If TLW Was a Video Game…

Howdy, gents and ladies.

Wanted to say a big thank you to all the supportive comments we received on that last post. There will probably be some changes coming to the site over the next few months, so stay tuned for that.

I mainly wanted to post a bit of music that Jace did. Basically, it’s the TLW theme in 8 bit. I kind of love it. I’m sure you will, too.


Right click and save as to download. Happy listening.

19 thoughts on “If TLW Was a Video Game…

  1. DarkRook

    I logged on and was so excited to find a new post.

    This just makes me miss TLW even more.

    Is it possible for you guys to post the remainder of the first season soundtrack and maybe the second season? I just love the music in that series.

  2. JJ

    [quote comment=”18546″]Is it possible for you guys to post the remainder of the first season soundtrack and maybe the second season? I just love the music in that series.[/quote]

    As far as the second season goes, Jace never assembled a full soundtrack recording. The first season soundtrack was actually a re-recording of songs he’d put together for the show. Don’t know what Eddy is planning as far as future soundtrack posts.

  3. Bazzel

    I rarely post these days, but I’m still around and reading the site (through an RSS reader admittedly) but this track is awesome and +1 for missing the TLW!

  4. theodoh

    Simply put: Bueno.

    Thanks for posting this, really great stuff. Appreciate the awesomeness!

  5. nelandquinten

    It’s great to hear from you dudes again! This sounds like a crisp .mod file. If there was a Wolfenstein FPS version of Counter-Strike, back in the day, that would have blown my mind in the arcade. This music would be just that to fit with it too.

  6. Montessoir

    When you said, “Changes to the website”, does that mean the break is lifted? Do you have anything planned for the future? Awesome 8-bit theme.

  7. kaze74

    I don’t know why but I have an ominous feeling about these “changes” then again probably paranoia but since that last post I feel as if this may be the end of days here. Hope not though this place has always brought the lolz so here’s to ya’ll keep on winnin’!

  8. GRAYFOX53

    TLW was actually the reason I even started playing counter strike. lol when i see cortez and all the other T’s I feel muy badass! But no seriously, TLW SEASON 3 would be an awesome thing. It’s PEW FACTOR would be untouchable. My town basically got destroyed by tornadoes. I would feel much better if new episodes came out. KTHNX BAI!

  9. Dave

    [quote comment=”18561″]It’s a little late, but thanks dudes for all the love.[/quote]
    Never too late, brah. Thanks for not leaving us here just yet 😉

  10. Santi Koach

    it was a very good run, lads. its difficult to believe SFF is dead, at least the old setup is. i hope Jace and Daniel succeed in LA, and i’m looking forward to see more work coming from ye. i’m sure ye’ll never return to Machinima, and if ye do, it wont be for long, but i would love to see yer last hurrah.
    Right now, i’m trying to follow yer footsteps, i started my own studio, Bg2 Machinima Studios, and we’re working really hard on our first project, Alamo. TLW showed me how to make a good machinima in a way no other series did, and i’m gonna try to use what i learned in this new project. I wish you good luck in yer future projects, and i hope you lads make the best ye can.

    Santi Koach, BG2Studios

  11. ManowaR

    So… Thats seasons were very excellent, and I’m waited a new episodes so much -_- Whether you will do new episodes?

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