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Blowing Stuff Up

will-smithHappy late Will Smith Weekend to you all. Or as some would like to call it, Independence Day. I know some of you don’t hail from these great states of ours, but I’m a wisher of well all the same. I hope you got to blow some stuff up for freedom.

There hasn’t been an update in awhile because there’s not a whole lot to say. We’ve been eating, sleeping and fondling production for the last couple of weeks. And not just on TLW, but more on that later. Episode 12 marches inexorably towards its fated release day, which should be at some point over the weekend. It’s currently in post production while we film Episode 13. Or rather, part one (of two) of the finale.

As far as a general FYI goes, you might notice that all comments now go to moderation before being posted on the site. We’re trying to raise the level of discourse around here, so play nice, have something worthwhile to say, and your post will go through with no problems. There will be some other changes coming to the site shortly after the season, and we’ll give you a heads up when the time comes.

Workin’ for the Weekend

Everybody’s doing it. Well, specifically, Nick and I are doing it.

Unfortunately, with Daniel gone, part 3 of the Finale is taking longer than it was originally going to, meaning that it’s going to get pushed to next week. With the three-day weekend because of Will Smith Day (some would call it Independence Day), we really want to take advantage of that extra time and make sure that this final video of the Season is the way that it should be. Anytime sooner and it just wouldn’t be up to par.

Believe me, if anyone is disappointed, it’s us, because we were gunning to get all three parts up when we said we would. However, all of that was said before we went down a man, and as Chet would say, shit’s changed. Sorry dudes. But know that the finale will be better for it.

For you fellow Americans, don’t get too crazy tomorrow and blow off any of your fingers.