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Attack of the Threes

The Leet World Season 2, Episode Three should be out some time next week. I know some of you are going a little rabid waiting for it, so thanks for being patient. Basically, because of the holidays and such, we lost a few weekends of filming, which is when most of the work goes into production.

However, we’re all good now. Well, I am. Daniel is still his evil self, with his plots and schemes.

Also, Web Zeroes Episode 3 should be out the week following that. This episode really gets into the stuff we’ve been dying to get to, which is just the three geeks doing their thing. It’s even got orcs, friend requests and mana.

In other news we’ve got a sweet new feature over at GamerSushi, 7 Things a Gamer Should Never Admit. Check it out!

And here’s a fun poll for you dudes to sound off about. Remember, if you’re having trouble logging in, just refresh. Tell us your thoughts!

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