Fantastic Fest Plus Rocking with the Producer

ProducerHowdy and hello.

Thanks to everyone for all of the birthday wishes you gave us. It’s great that so many of you are still around from the earliest days. Also fairly flattering. A special thank you to all the lurkers that came out of hiding to utter a few words of gratitude. Another weird anniversary is coming right on the heels of that one: next week marks a year since TLW ended.

In terms of news, the main thing I have to offer is for those of you who live in Texas. Next weekend, a cool thing called Fantastic Fest will be going down in Austin. It’s a huge genre film festival, and from what I hear, it’s pretty rad. Anyway, Rooster Teeth organized themselves a machinima panel, and they invited one of us to sit in on it. Since Daniel won the fist fight (it’s the gangly arms), he gets to be on the panel with some other machinima dudes.

If you are anywhere nearby, the Best of Machinima screening will happen on Saturday, September 25 at 4 PM at the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar. They’ll be showing Day in the Life of a Turret. Stop by and troll Daniel.

Also, because I’m nice, here’s a free download of the Producer theme from the TLW soundtrack. Figured since the anniversary of his death is coming up and all, it only made sense. This is probably my favorite track on the whole thing. Enjoy!

Right click and save as to download.

In other news, did anyone get Halo: Reach? I’m loving it. Also, check out the new GamerSushi. Loving that, too.

9 thoughts on “Fantastic Fest Plus Rocking with the Producer

  1. Domi

    Can’t believe that it almost has been 1 year since the end of tlw D:

    anyways it’s a great event for u guys, best of luck


  2. kendo

    Oh, how miss this show! πŸ™ Thanks for this great soundtrack, it always has been mysterious to me when I heard it on the show. Creeeeepy!!! Bo0o0o0o0o0o0o, as would Player say! πŸ™‚

  3. hagefade

    Hey, I’ve loved your shows for years. A friend told me about it around the time when season 1 episode 6 was just released and when you had the old website. Sadly my friends have dulled their passion for smooth few films but I’ve kept looking at the site every single day to see if there is something new. Keep up the good work, can’t wait for your next episodes/shows =D!

  4. theodoh

    I cannot begin to tell you guys how greatful I am for this. I have had this song stuck in my head at least several million times in the past, say, week or so. It should make a great addition to my ‘I’m stoned as balls’ playlist.

  5. rac91790

    It really has been almost a year, hasn’t it? Makes me wonder what the T’s and CT’s would be doing now if they still had the camera putting them in the spotlight. The Leet World was a really great machinima.

    As it is, my two roommates and I ended up watching all but the finale of season 1 two nights ago. On Thursday we’re finishing season one and watching all of season 2. Should be a lot of fun.

  6. Gassy Mexican

    Hmm…so Daniel is on the machinima panel eh? Pretty neato. I don’t know if that means he’s one of the judges for the machinima contest they’ve put on but, either way, hopefully he’ll be able to see our team’s machinima dance epic/submission to the contest ‘Dance Dance Retribution’ (which will be screened there from what I understand) one way or another.

    We’re happy it made it into the semi-finals and hopefully Daniel will be able to check it out when there.

  7. cR0z

    Woaw nice guys and keep up the good work one more question is there gonna be a Leet World season 3 ? I’m looking really forward to it . I’d piss myself if there isn’t πŸ˜€

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