Season’s Leetings: A Leet World Holiday Message

Happy holidays, everyone. We hope today finds you full of nog, food, cheer and whatever else it is that you like to put in your body. We put together a Leet World holiday message for all of you as a special present.

For us, it has been a pleasure to be making things for you all again in 2014. Let’s make 2015 even better.

8 thoughts on “Season’s Leetings: A Leet World Holiday Message

  1. Daniel Sheehan

    Ohmygodohmygodohmygod a SFF TLW short! Man oh man, this is something.

    I like this short because it gives me a quick peek at how the new season will look and feel like. Camera panning is fluid, but we haven’t seen how the gang moves or acts. No doubt it will be hard to mimic Player’s bobbing head in SFM.

    May I ask: How long did this take to make? It looks like something you may have whipped out in a day, but maybe something like this took a ton of effort and time? I want to know how hard you guys are working. I’ll mail you Twinkies and some fan made stuff someday in production to keep your heads up.

    The gears back at SFF are starting to turn!

    1. Eddy Post author

      Daniel and I knocked this out in a quick afternoon of work, with another afternoon contributed by our mapper to add some snow to the house in Hammer. Player’s arm is a mix of motion capture and keyframe to get those fingers extra grabby 🙂

  2. Jason Enthonius

    Speaking of Player, I wonder will he finally talk as we last heard back in the Season 2 finale when he was learning to speak (only 2 words) inside Leeroy’s Analyzation Chamber. Although I expect he still love using the mic, but will he took interest in talking this time? 5 years is kind of long and I bet he’ll finally learn to speak like we humans do, or was it?

    Pss… I bet it’s a common question…. right? *fake smile*

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