91 thoughts on “Army of One, Part 1

  1. Ninja


    Perfect timing! It seems the best of things happen on someone’s birthday (It’s my brother’s birthday today [he turns 13 and thinks Cortez is a muy badass]).

    Anyways, watching the episode now. Thanks guys!

  2. Wolfas

    That’s freaking cool!!! i’m waiting for new series! Deam! i’m mist Ahmad… now when he went to the leet world back! That will be massacre!!! ;DD

  3. Majii

    *spoiler Please dont read b4 watcing*
    How can Ahmad come back, when Chet and Player teleports away? Doesent make any sense, but anyway

  4. LittleShark

    Nice, my first comment here in smoothfefilms website =D
    OMG… Ahmad is back? WTF?! Awesome xD
    You guys are great! Excelent videos guys…

    P.S.- I think the videos are coming shorter… =S

  5. tjhk69

    lolz fin good episode, kick ass,,,,,,, so ahmad comes back??????????????@ the end he says awosem

  6. Ninja

    [quote comment=”16405″]great episode and omg was that who i think it is? :D[/quote]

    No. That was Robert, Chet’s cousin.

  7. Power

    This machinima is beyond my mind, best machinima i ever seen in my life. And this episode is filled with badass. Best part “Awesome” ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. pinatafreak


    Wait, did Asher open up the deathroom or something at the powerplant?
    Ah man, i wish the next one could come out now =(

  9. Enzyme067


    Do we really have to wait 2 more weeks for the next part? Man oh man, I can hardly contain myself…!

    I dont want to spoil anything… WATCH THIS EPISODE!!!

    Smooth Few is the BEST!

  10. Asora4


    That sounded like Ahmad, at the end ๐Ÿ˜€
    And also judging by the pants

    But I dunno, we just have to wait and see

  11. ava_boss

    awesome and Veryveryveryvery cool! And… however who was the guy at the end? I have a few ideas but….

  12. ChetFTW

    I made a new profile just to say ahmad came out of the little box after player and chet which means he was in the death room the whole time and is probably going to kill some cyborgs

  13. Thunder

    oh yes, its him, his back, and i havent been glader since ever, it sounded so nice to have some noobs back, loved episode, need moore

  14. ava_boss

    whoow and if ahmad is back…. You know,…. he’s still on Hax! :)) ๐Ÿ˜€ Cyborgs are DEAD!

  15. 5aga-m4n

    The music was awesome!
    The intensity was awesome!
    The lifeline was awesome!
    Even the “AWESOME” was awesome!

    P.S. Awesome!!!!!!!!

  16. MoltenSlowa

    I hate to say it, but I’m actually sad that Ahmad is still alive.

    Now hear me out, if you’re dead and get saved by some Deus Ex Machina, then what was the point of writing him off as dead in an explosion? The death room I can understand, but the Asher fight isn’t a simulation, so the death room wasn’t on then…was it?

    It concerns me now how much of Ahmad is really alive, or how much of him is back. I honestly wonder if he’ll have a glaring weakness, like a H4X slowdown.

    How much do we have to worry about with the main characters died, if they’ll just come back in the finales? Will Mendoza be back? Will Asher make a return, since he and Ahmad died at the same time? Possibly a “One cannot live while the other survives”?

    Back to my corner of crackpot theories…

  17. Homsar

    Technically, this is a (***SPOILER***)
    I think it’s interesting how the Producer said each person could teach Player something to be the perfect soldier, and that Ahmad, the “loyalty”, apparently died. But he came back… I’m assuming this is the case with Ellis and Montrose, that their loyalty died, but will come back, and they’ll come and fight.

    And Player, most assume he’s completely deadly and dangerous, but his loyalty just might come back on hax, some SUPER loyalty. And Player brought Ahmad, (The loyalty) back by himself. I don’t know what happened with Chet, if friendship dies in the place of loyalty, as in Chet was sacrificed to save Ahmad… Well. That could be the total opposite, Player could be bringing back his loyalty to Noonien.

    I could totally be reading too much into this, but it’s just a thought. By the way, I really like how you made it that Player could go either way. Like when he said something about thinking it’s stupid swearing not to kill someone, and just to let him out, he promises he won’t…

    OR, if he DID say he promised he wouldn’t, and they came back and fought, and Player reprogrammed himself to take orders from Chet, he couldn’t kill the soldiers, or the Producer. But that’s only if he swore he wouldn’t kill anyone and he didn’t. So that was kind of pointless. LMAO.

  18. kane2387

    Great episode!!!
    can you release edited militia?????
    thanks in advance.
    Great stuff again!!!!

  19. trizmo

    Aye man good ep. keepin on workin on it because i cant wait to see ahmad again so hurry please!

  20. Tuoppo

    AHMAAAAAAD! Its like meeting a friend long lost. U guys really know what a good story is made of. SO much going on. I cant just stop shaking of excitement now. This is like mental caffeine overdose.

  21. reflexiz

    OMG!! Best episode ever guys! AWESOME Work!!

    AHMAAAD <3
    I just knew he would come back!
    Ahmad never leaves your heart. And now hes gonna take it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. l3ossman22



    sweet episode can’t wait till the next one, when the rofl bots attack

  23. BLob

    OMG ahmad! hes back sweet! ๐Ÿ˜€

    good show u guys
    good show…

    keep up the good work u guys ๐Ÿ˜€

    i cant wait for next one!

  24. eurofox

    that episode was more badass thena burrow at tres oclock, that is burrow fighting time…

  25. Epitaph

    I fucking pissed my myself when computer said,” You guys are so fucked” lmao
    I know that “awesome” phrase anywhere, Ahmad Returns ftw

  26. iwillbringdomination

    hmmm, wonder if player could have learnt anything from the domination guy, eg. invisibility, or maybe mendoza?

  27. slayergon

    You guys are the best awesome episode and player found his very weird voice

    omg ahmed awesome

  28. PlAY3R

    kewl! ahmad is still alive!

    OMG! i hope the three will be ok and i hope montrose and ellis put there heads together and help three who remained in the house ๐Ÿ˜



  29. jamie

    i noticed at the end that when player and chet went to the place where the producer is (the death room) dose that mean that the episode when ahmad dies whas a challange area?

  30. KirbY

    wow this episode was a boom. Ahmad is still alive!!! jamie do not forget lee roy killed himself, and the challange was not on, but he still went to the death room.

    cant wait for the next episode, and nice work guys, keep it up.


  31. duby

    OH SHIT! Thank god i’m going out of town (no interwebs) for the next 2 weeks, or i’d be pissing myself for the next episode.

    PS- Great way to end the ep. You guys should all try to become TV or movie producers/writers/directors. Keep up the sick work.

  32. Mistron

    If Ahmad is still on hax, then this is gonna be epic, Hax vs Players.
    I would’ve thought that Player would be under the Producer’s control, but hey, mebbe chet is screwed.

    I hope the next one is up in two weeks because I can’t wait for it!

  33. - Anonymous -

    Haha was reading some comments from episode 1. Muffins called it that this show was going far, he couldn’t have been more right.

  34. MeiMeiDofu

    ”At least we have nades, AoE works really well against mobs” xD
    I want the next part now~! D=

  35. J0k3R2020

    i think Ahmad came back because westheimer used his life line and he used it on Ahmad

    This Show is The BEST

    my fav part of this episode was when chet was like no homo then player says “Release Me” lol i love that voice

  36. sisto

    I’ve watched all the episodes in one week! I can’t believe what I’ve been missing out. Can’t wait for the next one.

  37. masterx32

    i think Ahmad was in the death room and then he turned noclip on and flew back from the death room and found player and chet going in =D(HAX SAVED HIM!!!)

  38. playersbro

    Absolutely amazing guys!!! everytime you know just how to build the suspense, and it gives me chills and gets me excited for the next episode. Im gonna b super sad when TLW ends :(, but im anticipating the movie. You guys really know your stuff and continue to make great machinima!!

    p.s. my fav. quote “SLIDE = WEEEEEEEEEE” from Season 1 Ep. 14 pt. 3. player is the greatest lol

  39. Atticus

    Ahmad is super cyborg badass created by the Doctor? To foil the Producers plans? Hmmmmmm.

    Do you think you guys, after this season, could make a “Bundle Pack” for all the iPod ready Episodes?

  40. vinixd

    wooOOtz !!!!

    You guys know how to do films !!
    Have you ever considered making TV Shows?
    I think you all just have the talent of that…
    U guys are really freakin good on doing it…

    and i seriously think u all should enter in Television Shows… for real,

    thnx for the episodes, totally bad ass “!

  41. Ideealer

    It has 2 be ahmad. u could tell by the pants, and his usual “awsome” ๐Ÿ˜›
    When Leeroy used the challenge program he had on his computer for bringing himself 2 the deathroom, mabey the challenge was still on so when ahmad died he๏ปฟ was brought 2 the deathroom just like in the other challenges.


    AHMAD IS BACK YOU IDIOTS ITS HIS PANTS AND HIS VOICE DUH. also an indicator is when cortez says my teamates will return that means ahmad too as well as ellis and montrose.

  43. KirbY

    Ok ok chill people. If the challenge was still on, that would mean that Asher would have gone to the death room too. And when Cortez said my team mates will return, he did not think of Ahmad, only Ellis and Montrose, because he buried Ahmad himself. So stop the dispute, and just enjoy the series.

    And i must say good work making the episodes, and i cant wait for the last one to come out, and even more – the film…


  44. Homsar

    Just remember, guys, the longer it takes to make the next episode, the more uber epic pro it’s gonna be. Keep that in mind.

  45. Homsar

    And Player has all that explosive inside of him, so I’m pretty sure he’s going to explode and sacrifice himself. Or MAYBE, Player is torn between sticking with his friends or going with Noonien, and just kills everyone with his explosives! Hoo, wouldn’t that be a downer!

    By the way, when did Leeroy’s computer get so bitchy?

  46. Homsar

    Feeling stupid for the triple post, but anyone notice how Ahmad’s last word before he died was “Awesome”? And then when he came back… He said “Awesome” too. Just wondering if anyone thought about that.

  47. Homsar

    I guess you’re right, Glebe. It shouldn’t be that weird, I guess. ๐Ÿ˜›

    And Tj, why did his computer get bitchy after they killed Asher?

  48. Kiev Markean Cang

    Hey Homsar i think Tj is tring to say that Leeroy’s computer got bitchy cuz it had a crush on Asher and when Asher died she frustrated at the cast for killing Asher

  49. JJ

    [quote comment=”16857″]Hey Homsar i think Tj is tring to say that Leeroy’s computer got bitchy cuz it had a crush on Asher and when Asher died she frustrated at the cast for killing Asher[/quote]

    Hehe actually, the computer was bitchy before Asher died. She bitches at Ahmad plenty at the start of episode 10. There isn’t really a reason for it other than a bitchy computer is funny.

  50. Homsar

    Hmm. It’s hasn’t exactly occurred to me that some of these questions don’t have the “Oh, now I get it!” answers.

    But wasn’t Ahmad messing with the computer and such? Would he change how the computer speaks, or can you not even do that? xD

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