The Leet World VLOG: Spoilers

Our new Leet World VLOG is here to provide a super informative and detailed look at our work flow. Granted, we had to take some liberties with the actual process, but we’re sure you’ll forgive us. We’d hate to spoil any of the show, obviously.

Stay smooth.

6 thoughts on “The Leet World VLOG: Spoilers

  1. Despoid

    AhAHAHAHHAHA! Man, laughing out loud from the ending with Nick! Thx for the spoilers…ok nvm you rickrolld us.

  2. Korra

    I really miss Leet Word and Web Zeroes. Especially Web Zeroes. Doubt there will ever be a new season, but is there any chance you might make WZ shorts?

    1. Jeff

      The main problem with making any more Web Zeroes is that Eddy lives in Houston and the rest of us live in Los Angeles, so even a short would be much more complicated (and expensive) to pull off.

  3. DoorCloser

    Eddy seems to be the only one who working on the series. Jokes aside, glad that the things with TLW is getting fine.

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