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The Long Holiday

Tonight or tomorrow, there will be a new short up from Smooth Few Films. While this short is not “The Leet World” related, I think you guys will really enjoy it. Also, its release officially marks the end of our break from The Leet World. While we’ve already done just a little for Episode Nine, production will ramp up in full force after today. I thought that would make you gents and gals happy to know.

Also, if you’re up for watching a Hitchcockian Half Life 2 machinima, check out this nifty piece from Xanatos, a respected member of the machinima community, as well as one of our own forum-goers.

City 7: Toronto Conflict

This is perhaps some of the coolest game news I’ve seen in some time. City 7: Toronto Conflict is a HL2 mission created by a student development team. Basically, they have recreated the city of Toronto to capture what was a horrific combine occupation not just in City 17, but the entire world. Browse the site, check out the screenshots, and learn more about the mission: it’s cool stuff!

City 7: Toronto Conflict