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Additional Notes: Sizlewski Case

Det. Dawson, Case File No. 14113

Status: Investigation is still in limbo. Have attempted contact with Noonien Corp. on multiple occasions and so far, nothing. Did a drive-by on an old facility but it looked deserted. The letter (Exhibit G) mentioned a relocation, but a whole company doesn’t just up and disappear. I’ve requested to look into this further, but the Captain says to drop it. Perhaps I will pursue this avenue on my own.

Motive: Hard to say. If it’s a kidnapping, what’s the ransom? Loved ones of Sizlewski have not been contacted with any demands. A hit of some kind? Possible, but searches of the surrounding area have so far yielded no clues.

Exhibit D:

Several bullet holes found in the bathroom wall from a Colt M4A1, which was also left on scene. Bullets pried from the wall have partial prints, and several full prints are left on the gun. Forensics said the weapon was fired at a distance of only a few feet away.

Currently running the prints. Should have a match soon.