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Intruder Alert

We now present Episode 9 of Season 2, Stranger in the House, for your devouring. Eat and be merry, fools. With this, we approach the final lap, which, as I’ve said before, is more than a tad nuts. Hold on to your butts, Jurassic Park style.

In this episode, Asher continues his mysterious agenda, and the two teams analyze themselves in the light of a new announcement from the Producer. Be sure to check out the TLW premiere page to see a bigger version of the episode. Clear your browser cache if you see the old video.

Or just check out the new episode after the jump!
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Welcome, Season 2 of The Leet World

And… we’re back. Hope you enjoyed the awesome premiere page that Nick and Jeff set up.

After a few months of waiting, Season 2 is now here. Episode 1, The Return, kick starts the season, introducing some of the elements that are going to become increasingly important as the story rolls on. This builds into a truly epic round of episodes, and I think any of you interested in our story will enjoy the roller coaster ride that is The Leet World.

Because of how we’re developing the show this time around, we’re hoping Episode 2 will be available in just a couple of short weeks. More Web Zeroes content is on its way next week, as well as more TLW screenshots. Video after the jump!

Remember, if the video hasn’t loaded all the way, it might be a tad jumpy. Just pause and let it finish loading all the way to ensure the smoothest playback experience. Enjoy and please comment.

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Of Spies and Men

Thanks for the great response to Web Zeroes, Episode 2. Web Zeroes episodes are always a tad more nerve wracking to release because it really is putting a bit more of us out there than our machinima. I mean, obviously. But then again, you get to see Nick’s beard, so I guess it all evens out. Were it not for that beard, perhaps many of you would have been turned off to the show’s charm. Sometimes I want to wear it like a parka.

In other news, we are hard at work on the first few episodes of The Leet World, Season 2. Obviously, I don’t want to spoil any kind of “secritz”, but we’re working on something fun for the first episode’s release. Mark my words, you might get excited enough to punch a puppy when you see what I’m talking about. And not to leave you hanging with that tease, here’s another one. Or three, to be exact:

Have fun with those. Those are like, sneaky James Bond style screenshots.

By the way, downloads for Web Zeroes are coming today at some point, we just got so caught up in working on Season 2 that we literally just forgot. I’m assuming we’ll be forgiven for that. If not, tough enchiladas.

Indecision Men

Now presenting Episode 2 of Web Zeroes: Writer’s Block. We filmed this a few weeks back, and have been waiting to release it because of the teaser for Season 2 of The Leet World. This episode deals with Nate, Ray and Alex as they try to decide the direction of the story for their new show. Unfortunately, idiocy and sheer confusion hamper their progress, as always. And maybe a little Guitar Hero, for good measure.

I have to admit, it’s still funny to see ourselves on camera after a year of doing zany voices for an over-the-top reality show in Counter-Strike: Source, but so far, we’re enjoying the Web Zeroes vibe. The reception so far has been awesome, so feel free to watch and comment away.

As Arnold would say, stick around over the weekend for an update on Season 2 of TLW. Also, make me some chicken noodle soup, for I am overcome with disease and illness from Daniel. Thanks, Daniel. And a real big thanks go out to our bud Alex, who once again did a sweet job helping us out with the sound.

View the episode after the jump!

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Moving On Up

Last night, we filmed the first scene of Season 2 of The Leet World. Pretty wild. Of course, we would have gotten more done, except we were having all kinds of technical issues with the capture card and with the camera computer. But hey, I guess that means it’s business as normal, eh? Wouldn’t be TLW if there wasn’t a bunch of complications. Now that the dust is all cleared out, we should be off to the machinimaking races.

I can’t wait to show you guys some proper screenshots, and you should start getting some of those next week, once we have some things we can really display. For now though, I have brought some teasers…

Looks like somebody’s got a bit of an upgrade…

Have fun with that. Also, I just put up an article at GamerSushi titled “Are we Really Ready for the Next Gen?”. You guys should check it out, and I would appreciate it if you could Digg it, too, for those of you who enjoy it. I’d heart you forever. Or at least for today.