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Duels, Fates and Phantoms

We now proudly present to you dudes and dudettes that visit our site, Episode 12 of The Leet World, “Attack of the Noob“. Once you watch it, you’ll realize that I wasn’t kidding when I said this one was going to be a big one. Mondo big.

After this, there will be just two more episodes before the end of the season, making for a total of 14 episodes. Season 2 will resume in the Fall along with our insanity and lack of a social life. But don’t worry, over the next few weeks we’re going to start talking about our summer plans, and what kinds of cool stuff you can expect. The plans may or may not involve lollerskates.

Downloadable versions and YouTube will be up in the morning.

Enjoy! And remember to click here to digg it.

A Disturbance in the Force

Soon, thousands of refresh buttons will cry out in terror…

That’s because Episode Twelve hits tonight (Monday) or tomorrow morning (Tuesday). Nick and Daniel put in a monster day yesterday to plow through most of the episode, and we’re on the home stretch. We’ll do whatever we can to make sure that you dudes are watching it tonight, but the empire knows we’re coming, and we are just a small rebel squadron.

Give Han more time — he won’t let you down.

Eye Candy

Episode Twelve is coming within a week. Unfortunately, I can’t give any more details than that, but it’s on its way and ready to be watched. If you haven’t had a chance, get to reading Leeroy’s Bio and find out more about your favorite nerd. Some brand new screenies:

Trickeration Eye of the Tiger. Rawr. COMPUDAR!1!

While Daniel and Nick are working their post-production surgery on Episode Twelve, I’m busy putting together (writing, building in Forge, etc) our next Halo short. Here are some early screenies of the location, from the new map “Blackout”.

Moonlit Night Mystery Door

What’s behind the mystery door? Lulz, of course.

Stop – Hammer-Time

Much thanks to those dudes who helped me mess with Hammer over the weekend, especially Lord Ned. Dude went way out of his way to listen to me gripe about it. It’s funny, because all I wanted to do was some simple tweaks to make Militia a little more functional for what we use it for, and in reality I should have done it sooner.

I have to say I’m pleased with how well Ahmad’s Bio has been received by you guys. Truthfully, Nick’s been bugging me to write character bios since, um, forever, but Nick is usually wrong about stuff so I didn’t listen. I’m kidding. Nick is mostly always right so I should have listened long ago. We’ll be adding one of those each week.

Keep cracking on those Themetacular Challenge entries. A few of you have been asking for the vocals, which have been added to the official rules page.

And finally, some new screenshots of Episode Twelve, complete with Leeroy’s Lair, now working in Counter-Strike: Source instead of GMod.

The Circle Is Complete Backdoor-ing Crazy Plans

More extras coming soon.

Dirty Dozen: Episode 12 Screenshots

It’s so bizarre to be working on our 12th episode. So far, Episode Twelve isn’t quite the three-headed dogbeast we imagined it would be. I think we always forget how much easier a regular episode is in comparison to something like a challenge episode.

If you haven’t seen the Themetacular Contest rules yet, I’d advise you to check them out. Remember, we don’t want to just hear you guys trying your best to imitate Damn Dangerous- get creative, go all out, make the song your own, change the style- the more distinct, the better.

Here are some screenshots from Episode Twelve to satiate The Leet World appetite, if only temporarily. Over the weekend, we’re going to start adding some really cool new content to the website. A virtual nerdery for those of you obsessed with really digging into that kind of stuff. Should be fun.

Sneaky Style Secret Gathering Confrontation

Contest- The Leet World Themetacular Challenge!

For those of you who listened to the recent Podcast, this is old news. We thought we’d make it official anyway. Smooth Few Films is holding its first fan contest — The Leet World Themetacular Challenge!

Create your own rendition of The Leet World theme by Damn Dangerous by Monday, May 12th for a chance to win some cool prizes. The winner of this Themetacular Challenge will not only win a sweet TLW related prize produced by Smooth Few Films, but they will also get another bonus — their song will play during the intro to Episode 14, the Season One finale!

After the May 12th deadline, 5 finalists will be selected by Smooth Few Films, and the final voting will be held here on the site. Don’t worry, downvoting won’t be a factor in this contest.

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The Leet World Podcast, Episode 4

Perhaps the title to this one should have been “It’s about time”. We wanted to do this next installment to the podcast a while back, but we decided that finishing Episode 11 took precedence. I think you guys should really enjoy the wide variety of topics we cover in this edition of The Leet World podcast, clocking in at half an hour. A brief rundown of what you’ll hear:

Our feelings on Episode 11, the original plan for the “hax” storyline, plans for the end of Season One (and future seasons), our summer project, fan questions about zombies, bloopers, how Daniel is Magneto, the origins of Rick-Rolling, The Portal Day, The Bag Boy, Law and Order: Street Justice and two upcoming Leet World fan contests!

Give it a listen, and enjoy. To download, right click the direct link and select “Save As”.