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The Live-Action World


We basically spent all weekend filming Web Zeroes. Our call began at 8:30 am on Saturday and didn’t stop until tonight. I think we got some really solid stuff, but I am just a silly noobito at these things. Much thanks to our friend Chuck who helped us power through all of it. Really couldn’t have gotten it done without him.

A few people have been asking what Web Zeroes is all about. Web Zeroes is a live-action mockumentary (in this case, a comedy show in a documentary style), and it’s coming soon. It’s the story of three ordinary dudes trying to get famous over the Internet. Should be a fun time.

Here are some production photos from the weekend:

Various photos from Saturday, including Chuck holding the HVX200 we used to shoot the episode, Daniel directing me in a scene and Chuck, Nick and I blocking a scene and tweaking the script just before shooting. I take no responsibility for the mammary-ish doodling in the background of the last shot. Well, perhaps some.

And now some raw screenshots, before color correction. The original footage was shot in 720p:

All in all, it was a great weekend. We look forward to updating you guys with more shenanigans in the near future.