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Gears of Production

I’ve been playing Gears of War 2 like a madman all weekend. Seriously. I believe it is affecting my day-to-day interactions with those of hume kind. I am like a raving lunatic, curb stomping all in my path and demanding that random passersby get out of my way while I take mad cover. I’m a little into it. Maybe because I’m an absolute video game nut, but I guess you knew that.

If you have an XBox 360, I’d recommend getting it just for Horde mode, which is probably the crowning jewel of the title. Great stuff. I’ll be doing a review for GamerSushi sometime in the near future, so that’ll be fun.

Filming marches onward, and I wish I could show you some more, but we’re trying to guard Episode 1’s secrets like some ancient guild. You’ll see more soon enough.

In the meantime, a new episode of Web Zeroes is on the way this week. Should be up within a few days.  Happy Waiting. And if you haven’t bought the TLW Season One Soundtrack yet, something is wrong with you.