The Leet World VLOG: Motion Capture

In the newest edition of the TLW VLOG, we give a little preview of how we’re utilizing motion capture in season 3 of Leet World. While most of what we’re doing amounts to the homiest of home brews, we also had the opportunity to travel to Austin recently to work on a fight scene that happens early on in the season.

No doubt many of you have heard by now that one of Rooster Teeth’s staff, Monty Oum, passed away last week. Monty was the creator of RWBY, one of the heads of Rooster Teeth’s animation department, and an all around great human being, without whom we wouldn’t have been able to complete our motion capture when we visited in December. He took time out of his Saturday to make sure that we had everything we needed, and constantly came in to help us troubleshoot any issues we were having. It was a very kind gesture for someone who had no stake in our project whatsoever.

While I didn’t know Monty well, I’ve worked on a couple of things here and there with him throughout my time of contract writing for Rooster Teeth. I’ve always been amazed at his drive, his creativity and the way his mind worked. One of the highlights of my life was seeing my words brought to life with Monty’s animation in season 10 of Red Vs. Blue. It was a special memory that is only possible because of the many gifts he gave his fans and viewers.

Rest in peace, Monty. Thanks for pouring yourself into your work.

9 thoughts on “The Leet World VLOG: Motion Capture

  1. Daniel Sheehan

    Eddy looks like he’s having the time of his life in the capture suit. Man I bet you guys have been having a ton of hilarious fun in production for this!

    And I, too, was very saddened by the passing of Monty Oum. I loved his Haloid videos and his contributions to RvB. Amazing that he was able to help out with your motion capture work! Such a talented guy!

  2. cHeT [BeWasted]

    I’ve never stopped believing that this would happen. As soon as SFM was announced, I was just waiting for the day for an update from you guys. I’ve managed to get into my old account after more than 5-6 years just to post this. I’ve been following you guys since season 1, episode 2 aired and I will never stop.

  3. Despoid

    No updates even after a month. I know it is a hard work but anyway! Even if it is just a screenshot it would be awesome. I apologize for this, just <3 TLW so much.

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