The Leet World, 2.14: Army of One, Part 2

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When we last left our heroes, they were facing off against an army of Player bots set out on total destruction. Will they hold their own against the unending horde? Will Chet and Player succeed in their covert mission? And who is the mysterious new visitor? It’s The Leet World series finale!

Assets for this episode include the control room and the Noonien guards.

71 thoughts on “Army of One, Part 2

  1. WoZeK

    WOOT FIRST POST OMGBURGERS!1!eleventyone!!
    Leet world – the best from the best.
    Though it could be more awesome if the episodes would develope fast0r!
    Keep it up 😉

  2. Eddy

    [quote comment=”17038″]WOOT FIRST POST OMGBURGERS!1!eleventyone!!
    Leet world – the best from the best.
    Though it could be more awesome if the episodes would develope fast0r!
    Keep it up ;)[/quote]

    I’m not sure this guy understands what just happened. 🙂

  3. WoZeK

    holy fucking monster, i wanted to be the first one so bad i posted without watching, then i watched, reloaded AND WTF PWNT!

  4. BliTzyyy

    Made my account today but have been watching it since the beginning and its sad to see it end,
    looking forward to other things you guys are working on,
    well done 🙂

  5. Rob1991

    That was epic, thanks so much SFF for making TLW, its been a huge enjoyment watching 🙂 Player ftw, always been my fav because I don’t normally use my mic in-game, just type xD

    Thanks again, I can see the amount of effort that has been put into this.

  6. fattymicfat

    hey, i want to ask, are you guys going to have a 1337 season 2 soundtrack? i see a season 1, so i was hoping for a 2, i really liked the music in there 😀

  7. BlueWolf

    THAT was so fucking AMAZING!
    Best end EVAR
    You guys simply rock!
    Good luck for all following projects!
    NEED MORE <3

  8. Frostbite249

    Oh my god, this episode was freaking awesome, it was well worth the wait guys, well done!

    I mean really I was shivering throughout the entire episode, it was really superb!

    Thanks guys, thanks for this awesome series.

  9. kendo

    Great work guys! Indeed so sad leetworld came to an end, but I was enjoying it from the beginning till the end! Miss you TLW

  10. JackMorgz

    I thought this was one of the best episodes and best endings of any other Machinima or show. I also realised it was uncensored. 😛 You dudes rock. 😉

    Well, although it’s over, I hope you guys make a good livin’ and all – I’ve been with ya since Episode 1 and that old orange website and stuff. :3

    KTHNX, BAI! <3

    Steam ID: JackMorgz

  11. playersbro

    omg guys, absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for the incredible ride, The Leet World is by far my most favorite machinima of all time. when i say this, i speak for everyone, by saying i had to stand up and applaud you guys, even if it was me by myself in dead silence lolz. amazing job guys, Play3r FTW! i wish u guys best of luck on the new project and hopefully you’ll have time for the movie lol.

  12. playersbro

    lol double post here and im also not gonna look at any other machinima the same now that ive watched TLW. im sad that its all over but, i can only look forward and look ahead to what u guys will come out with next

  13. Juggernaut

    This is the sad part of watching a good serie. It ends.

    Really hope you guys do more stuff like this. This was as awesome as it could get.


  14. Slip

    I think this is the first comment I’ve posted, but I’ve been watching since the 8 or 9th episode in the first season; Thank you guys so much for the constant hours of entertainment 🙂 Great episode, I can’t wait to see what your future projects hold.

    Best Machinima Ever.

  15. M4T1A5

    i made this account just to say how great this episode was and i have been watching this from the beginning. now that i watched the last episode i feel so empty, like my life hasn’t got a purpose anymore. now that’s love

  16. Whineytugboat

    sweet i can’t beleive it!!!!
    can someone tell me wats next by coment please? i forgot…
    also, i never knew rooster teeth help?!?!?!?!?!

  17. Flip4Life

    Did anyone realize that chet just said “Leeroy and Lets do this!” in the same sentence? he said “I love you Leeroy, Lets do this!” haha It reminded me instantly of the “Lets do this Leeroyyyy Jennkinss!!”

  18. Beast

    [quote comment=”17038″]WOOT FIRST POST OMGBURGERS!1!eleventyone!!
    Leet world – the best from the best.
    Though it could be more awesome if the episodes would develope fast0r!
    Keep it up ;)[/quote]

    Fail 1st??? It over

  19. redmist18

    liked the ending song 🙂 great episode. but i kinda expected more for the time it took to edit everything, idk i just seemed like a long ass w8ting time and i pissed my pants when it came out today, but it just wasn’t a 10 star production i’d give it a 9.5/10 idk. (sry for being such an jack ass critic :p i’m not really usually like this)

  20. Sodaplayer

    Amazing series. I loved the way it turned out from originally being a comedy. Please note that your work hasn’t gone unappreciated. Thanks so much for creating and spending so much time on this excellent series.

  21. silver_772

    omg i almost wet myself when i pressed play cuz i have been looking forward to this forever!! thanks Smooth Few, im so happy and sad at the same time!!! PLAYER FTW!!!

  22. shisnopi

    …. My mind just imploded from epicness of this finale. Definitely goes down as one of my all time favorite series finales.

    Can’t wait for the future guys 😀

  23. sevenlances

    I know you guys have like 2 million comments but honestly to take something like css and turn it into a show that can make you afraid happy sad and every other damned emotion out there is truly amazing thanks for making this show it has given me something to look forward to = )

    can’t wait till you all start a new project

  24. SAMMY

    really legendary stuff. its unbeleivable to experience firsthand the kind of effort you guys have put in for us, its just astounding. beautiful episode, and have a great, well-deserved rest (unless the secret deal has already got production going)

  25. playernchetftw

    loved it, made this account just now to comment. I was all shaky while watching it with excitement =\ you guys r teh best and i <3 j00 guys.

    one of the most epic things i have ever seen, although it has come to an end i am still very happy.

    <3 Player n Chet dey r da best KTHXBAI.

  26. Fan

    Awesome machinima. Awesome episode. Awesome end. Just too bad its all over. Been with TLW for a long time, sad to see it come to an end. What a trip its been. Well, but life goes on for you guys, and I wish you all the best (but secretly hope to see more TLW someday ^^).

  27. Lemon

    Leet World has been a legacy to all CSS Machinima, and SFW, YOU GUYS OWN.

    No offense guys, but for some reason i feel that player should have died because the “new” player doesn’t really seem to be “real” i mean like he doesn’t really know he sacrificed himself 😛


  28. lolzcatwoman

    OMG! OMG!! OMG!!! Everyone AWESOME! Best ending evr! Blown-up proudcer! AWESOME! Feel bad about Players dad, they were just getting to know each other:’-( But no regrets; “Best ending ever!”. Best series ever!
    Best of LOLS!

  29. ratedx13

    the best ever LOL haha i LOVE PLAYER WOOHOO go player

    last part got me player was like KILL KILL KILL LMAO….

  30. Suparlulz

    LEET WORLD!!! Fucking mad Shit hope u guys make more shit like this!!

  31. JabaPR

    Sad that it’s over, but nonetheless… very good job, for my taste, it is by far the best machinima series i have watched.

  32. Reikobi

    I’ve been watching your show since the mid-production of Season 1, and I figured I should write at least one little thank you note for creating this awesome series. This machinima series has more wit, humor, and story than any I’ve ever seen by a longshot. It gives Red vs. Blue some spanks.

    Thank you. 🙂

  33. Vergilz

    Juz 1 word… OMGWTFBBQ!!

    That was the most execellent last episode of TLW!!
    Thx Smooth Few Films for making a beautiful machinima with the use of CS:S.

    So happy that in the end every1 was back alive n well again… Every1 in TLW house was my favourite character!

    Great Story u guys have made though at first u guys juz wanted to do a few episodes of it for fun, but in the end, it turned out to be 2 full seasons of Awsomeness!!

    Hope u guys would still be doing the movie though… If u are not… well thats ok as i can juz watch TLW again without getting bored!

    Well again guys… Thx for an execellent machinima that u guys have done. Appreciate the hardwork u guys did alot.. though there were some up n downs… Ur Fans Support u all the way!!


    KTHX BAI!!

  34. spirit11715


    that made me lmao

    i h8 to see TLW end = [

    anyway Good Job guys!!

    TLW = best web series!!

  35. leetmaster22

    sup bitches!
    just fantastic
    more headshots
    much more headshots!!!!!!
    it was an awesome ending!!!!
    leet world will live forever
    kthnx bai

  36. Redisia

    Guys,I am realy sad to see you go. I realy enjoyed your theleetworld show and with no current announcements i have nothing i can see from you guys. I realy HOPE and PRAY you bring the l33t world back for another twist in the story.I have some plot lines:

    [Deleted by Eddy: a bunch of ideas for future TLW stories]

    if you need more idea’s just ask!?!

  37. Eddy

    @Redisia- I have no idea how to say this any more clearly- there will not be another Season of The Leet World. Also, please keep ideas about our shows to yourself, people. We don’t read them and we don’t want people thinking we stole something because something we did is similar to what they suggested.

  38. H-Bomb

    I’ve been following this series since about 2/3 of the way through the first season. Towards the end I was checking twice a day for a new episode. Sad to see it go but at the same time… thanks for making my pants so happy, 45 minutes at a time.

    I have one request, and I know you lot hate requests, but I find myself watching this episode 2 or more times per day just for the music (and to see Player say “I LEARNED, FATHER”). Is there any chance of a soundtrack or simply downloads in the future?

    1. Eddy

      Haha, we don’t have a problem with requests- it’s just that everybody just wants us to give them free stuff at the drop of a hat 😉

      We do have some tentative plans for a Season 2 soundtrack at some point. Not sure when, but hopefully sometime in the near future. We’ve got lots of other more pressing things we’re trying to get done at the moment.

  39. Revenge_

    As a fan that has watched the show from episode 1.. I would like to say that you did an amazing job. It actually made me somewhat sad to see the series end.

    Great job guys. Truly an incredible ending.

  40. DuMbAsS

    thank u smoothfilms for making thousands of people laugh for 2 years
    im dying to donate or help in any posible way
    but u made it clear, u dont need it and i respect that so dont look for massages from me
    thank u again for making the show 4 2 years and not charging for that, good luck in the new show
    we realy love u guys (no homo)

  41. Neoventilator22

    O>M>G that was completely epic for an ending and yes it is sad to see TLW end i wish it wouldnt and i also know what you mean by the testicular area when ya hurt it: painful isnt it? also i have to ask are you still going to make the movie??? and if you are i wonder what will happen? a face off between cortez and westeimer??????

  42. ilovewatching

    lol i am just a member at the and of tlw kinda sad coz i watched it when thesecond episode began,good job and good and “ilearned father” 🙂 u guys should make a movie of it in the cinemas =)xD really its good

  43. ilovewatching

    but still the all end kthxbai i was like… what an fail end instead of doing all t’s and ct’s thogether and say we will miss you or somthing whatever xD but the end was abit fail but thath doesnt matter u guys r awesome =)<3 (NO HOMO)

  44. iDeagle

    Well, shame to see the series come to an end. Such a great series.

    Atleast we all see a memorable thing in the end. Players internet references.

    Good work guys. =D

  45. Muchacho

    Well, when I first watched epsiode one of the Leet World there was no way to describe how i felt. I waited everyday for the next episode, sometimes waking up at the middle of the night to check if Leet World was updated (and a light snack :P). Ever since Leet World finished I have been pretty sad, I think Leet world needs waay more recognition… According to a podcast the idea came from “over the counter strike”, I also saw the series, but it is no where near as funny as leet world. I have downloaded both seasons onto my ipod and have watched it 5-6 times ^_^. Ok I admit, I have issues.

  46. slayergon

    amazing episode you guys your gods of machinima and leet world will live in everones memory forever as the best machinima EVER!!!!!!

  47. FlashDeck

    so this is the final episode… i seems to be sad a little but i am really happy because i finished a movie that is really interesting to watch 🙂 and i watched this seems last year and finished this now 2009 🙂 BEST CSS MOVIE EVER

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