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Unlucky Screens

Just wanted to stop in and give a quick update about the progress of Episode 13, part 1 of the series finale. It’s mostly in the can, with post production left in front of it. It should be out next week at some point. Don’t hold me to that, though. We all know how I hate magical binding contracts. Especially when it comes to picking release dates.

In other news, Daniel finally returns this weekend. He’s been living it up and having fun in other places (read: touching butts) while Nick and I slave away at Leet World. But don’t worry, we’re not bitter. Much. Regardless, we’ll be glad to have him back. There might be group hugs and/or beers to celebrate.

Besides all that, we’re already working on stuff for Episode 14, which is part 2 of the series finale and hugely massive. Anywho, here are some screenshots from Episode 13.

tlw213_ss1 tlw213_ss2 tlw213_ss3

Enjoy. Also, if you haven’t been reading Anthony’s Phantasy Star game blogs over at GamerSushi, you are seriously missing out on some hilarious video game writing.

The Prodigal Son

After several months of being away, Daniel has finally returned to Houston, marking the end of a production lull for us here at Smooth Few Films. We’ve been working on some pre-production and housekeeping things (new sites, scripts, etc), but now we can fully jump into things like Web Zeroes, G.R.I.E.F. and early work on Season 2 of The Leet World.

Our break for the last few months was much needed, as we had driven ourselves into exhaustion after working on TLW for a year straight (seriously). It was a time fraught with ups and downs, but we learned a lot of lessons from it, and we have a plan to make everything easier on ourselves moving forward. You’ll hear more about that soon.

In other news, the TLW soundtrack is essentially finished. We have to take a few more steps before we can actually put it up for sale. We’ll make a post soon enough detailing prices, but rest assured, it’ll be affordable, and it’ll be worth every penny. In addition, you’ll be able to get individual songs if you don’t want to get the whole album.

Also, a new TLW Season 2 teaser is on the way for hopefully sometime next week, with some Web Zeroes bloopers dropping soon as well. Things are kicking into full gear again, and there will be tons of content coming over the next couple of weeks. Oh, and one other thing…

Who dat?

The TLW House

Thanks for the cool response that you guys gave to the G.R.I.E.F. trailer. I’ve got to say, the general excitement people showed for it was pretty sweet. We’re looking forward to doing a few episodes of G.R.I.E.F. while we continue to recharge and prepare for Season 2 of The Leet World.

The Web Zeroes Pilot should be hitting at some point next week, as well as some other cool TLW extras. Also, PAX is this weekend, and I really can’t wait, but more on that later.

It occurred to me that some of you dudes would be stoked to have a couple of the maps that we film on. Nothing too exciting, just thought you’d like to have them. So, here you go- simply download these and then stick them into your cstrike/maps folder:

TLW House
Death Room

Edit: For those of you wondering, the TLW House is an edited Militia map with no hosties, no time limit, no cars in the garage and Leeroy’s Lair. Also, that map probably won’t work in GMod if you don’t have CSS, but the Death Room should be just fine.

Holding Pattern

We’re kind of on the verge of a slew of fun content for you guys, but as of right now, we’re in a bit of a holding pattern while we get a few things ready, a few things written and a few things recorded.

Stuff that’s being worked on this week includes the GRIEF trailer, Web Zeroes episode 1, The Leet World Soundtrack (I can confirm that I just listened to the Producer’s Theme, and it rocks), a new video game blog and quite possibly an endeavor that answers the question of one of the bigger mysteries of the summer (Where is Mr. Sizzler?). All of these are coming soon, so like the Jedi, we must exercise patience. And/or flipping maneuvers.

But now, my curiosity begs me to ask this question concerning Season 2 of The Leet World (coming Fall/Winter 2008):

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Idle Hands…

Det. Dawson, Case File No. 14113

Back to Square One. I might have to go off the books for the next few weeks. Something doesn’t add up here. Finally logged Exhibit B, but it seems rather inconsequential to me. Traced the call back to a warehouse in Italy but all that was left there was dust and echoes.

Exhibit B (Sizlewski’s answering machine)

Probably just some kids screwing around, or some bored workers.

And the Winner Is…

Det. Dawson, Case File No. 14113

This was pulled from the entertainment page of this morning’s edition of “The Daily Source”. Filed to archives.

After personally reviewing the surveillance tape submitted by Mr. Wolfe, it confirms that Westheimer was indeed at the TLW house as specified in the report. I thought it seemed too easy. Mugshot filed to archives as well:

Additional Notes: Sizlewski Case

Det. Dawson, Case File No. 14113

Status: Investigation is still in limbo. Have attempted contact with Noonien Corp. on multiple occasions and so far, nothing. Did a drive-by on an old facility but it looked deserted. The letter (Exhibit G) mentioned a relocation, but a whole company doesn’t just up and disappear. I’ve requested to look into this further, but the Captain says to drop it. Perhaps I will pursue this avenue on my own.

Motive: Hard to say. If it’s a kidnapping, what’s the ransom? Loved ones of Sizlewski have not been contacted with any demands. A hit of some kind? Possible, but searches of the surrounding area have so far yielded no clues.

Exhibit D:

Several bullet holes found in the bathroom wall from a Colt M4A1, which was also left on scene. Bullets pried from the wall have partial prints, and several full prints are left on the gun. Forensics said the weapon was fired at a distance of only a few feet away.

Currently running the prints. Should have a match soon.