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Duels, Fates and Phantoms

We now proudly present to you dudes and dudettes that visit our site, Episode 12 of The Leet World, “Attack of the Noob“. Once you watch it, you’ll realize that I wasn’t kidding when I said this one was going to be a big one. Mondo big.

After this, there will be just two more episodes before the end of the season, making for a total of 14 episodes. Season 2 will resume in the Fall along with our insanity and lack of a social life. But don’t worry, over the next few weeks we’re going to start talking about our summer plans, and what kinds of cool stuff you can expect. The plans may or may not involve lollerskates.

Downloadable versions and YouTube will be up in the morning.

Enjoy! And remember to click here to digg it.