37 thoughts on “I, Cyborg

  1. elijah11

    Oh my god I can’t wait another 2 weeks GRRR! I wonder if player will come through, I hope so!!!

  2. Familyguy1

    Hahah. I loved it great. Job. OMG. an army of Players…oh crap…

    Love the chip at Youtube..that was good lol

    Cant wait for next one!

  3. Octarine Fruitcake

    Once again, now the episode is over i want more!

    To be honest i was expecting player to be activated by some kind of code;

    “Activate Nooblet-master-kill-king 10101”

    lol, amazing series though. I cant believe its going to end so soon, well atleast i have the 2 parter to look forward to but i do hope ellis and Montrose to come back and help, or everyone else is screwed….

  4. slayergon

    I hope they use player to defeat army then fix hm cause player is the best Awesome Episode great work love the youtube chip keep up the good work.

  5. Mky93

    I was expecting more action in this episode.. x P
    But it is a great ep.

    Good work guys 😉

  6. L33TWORLD

    OMG ARMYYYY OF PLAYERS. LOLZ “HOW u gonna do that bitch?, With the Army outside your Door” LOLZ. I think that player is gonna be fixed an will fight all the other players on his own. Like matrix 3, NEO vs all The smiths. Something like that anyways gj guys next episode will be kick ass.

  7. SuicidalRomeo

    wow… loved the episode… censored through out, then the one swear right at the end had me rolling. Great job. can’t wait to see how this ends

  8. playerfangirl

    OMG AN ARMY OF PLAYERS! YOUTUBE HAS TAKEN OVER! OHNOES! Now where the heck is Ellis going!? Come back Ellis! Don’t take Montrose with you!
    You guys are some kind of brilliant you know that!I mean it genious. I think I screamed when I saw all the Players though…I mean I like Player and all but O_O too many.

  9. JackMorgz

    “Aww, fuck!”

    TLW just gets better & better, I love the plot too. I wonder how this will all turn out, and with the movie and all…

    Good luck dudes – hope this all turns out to be the best machinima in history. And it’s already one of the best so congratulations. 😉

  10. sameertulshyan

    LOL “fidlestiiiiiiiiiiiiiicks!”. reminds me of when chet got blown up in part 3 of season 1 finale

  11. CurtGuven

    Great job guys – 3 more left 🙁

    Still should be an amazing finale! Keep it up SFF!!!

  12. Zalio5

    Dude! That is absolutly crazy! I think Ellis and Montrose will come back and see that.. be like, “What the f*ck?”

  13. Durana

    Well, considering that Leeroy was talking about Player having a world-ending explosive inside of him, I get the feeling Player’s going to override his programming big time to kill the army of Player clones and save the teams. I hope I’m wrong, but foreshadowing that obvious… why would he mention that if it’s not going to be relevant?

  14. sameertulshyan

    I might have missed something, but aren’t the other players only operating at 10% capacity? maybe that means theyre easy to kill.

  15. sskilla8

    I can’t wait to see how they are going to defeat the army of Cyborgs BUT they are new so they are not experianced like player so hopefully they suck

  16. UnKnoWn PlaYeR

    lol. ‘You and what army?’. ‘The army right outside your doorstep’. ROFLCOPTER

  17. BLob

    OMG player fight it!! great work guys u rock 😀

    cant wait tell next time keep up the good work guys!


  18. L33TWORLD

    I was watching the season one episodes again, cause i was showing my brother them and i noticed alot that i missed.
    #1 Cortez ISNT BLIND, in death comes home(P1)at the begining of he talks to Mendoza and i qoute ” Brother there are only 7, what happen to the others”

    #2 Producer has some type of big plan for Westheimer, because he says so at the end of death comes home(P3)

    #3 The Army of Players will be useless. Player cyborgs learn from experience, Thats why in the begining player couldnt shoot for $h*T, then in the episodes Tempest & ThunderHead he gets couple of head shots. The army of Players will be as powerfull as player was in Dust To Dust. They probably will just shoot at the sky like morons

  19. KirbY

    Hmm, i must say the episode rocks, but i’m puzzled, why does the producer – mr. wolf want player so much…
    I mean hes got a whole army of them, how would another one make any diference, it just does not make any sense.

    Come to think of it, maby player is special, not like all of those out side the house at the end of ep 12.
    so is that the reason why mr. wolf wants him so badly,
    idk, we will see in ep 13 I hope.

    So my answer to leetworld-s question-3 – may player be the only one from that army that can ”lurn” and the other cyborgs all ready haw the knowlage, but cant know anything else.

    question-2 – i think the producer wants the ct-s to advertise the drinks that wolf corp makes – like koala cola… watch season 2 ep 1 tlw, youl get the point.

    and yea, Cortez is not totally blind, he sees partially, like a man that is 90 years old and every thing is in some kind of fog.

    And whats happened to Ahmad, is he really dead…

    And i do not know how will the TLW film go without Ahmad,
    because he was a pretty important char in the machinima.
    O yea, and another question, why has Player got so much explosive in side of him, i thought of a reason and got an idea that he will sacrifice him self to destroy all other player cyborgs, but i m not sure about it, just seems crazy and 1 more char out of the film.

    But all in all, just keep up the good work guys, cant wait for the next episode, even if its the end of tlw.


  20. M1RR0R

    Ok, just a couple of things
    for L33TWORLD:
    1)Cortez is blind, but not much of a difference, cuz he has “superherohearinglikeDareDevil”, so he could easily tell the Ochos Muertos is more like Siete Muertos

    2)Ur numb4h 3 wud b fckin h1lari0us, but what if they have PATCHED software? XD

    …I so fckin foresaw the PLAYER.BOT army, I was laughing like 3secs in advance! XD

    Keep up the good work guys!
    Awesome show!

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