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Welcome, Season 2 of The Leet World

And… we’re back. Hope you enjoyed the awesome premiere page that Nick and Jeff set up.

After a few months of waiting, Season 2 is now here. Episode 1, The Return, kick starts the season, introducing some of the elements that are going to become increasingly important as the story rolls on. This builds into a truly epic round of episodes, and I think any of you interested in our story will enjoy the roller coaster ride that is The Leet World.

Because of how we’re developing the show this time around, we’re hoping Episode 2 will be available in just a couple of short weeks. More Web Zeroes content is on its way next week, as well as more TLW screenshots. Video after the jump!

Remember, if the video hasn’t loaded all the way, it might be a tad jumpy. Just pause and let it finish loading all the way to ensure the smoothest playback experience. Enjoy and please comment.

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