Attack of the Threes

The Leet World Season 2, Episode Three should be out some time next week. I know some of you are going a little rabid waiting for it, so thanks for being patient. Basically, because of the holidays and such, we lost a few weekends of filming, which is when most of the work goes into production.

However, we’re all good now. Well, I am. Daniel is still his evil self, with his plots and schemes.

Also, Web Zeroes Episode 3 should be out the week following that. This episode really gets into the stuff we’ve been dying to get to, which is just the three geeks doing their thing. It’s even got orcs, friend requests and mana.

In other news we’ve got a sweet new feature over at GamerSushi, 7 Things a Gamer Should Never Admit. Check it out!

And here’s a fun poll for you dudes to sound off about. Remember, if you’re having trouble logging in, just refresh. Tell us your thoughts!

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53 thoughts on “Attack of the Threes


    Vote-> T’s

    How can the T’s not win!? Player didn’t even know where the safety was on the gun!

    If the ct’s win, something’s up…

  2. InvalidIP

    That pool is kind of “noob” If you asked who will win! If you didn’t ask it was clearly that CT’s win but since you asked I am sure that the T will win! Good Job ALL! The Leet world “za best” ! I’m waiting the 3’rd episode of Web Zeroes and TLW!

  3. Hertzwijn

    The terrorists will lose, because it’s too obvious that the t’s would win, so they will lose.

  4. Cortez

    Lol well one thing is cleary understanding hov terrorists going to win becose in the episodzes they hav becomed to be like a team and cts will go for challange whit out training bat if t will lose than they are the worst team i ever heard πŸ˜€

    P.S.- I bet T win πŸ™‚


    [quote comment=”13134″]The terrorists will lose, because it’s too obvious that the t’s would win, so they will lose.[/quote]

    Lol you can never see what would happen in the futture, unless you have a time machine like mua :D.

    I voted for T’s cause Westy challenged them, and Cortez pissed of him so he could be challenged right away.

    if CT’s win, something’s just not right :/

  6. eric5438248

    Definitely the terrorists, they trained like “burros,” so they deserve to win this round.

  7. Spartan

    I Want The Ct`s To Win But The Terrorist`s Wil Win, So I Wil Vote On the T`s .BUT LET PLAYER KILL *CORTEZ* That Wutt Be AWSOME!!! XD <3

  8. Pwezem

    T’s Will So win!

    Cortez and Montrosse are even MORE Badass-ish than in the first season, and Ahmad isnt so much a noob anymore!..

    Well.. sort of..
    But we shall see…

  9. CommanderFluffy

    I think many people are forgetting what happened on the last episode of the previous season… the scientist scene.

    If CT’s stand any chance of winning in this round… it will probably have something to do with that πŸ˜›

  10. Delta Wing Films

    I think that the CT’s will win due to some amazing, slim chance of luck… and/or Ahmad’s complete “Official N00B” … sorry Player! lol

  11. Delta Wing Films

    By the way… I love how Cortez Amellio Alejandro Jesus Cardinal AKA (The Greatest BadAss WhoEver Lived) AKA (The Tiger Indeed) lol… always uses the term “Burro” to describe other people, and himself and his team. Even though it just means “Donkey” lol sooo.. They trained like “Asses”??? lmao

  12. 5aga-m4n

    I am most inclined to believe that the T’s will win.

    It’s possible for this to be reverse psychology, in that the CT’s would win. But it the T’s (who are at their utmost best) cannot beat the CT’s (who are at their utmost worse), that would shame them for life. They’d have to change their name and grow facial hair (or shave it in other cases).

    The only way I see the CT’s winning is from unknown help from outside, giving CT’s false confidence and the T’s having until match 2 to find the culprit.

    The Producer is pulling all the strings so I trust that he will make the battle as dramatic or surprising as possible (Wolf said he wanted to use Cortez’s anger for ratings). It’s really alot harder of a case to call than I originally thought.

    This essay by 5aga-m4n

  13. Maxxef

    What happened to the “mega bomb explosion wtfboom draw” option? Tell you what, I’ll make my own stats:
    As of 8:20 pm, 8th January (Canada Time) the results are:

    Terrorists: 74% (48 Votes)
    Counter Terrorists: 25% (16 Votes)
    Mega Bomb Explosion WTFBoom Draw: 1% (1 Vote)

  14. jsoobob

    [quote comment=”13157″]As of 8:20 pm, 8th January (Canada Time) [/quote]
    dude there is no “canada time” its not like hammer time. and i hope the t’s win cause they’re great

  15. DPbg94

    I’m with the CT’s all the time but the Terrorists got this one in the bag the T’s have been training.I think everyone saw that in ep.1 when they infiltrated TLW house…The CT’s have gone soft and squishy like the squishy toys and will die like dogs!I think the CT’s could win either by luck or divine intervention or something…BUT(lol)!I could be wrong…

  16. Nafets

    [quote comment=”13134″]The terrorists will lose, because it’s too obvious that the t’s would win, so they will lose.[/quote]

    U think that they might be using reverse physchology but u never know they could make u think the opposite of the obvious and keep it like that…personally i love the ct’s the most and ill always stick behind the so i voted for them

  17. Dunnerski

    I know! CTS will win because producer gives Westy HAXZORZ while he isn’t looking and he roxorz the casboxzorz.. my votes on T though

  18. pit173

    CT’s will win, thanks to Producer’s “help”… Although, this won’t stop Cortez from headshotting and teabagging Westy >:)

  19. Mr. Web

    I don’t think The Producer will do something. May something will (who is Will :P) happen in Deathroom.

  20. Speed112

    I think the terrorists deserve to win, they trained a lot and are now a real team, also I think Westy should be woke up to reality.
    Also i’d love to see Player kill Cortez and Westheimer to fail defusing the bomb, that would be just epic πŸ˜€

  21. Mr Leet

    I think Asher will intervene because he probably thinks the T’s are “Up to something”. Which is why in an earlier screenshot, all of them are in the Death Room… except for Asher. Cortez’s reaction: “Son of Bitch!” πŸ˜€

  22. ThisAintJeff

    The T’s Had better win. they practically deserve it xD. theyre probably gonna go to town on the CTs for not training =p


  23. Fergzboy

    If the T’s dont win, that wud be soo gay…
    Player an Chet have been getng wasted, an loosing their weapons.
    An Westy is now a Publicity WH0R3!
    An Leeroy is just… Leeroy…

    Meanwhile the T’s are TANK AS NOW! LIKE CHUCK NORRIS ON CRACK!!!

  24. Gxkvin

    wow guys i realy can not wait for leetworld ses 2 eps 3 omg and you
    guys are the BEST realy you rock dudes…

  25. Tarik

    obviosly T’s are for da win cus they have trained the entire time while the CT’s have only been lazy but i think that Whesty will do atleast some Resistance cus it sounded like atleast he trained too but the chaces are that the T’s will totally make an epic win cus they are more teamy then CT’s

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