Still Trucking

I wanted to make a short update to let everyone know that yes, things are still moving along with TLW Season 3. We are currently hard at work on Episode 2 and moving into production stuff on Episode 3, plus a surprise that should be making its way around these parts soon.

Why the lack of updates? A variety of reasons:

  • We’re sort of at a stage where we can’t show much of anything of value to you guys. It’s a tough place to be when you don’t want to spoil anything or give much of the premise away before it’s time. Soon we’ll be able to give you guys actual footage, but until that moment we’re intentionally keeping a tight lid on things. First impressions are important. After that happens, expect us to show our hand a bit more frequently.
  • February/March have been incredibly busy for all of us on a personal and professional level. The guys got slammed with some big jobs out in LA and I’ve got a baby coming almost literally any minute now. When we’re that busy, our free time goes to the show, and stopping to make some more behind the scenes content actually delays production. Which is sad, because I love doing it!
  • We’ve sort of gotten addicted to CS: GO again. Nick and I especially have been watching pro matches, and are looking forward a great deal to Katowice later this week. This is a problem.

So, just wanted to give you guys a quick shout and let you know that yes, us and the project are still alive. More to come soon. Back to faceposing.

11 thoughts on “Still Trucking

  1. Petyr

    Great to hear guys, especially about the baby, Eddy! Congrats! Take your time with this. Wwe’d not want you guys burned out after we finally get more TLW! 😉

    1. Eddy Post author


      Definitely feel bad for not posting something about this sooner. We never want to keep you guys in the dark. We’re working on this thing a lot. Pretty much whenever we can, we’re on Google Hangouts and hammering stuff away. It’s just a big, big, big project.

      1. Despoid

        Thank you for replying on our shouts. That is amazing. Any news that you’re working on that project is very important for us – fans. Hearing that the project is very important for you and you almost fully in it, even if you have more important things to do, thats just wonderful! A Surprise? Very excited what you’ll show) Also congrats with the baby) Call him Cortez ( JK ). What about the first episode? Is it mostly finished? Thinking that TLW’s Season 3 first episode is ready, even if we still cant watch it is really cool.

  2. kikisnails

    So *empties throat* maybe your addiction to CS:GO would get you guys to lobby with the fans. I’m guessing you guys won’t have any time though considering the circumstances.

  3. cHeT [BeWasted]

    This is great news! I’m quite glad that you guys are moving on up, and I’m especially glad for you Eddy, congratz on the baby, I hope everything will be alright in the future!

  4. ca1ek

    What do you think about Source 2? Its too late already to move to it, and for sure it will be when Source 2 finally comes out, but if you would start making TLW E3 in December 2015, probably after Source 2 is there, would you use S2FM or stay with SFM?

    1. ca1ek

      no edits on here, but one more question: will you update the jokes? Time between S2 and S3 is eternity in internet years, a lot has changed.

      1. Jeff

        Unfortunately, we’ve been having trouble getting our JokeBot 2000 to produce comedy with a relevance later than 2008, so we’ll probably just cut and paste some old jokes into the new scripts. It’ll be great!

  5. Daniel Sheehan

    Well shoot, take all the time you need, fellas. I can’t possibly wait for this release, but I wouldn’t want you guys to rush anything. Who would’ve thunk that the voice of the guy who sang “Bitch Got Served” would almost be a dad!? Congrats!

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