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The Lost TLW Factoids, Part 3

DetectiveSeveral months back, I released a few articles about some of the lost storylines and little known behind the scenes details concerning our machinima show, The Leet World. In part 1, I went over things such as Player’s original identity and Chet’s father. With part 2, I shed some light on a few unexplored story threads like Darth Westy or Dead Leeroy.

Even though almost a year has gone by since the show’s end, we still receive plenty of inquiries about these features, so I thought I’d bring it back with even more tidbits that you guys never knew.

So let’s get started. Details are after the jump!

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The Poor Burro

He is muy triste. That means sad. He could tell you a story with his tears.

Somehow over the course of recording the dialogue for the Season Finale (we recorded parts 1 and 2 together, then part 3 a couple of weeks later), the mysterious burro became the brunt of many jokes. Were he real, I assure you his tears would fall like so much chubby rain. Or worse yet, sideways rain.

Anywho, as I said in the last update, there were well over 50 audio tracks to sort out, so the outtakes are about twice as long as usual. Hopefully you have as much fun listening to them as we did being goofballs. Right click and select “save as” to download it.

Warning: Definitely some NSFW tomfoolery on here.


Enjoy. The first commentaries should be hitting the site next week.

Knocking at Death’s Door

Smooth Few Films proudly presents: the final installment of Season One of The Leet World. Part 3 of the finale, Death Comes Home.

It’s been a wild ride. Thanks for sticking with us through our first season. We’ve learned a ton over the last year, and we hope to put it to good use in future episodes of The Leet World and beyond.

Also, stick around between seasons. There’s more going on than I even listed in our Announcements. For instance, outtakes are coming next week and a ‘making-of” feature is on its way in the near future. And who knows, maybe a special video or two to bridge the story between seasons… You won’t regret staying around.

Read comments at your own risk- there are bound to be full of spoilers.

The End of All Things

To borrow from Frodo (Smooth Few Films), we’re glad that you will be with us, Samwise Gamgee (you dudes), here at the end of all things (the release of part 3 of the Season Finale), or rather, the end of Season One of The Leet World.

That should be tomorrow, by the way. I can’t promise a particular time, it could be morning, it could be later on. But it won’t be today, so lay off the F5 juice.

The final running time is somewhere around 18 minutes, and it’s an action packed mofo on top of all of that. We will spend most of the evening and into the morning hours toiling away, and then Nick leaves me to fly to California for a (much-needed) vacation.

Happy waiting. If you haven’t yet, check out our Announcements about what’s going to be coming after the season is over. Cool stuff.

EDIT: Good lord, dudes, chill. Yesterday I said it would be out at “some point” TODAY. It could be out tonight for all we know. Don’t expect it until much later in the day (it’s early morning right now). And if you don’t what time of day that is for you, google it.

Announcing: New Things

I’ve been promising some announcements for several weeks now, so I figured it was time to stand and deliver. I’m no Lou Diamond Phillips, but I think I’ll be ok. Also, you may want to read on to see an interesting tidbit about part 3 of the Season Finale.

Here’s the stuff in the works…

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Workin’ for the Weekend

Everybody’s doing it. Well, specifically, Nick and I are doing it.

Unfortunately, with Daniel gone, part 3 of the Finale is taking longer than it was originally going to, meaning that it’s going to get pushed to next week. With the three-day weekend because of Will Smith Day (some would call it Independence Day), we really want to take advantage of that extra time and make sure that this final video of the Season is the way that it should be. Anytime sooner and it just wouldn’t be up to par.

Believe me, if anyone is disappointed, it’s us, because we were gunning to get all three parts up when we said we would. However, all of that was said before we went down a man, and as Chet would say, shit’s changed. Sorry dudes. But know that the finale will be better for it.

For you fellow Americans, don’t get too crazy tomorrow and blow off any of your fingers.

Shady Guests

Smooth Few Films now presents to you awesome people the next edition of The Leet World Season Finale, “Death Comes Home“, Part Two. This installment is the set up for the big conclusion that awaits in the third and final part, coming soon.

Downloadable versions are on their way in the morning. If you missed Part One, you can view it here.


By the way, be careful when reading comments- there are bound to be some spoilers in there.

PAX and Things

Wow, the full line-up for PAX was posted today at Kotaku, and it’s a doozy. It’s cool for us because we’re thinking about going. And if the ECTO-1 is there, I’m all about it. If you’re not aware, PAX is a video game expo put on by the dudes at Penny Arcade, and it’s supposed to rule.

Next week, we’ll be making some fun announcements. Be here.

Oh, and Part Two will be up tomorrow morning. And no, refreshing your browser all night won’t make it come any sooner, you crazy nutters.

After this, all that’s left is Part Three. Wild.


Thanks for the birthday wishes. We’re all growns up, eh?

A couple of updates. First, the Season Finale: Part Two will be up later this week. Missing a team member is slowing down overall production, though Nick and I have achieved some kind of apotheosis of creativity, working at previously unseen levels of efficiency, whirlwinds of pure ass-kickery. Yes, there has been kicking and/or chopping as we work the episode kung-fu.

Much thanks to Mystfit for helping us with some model issues that will make completing the filming of Part Three much simpler. Also, while you’re in the mood for some good machinima, check out Young Street Productions, some new guys that have made what I find to be some pretty funny and clever stuff. Subscribe to both of those dudes. You won’t regret it.

Lastly, I present to you a poll. Voice your thoughts.┬áBy the way, I suppose I need to add that this doesn’t affect the show in any way – the ending is set in stone already. I’m just curious to see what people think is going down.

This poll is now closed.

He Left Us! He Left Us!

But that’s not what I’m going to do. Or Nick, either, for that matter.

Last Friday, in the span of just 24 hours, Daniel, our Director, after effects dude and quality control guy, left his job in order to start freelancing in the film world. Little did he know that by the end of that day, he would have a one-month stint offered to him out in the land of California. A job which began this past Monday.

Daniel had just one day to make this decision, and took the plunge and the job, leaving Nick and I to scale Mount Doom (and finish the season) on our own. Luckily, it’s just a temporary 30 day job, but it happened at our busiest point of the season.

As a result, the two of us have been scrambling around all three parts of the Finale this week, finishing Part One on Monday night, filming for Part Three on Tuesday, editing and faceposing for Part Two last night and the night before. The immediate effect of Daniel’s notable absence was that we were not able to get a new shiny intro in front of the Season Finale for you guys, which Daniel was pretty disappointed about, because he’s been planning it for awhile now.

Needless to say, we’re totally supportive of Daniel’s decision to take this short term job. Let’s get real- man’s gotta live, and this show doesn’t pay the bills. When left with the choice of starving or The Leet World, Daniel made the smart move, trusting that with parts One and Two already filmed, we could complete the task. In 30 days, he’ll be back and helping us with our next projects. I’ve got to say I’m a little bummed he won’t be here to celebrate with us when the season’s over, but I know we’ll live it up when he’s back in town.

I’ll stress again that this is only a one month job, and Daniel should be back in July.

In addition to this news, I bring some screenshots from Parts Two and Three of the Finale. Enjoy!

The Challenge Run for it! Hear that Sound?