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The Voltron Effect

Yesterday, Smooth Few Films (Jace, Jeff, Nick, Daniel and myself) got together as a whole for the first time since The Leet World started. In fact, Jace and Jeff had never even met one another until then. We gorged out on mexican food and acted fat together, and it was an explosion of awesome. Much like Voltron.

In other news, I wanted to remind everyone that The Leet World Season One Soundtrack is still available for purchase, and is still ridiculously badass. Definitely a good way to spend some of that Christmas money. Pre-paid credit cards ftw.

Also, I wanted to let you guys know about the Streamys, awards for live-action web shows. If you would like to, we would dig it if you guys nominated Web Zeroes for any category that you think it fits. This will definitely help us get the word out about our show. Click here to nominate for the Streamys!

EDIT: Thanks to you guys who have voted! Remember, if you do cast a vote, cast it for Web Zeroes!