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Lurking Under Bridges

We come to another Wednesday, which means that it’s time for a new Web Zeroes. I’ll keep this brief because I’m running a fever and feel like that triceratops in Jurassic Park.

Episode 17 of Web Zeroes, The Troll, is now up for you guys to watch. In this episode, we see what happens when the guys start to collect an online community, and the inevitable trolling that will no doubt occur. Also, Nate deals with his feelings for Amy.

Personally, I think this episode really shows off how much we’re starting to settle in to the making of this show, on every side. It was finely penned by our Web master JJ, who did a fantastic job. Mad props again to Jace, who is making me run out of ways to say that the music each episode makes me a happy gringo. Also, happy birthday to Daniel today. He is like eleventy years old. Wish him a good one.

To watch the ep, hit the jump. Or don’t, if you feel like being belligerent.
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