy Birthday SmoothFewFilms! A buddy of mine told me about TLW when you guys were just starting to make the first season of Web Zeroes. I wasn’t to big on Machinima back then. I thought it was kind of dumb. I saw the first Web Zeroes and lol’d hard. I thought it was sweet to find what was like a mini t.v. show about video games. I decided to try The Leet World. To my amazement, it was super epic and the writing, story, plot twists, and the Producer’s creepy voice acting had me hooked. And it only got better and better. I finished it within a weekend and loved every minute of it! Then, I waited patiently as every new WZ-episode and update came out. Nowadays, I love your stuff, I’ve rewatched TLW time and time again…speaking of which, I think it’s time for another watch-through of the series. Anyways, thanks guys, for not quitting on the fans. I’m excited for whatever you guys have next!

  42. ROFLBot231

    i believe i came in around episode 7 or 8 of The Leet World. i was playing counter strike during that time, so i had a blast with the series. I sill wanna see some TLW shorts

  43. koach2

    i remember now that when i was very young, arround 8 years ago, i was always told that good things become better, and better things become the best. so far, i had seen the good thing and the betten thing bout you (TLW and WZ), and im really looking foward to see the best thing u’ll ever do. 353 days ago the good thing ended, TLW. 68 days ago the better thing ended, WZ. and in the near future, the best thing will show up, and will make all the rest become awful compared to it. so far, SFF is in 3rd place of my top 10 list of things, below GTA 4 and a girl i like. i hope u make it to 2nd place.
    i must say that im grateful with you. you gave millions of people a way of entertaining themselves for free, sacrificing hours of your life for us. i learnt a whole language out of your videos, as english isn’t my first language it became difficult for me to understand, but with you it was different, i learnt much things from u more valuable than all the money on this earth. i’m more than proud of u and im lookin foward to see SFF with a new show, hopefully again on REV3, or even on TV. this year and 8 months had been awesome for us both fans and SFF members.

  44. theodoh

    When you say very beggining, do you mean First season Leet World, Blogspot, or first episode? I came in on episode 4 I belive, and seen every episode within 24 hours of release since then πŸ™‚

  45. Druza

    I think I found you guys when I was watching a Lit-Fuse video on YouTube and saw one of your Leet World episodes in the “Suggest videos” box. I think you guys where up to episode seven of the first season at the time. I’ve been checking your site (almost) every day since then, and don’t plan on stopping.

  46. pl4y3r_rul3z

    I think I came around the 7th or 8th episode. I was surfing YouTube looking for GMod machinima, saw “The Leet World Episode 1”, and decided, “Why not?” Best decision I ever made. Holy Crap On A Cracker, that was two years ago!

  47. Bobzer77

    Happy Birthday!

    I actually can’t remember when I arrived, my friends told me to check the site out and I did.

  48. peabnuts123

    Gosh fellers. I remember I used to listen to a Podcast on the gmod forums called “gmodpod”… They used to troll the forums and talk about funny/cool stuff they would find and post the link to all of the threads in the post for the podcast. Sadly the gmodpod died over 2 years ago but I remember in one of their casts the found Episode 1 of the leet world… I watched it, and I’ve been here since then. I really like the orange/white color scheme of the old website, it was so… fruity xD

    In fact: here is the original post of the podcast- with a link to the original thread! Unfortunately, the thread no longer exists :'(

    But good times, huh πŸ™‚
    Love your work guys, I hope you keep it up in the future.

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