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Heroes of Time

TriforceIt’s quest time, fools. We now present Episode 21 of Web Zeroes, Triforcers. In it, the guys are trying to assemble Amy, Bobby King, and the Hobo, or the three pieces of the Triforce, in order to fulfill their contracts with Revision3.

I’m very proud of this episode, and think it easily ranks among some of our funniest work. Really, the opening teaser is maybe the most accurate portrayal of me, Nick and Daniel’s friendship that’s been on screen yet. Similar conversations happen almost daily. As always, Jace kind of dominated the music stuff, and deserves muchos applausos. That means lots of clapping, for our non-Spanish speaking friends.

Hopefully you guys agree with me, and enjoy all of the Legend of Zelda references. Hit the jump to see the episode, dudes.
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