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A Party In Super Speed

Over the weekend, we had the super awesome series wrap party for Web Zeroes, where we had drinks and food while hanging out with fans and friends. It was a nice way to close the chapter on what was a long and grueling year for us. The highlight of the evening for me was probably when we all watched the series finale together at the close of the night, and everyone sang along to the WZ theme that ended the episode.

Releasing stuff on the Internet, we get so used to just putting a video up and moving onto the next thing. Viewer reactions are just words on a screen, so it’s just a really nice break to see people face to face who love the show and to hear their laughter while we watch in a big group. Nice to know that there have been some folks enjoying it in that way at their own homes. Or at least, that’s the hope.

Anyway, we’ve put up a time lapse video of the entire series wrap party. Check it out. Many thanks to our buddy Ryan Johnson for putting it together. Music is by Jace, of course, and it gets pretty rocking by the end. He’s the one whose face appears about halfway through, by the way.

And yes, Ahmad and Leeroy are there in the fray. Happy hunting.