120 thoughts on “Tempest

  1. madvillager


    This is why Leet World is one of, if not the, best machinima series out today. This takes the show in a totally new direction. Music was spot on. Tension was kept effectively through the whole episode.

    I’m in awe of Smooth Few Films and their storytelling.


    WHAT JUST HAPPENED? Wtf is the box? The producer, not even there? Would Westy seriously do that? Why?

    So many questions…all I can say for sure is that I never suspected the Producer being, well, dead.

  2. Teh_meaty

    Wow…WOW. I’m speechless. The ending…what a SHOCKER. I swear, you guys deserve an award for possibly creating the best produced Machinima in the WORLD. You guys deserve big props!

  3. GLaDOS

    WOW AWESOME! I am also left speechless. I’ve been checking for Episode 7 alot and it is finally here

  4. Schoolboy

    Player killed 2 guys with 2 usp shots lol
    I think Player is a robot xD when the scientist at the end said it’s time to know,, he also has no mic so u never know xD


    Wow… wow. and, did I mention wow?
    That might have been the epicest Episode and Soundtrack ever! The producer being dead was very shocking.

    Nice finnish with the leet world theme.(continuous to the original theme?)

  6. PrO-bOy

    Best B-day present ever!!! thanks, you guys! it was legen- wait for ir… -dary. πŸ™‚

  7. Bloody Buddy

    Ok… I’m really startin to HATE! those cliffhangers… THEY MAKE ME NUTS!

    But hey. A show without cliffhangers wouldn’t be a show now, would it?

    Anyway, another great episode. Keep it up! πŸ™‚

    P.S. I agree with Midg3y xD

  8. FlyinCaveman

    Wow… Just fantastic. The mood was perfect throughtout the entire episode and the cliffhanger is tearing me up!

    Not to mention, Damn Dangerous and his superultrafuckingawesome music/score.
    Almost had a Muse feel to it during the Cortez/Westy standoff, perfect.

  9. Cortez

    Wery nice episode very epic.
    Now we all know what Mendoza almost told Cortez – Producer is Dead… Well wery intresting video. And the plan of the leet world show very nice good work.

  10. Azenin

    Ha-ha, “They grow up so fast.” was hilarious. Can’t wait till the next episode, which might be a while.

  11. Danny-Boy

    somthing doesnt add up here
    i remember episode 11 (i think) of season 1 were in the end, we see the producer in a dark office talking whit mendoza over a phone, how can he have been death there…, and if the box is for player, we can link epsiode 14 part 3 in the end, player might be one of those atomitons (artificial human), and if the producer is dead, who does asher work for then…

  12. Tuoppo

    You guys earned your holiday. This was sweetest episode of leet world EVER! And what was the program used to make “the cube with projector”?

  13. luciusmix12

    OMG! Really guys, this is the best episode of TLW so far… Everything was amazing! the music was totally awesome! And the BOX!!! OMG THE BOX!! how did u guys made that up?? srsly, you are a great team guys! keep working like that!

  14. 5aga-m4n

    Maybe the Producer and Scientist are decepticonz like hosties. Player seems to really act strange around them, almost too protective like there’s a secret yet unrealized bond between them… 0o0o0o0o0o0oo0ooo0oo00o

    Also, Leeroy aint going anywhere… sure maybe he’ll be on the side lines for a while or then he could be like Rebel, and make a kick-ass surprise return.

  15. Tigerking

    I agree, this is probably the best Leet World episode to date. It was already going great, and then the shocker at the end… Epic!!

  16. Mandos

    HIII!!! I am a great fan of Leet World and i am watching it from the begining, but i never registered until now! But this episode is…. WWWOOOWWW !!!!! I mean, Westheimer was mad and worked with Asher to get the BOX. The god guys are now the terrorists, Leeroy has been kicked out the show and Player is a robot(this explains many, and how Player and Asher get along so god)! Something is spooky with the Producer beeing a robot, that makes him brother with Player and Asher? But don`t wory Leet World, Leeroy will be back! P.S.: Cortez is a bad ass as usual!

  17. aharan

    OMG, This really did change everything.
    THE PRODUCER WAS DEAD FOR 5 MONTHS? WTF, HOW IS HE ON THE SHOW, i didnt pay attention to last season, but what is this neunion thing? Why are those scientists dead? OMG CANT WAIT FOR EPISODE 8

  18. Stefanus Lie

    Again, spechless….

    Somehow, i knew that asher’s going to replace leeroy someday.
    Damn, I kinda hate westie now, he even let asher interfere the challenge! What a loser!

    Questions still need to be answered though
    What makes player suddenly a better shooter than montrose?!
    If the producer’s dead 5 years ago, who is the one in charge of TLW? Something bigger than The Ocho Muertos must be behind it…
    Since westie used up his second lifeline, is he goin to fulfil the producer’s demand?
    The last thing is… What become of the challenge? Does the CT’s win? I’t was only 2 rounds. Or there will be another second challenge?

    (I let my notebook buffering all night, my internet is really slow. But the hell!! Anything for TLW!!!!)

  19. kendo

    Omg guys this episode is extremely amazing of the whole amazingest it can be! It all went thru my bones. I was so surprised :O. I really can’t wait for next episode.

  20. Hannibal14

    Things are getting really interesting. This is getting so epic! Leet World FTW 4 3v3r~!

  21. Dreamerakarapstarr

    ok so i watched this episode with my nephew cause we always watch leet world together…and lemme tell u…we wwere trippen out when that box opended! shit was dope…keep up the good work!

  22. pl4y3r_rul3z

    whoa…that was an awesome episode. and what a plot twist!! can’t wait for the next one, guys.

  23. BlackShiraya



    seriously though, WT-SHIZZLE, that was possibly the hugest plot twist of the century.
    Producer was dead 5 years ago, i just cant imagine it. Probably uploaded his brain into the super computer next to it. which the scientist created by probably the producer using technology???…. Player is possibly a prototype robot????? Asher is the MASTERMIND BEHIND IT ALL????? i just seriously have an intuition that Asher is not your avg. ct. hes the man behind it all and is controlling the producer’s brain/computer and making this show happen for the sole purpose of possibly the edification of all terrorist groups by baiting them on a show. Leeroy strikes back and becomes the hero, hacking the system of the producer and saving everyone from ashers diabolical plan possibly.

    Ya i might be over my head with this assumptions or wild guesses but i wouldnt be surprised if it happens.

  24. DCGats

    Holy crap. That was definitely the most amazing thing i have ever seen. I think you guys have produced the best, most epic “Maschinema” show on the internet. Congrats.

    Oh and, Eddy, do you think you could post a link to the night/rain version of The Leet World house? Did you use 2 different maps for when the lights went out?

  25. Atwal

    wow i thought the test subject at the end of the season one finale was westy but i guess it was player … :S

  26. Cortez999

    =0 =0
    This was the best episode of ”TWL” I had ever seen.\
    I can’t wait the next episode!;D


    wow amazing episode… been fan since season one

    also i like all the references in the episode
    “thunder…. flash” -Saving Private Ryan
    “Alright… Let’s do this” -Leeroy Jenkins haha

    thats all i remember but yea player owns, shame leeroy but keep up the good work and cant wait until episode 8 xD

  28. S.T.R.E.L.O.K.

    Dudes. This was a shocking episode. And the greatest episode ever made. The other dudes here summed the conpiracy theories up already, so I won’t add a new one^^
    But who could be the head of this conpiracy? The government? The Rothschilds? Bilderberger conference or even Aliens? xD

  29. Vergilz

    An episode that is beyond words!!

    OMG… Finally every single piece of a jigsaw set is beginning to be put back on a jigsaw puzzle that has been left for months uncompleted….

    Oh well… Play3r leetnees with the silenced USP was so WOW… 2 head shots… Leeroy will be back! n im very sure of it! =)… no leeroy… no nerd do the smart stuffs… lol

    Very surprised to know that the Producer is dead… Then i wonder how will the show of The Leet World be moving on? hmmm…. Maybe Asher will take over? he seemed to be very applicable for the job…

    So many questions… and answers that are being revealed so ever slowly…

    I’ll will look forward to u guys next episode of the Epic Leet World… Support U Guys! SMOOTH FEW FILMS!

  30. kendo

    Guys when is coming out next episode approximetely? Or it’s a secret. I hope it will be out on the next week. W00T!

  31. Darreck

    Wow, you all have seen or played way too many WWII Themed movies or games

    Either way, when Leeroy left and Asher took over I got a sudden chill down my spine, even more so when the good Doctor talked to Player, and even more so when Leeroy told his big discovery. This really will change Leet World forever. I hope Leeroy eventually comes back, he was the only character I could relate with the most.

    On the flip side, I am having a fear that you all (fat chance it will happen though) will run out of plot line way too soon, and if so, what will be in store for a Season 3 (if you all have one) in about (does the math in his head) 5 months.

    I love Leet World and it is my most fav machinima, and the only one that bypasses my rule of anx, because most of machinimas I don’t see much point in: why wait 3 weeks for just 10 minutes, but this one really shows why, the polish you all give it is incredible. I tried machinima, and using one game is hard enough, but two!

    @Vergil: Leeroy said the producer has been dead for awhile now, so someone else is pulling the strings, and if so, who?

    @kendo: What world do you live in where shows this awesome with few people working on it can be done in 1 week, or even less. I wanna come live there.

  32. hl2lover14

    [quote comment=”14476″]Guys when is coming out next episode approximetely? Or it’s a secret. I hope it will be out on the next week. W00T![/quote]

    It says in credits at end of April.

  33. bro-talk

    u never stop to leave me wanting more of this show i love this show just as good as Red vs Blue

  34. Hollow

    I’m thinking that the producer made cortez get ahold of the box and make a challange for it so that it seemed that he didn’t want them to have it but secretly this was his plan al along. also the information that leeroy got was also a lie and a lie that will serve for the producer somehow.

  35. Darreck

    One thing that confuses me about The Producer’s death though, and I can understand him still leading Leet World (he may just be a computer program or it could be just a bot that says lines based on response), is that in Season 1, Ep 11 at the tale end when he is talking with another voice about the removal of Ahmad for hacking, he is standing at a desk all fine and dandy. Will that ever be explained in the near future?

  36. BlackShiraya

    Heres my explanation of why he was on the table. First of all, you must understand that the producer has been dead for over 5 years. He at the end of the episode was in a tube chamber. This leads to a quite simplistic and most logical conclusion. He, although dead, is still alive. You might be thinking, “WTF? You dont make sense”, but i do. He is dead physically, but his mind/brain is not. Its been uploaded into the computer next to him and is the reason why he only appears in holograms. He manifests himself though the use of technology placed all around the TLW house and the battle maps.

  37. Darreck

    You make perfect sense, like I said, he may just be a computer program with some common sense and intellect, thus the reason why he doesn’t show much emotion, or he is just a simple bot (like the Hostages) that is programmed to emit responses to certain questions and such. I like the former better thou, makes it much more… chilling.
    Actually, this whole episode is chilling, and the music only helps to compliment.
    However, you may be right in that his brain still functions, and that computer beside him is a link to it. The question is then, who is Asher, because part of me seriously doubts he is human, and when season 2 began I thought he was the thing the Doctor was talking about at the end of Season 1, ep 14. Either way, I doubt this is the end of Leeroy, I think he will still communicate with Ahmad through web-cam or something like that.

  38. No0bery

    I’m going to praise you, PLAYER style…


    Ok, well I think this episode was great, you guys deserve so much credit for this machinima.


    Man the producer was dead? Five years? Some mumbo jumbo alien is taking over the place for sure :O

    Great job you guys!

  39. Unpossible

    I see a lot of people asking a lot of questions about what just happened during this superawesomeextravaganza of sweetness that was just placed at out feet. While I’m no expert, I think I can help clear some things up.

    First of all, great job SFF, I hope you get lifetime supply of cookies for your efforts on this show.

    Now, It is my belief that the Producer probably put his mind into a automoton, I’m sure we’ve all seen this done in Sci-Fi shows. I’d bet his main goal was to live forever, makes sense right? Seems like everyone is an automoton though: Producer, Scientist, most likely Player, and probably Asher as well.

    After Asher took the box from Cortez, he deemed the challenge void, so yes, there should be another second challenge.

    And finally, Westy didn’t really use his lifeline, so much as it was taken from him, so I doubt he’ll have to do the Producer a favor.

  40. Lights


    It’s Asher!!
    Either that, or it’s all a set up.
    Remember at while Leroy was getting kicked off the producer said the box “Served it’s purpose beautifully”.
    Either way, I’m excited for the rest of the season πŸ˜€

  41. sonic55514

    so thats why player saw the door at the end of the death room



  42. Stefanus Lie

    Hmmm… I don’t think it is as simple as upload the producer’s consiousness into the computer like other sci-fi movies. This is the SFF that we’re talking abouot. They’ve got a lot of surprises for us.

    Maybe the answer is as simple as the producer has a twin, lol. The producer’s twin kill the noonians scientists and take over the leet world. Mebbe…

  43. Unpossible

    Ooooh I like that too, killed his own brother. Maybe he made an automoton of that one scientist. Very interesting, you know a series is good when you have everyone speculating what might happen.

  44. Stefanus Lie

    Hahaha, yea.
    You see, TLW characters don’t have a normal family.
    Cortez = Mendoza betrayed him
    Westie = His mother’s a s**t
    Ellis = Cousins marry each other
    For Ahmad’s, Montrose’s, Chet’s and Leeeroy’s, can be read at their profile.
    So, it is possible that the producer has an abnormal family, lol

  45. sonic55514

    or mabey it some expermint to see what would happen if some dead guy ran a tv show about killing poeple for fame and money…

    or i could be wrong as i will soon get slamed by you si-fi poeple talking about it.

    also if you think of this it is posable that he may have been cloned if you rember the inviablity the domination man had. also as i said if player is a robot it explanins why he saw the door at the end of the death room in the season 1 fanaly.

  46. Contributor

    This episode was rushed no doubt in the cliff hanging, demanding suspense of unanswered questions. This makes more puzzles then it solves thus extending the expectation of the length leet world will go on, i am happy with the music btw.

  47. Fophug123

    i have the first leet world soundtrack on my phone as a ringtone;D but this new soundtrack at the ending was much better indeed;D please send me a link or download on mail or something if you’ve got it’s mp3^^

    Very nice episode by the way:)

  48. Atticus

    Guys I have to say this is still my favorite thing on the internet right now. You guys are doing a TERRIFIC JOB and The Leet World is amazing!!


    And I’m with Fophug123, I want the soundtrack in mp3. My phone needs it.

  49. Eddy

    [quote comment=”14557″]is that the last episode of this season ?[/quote]

    Guess you haven’t been reading the site. It’s the halfway mark of the season.

  50. GamingGawd64

    Well this is my guess:

    I dont know what is up with Player but its something extra ordinary. Remember he can hear very weird things in the death room. And he heard the AIAIAI from the killed “insert mendozas squad name here(forgot lol)” dude. Maybe the weird sounds he hears are maybe the dead producers. The other dudes couldnt hear those sounds. Player also could see that door.

    If you ask me there is something up with Player and the death room.

  51. KBrunoF

    Player ROX!!11!! he always did

    the “Lost” style…it works but it’s so bad because we realllly need to see the next one xD

    Thanks guys and keep the good work

  52. Triple AD

    Hi heres what I think

    A while back one of the professors said the test subject was doing fine… The scientist that said that was the guy ‘in’ the box… see the link? Also why would player not have a mic very perculier indeed :P… And obviously the dead producer is being mimiced so maybe nooniun(i think thats how its spelt also the corp that made the hax)will use the ‘producer’ to have thier way… why else would they make adds in the leet world…? To make money of course

    *takes off thinking cap*

    I think Asher should become “one of the boys” that’ll be very LOLCATS

    Player FTW

    P.S. Maybe Cortez can do all these things because maybe he is faking it… or maybe not dunno
    P.S.S. Player FTW

  53. kanimaru

    this episode gave me chills
    cant wait for the next one


  54. Soden96

    I registered just to comment on this. I felt the bottom of my stomach drop out at the end. You people are awesome. There needs to be an award for Machinima, I swear to God!

  55. PlAY3R

    awwww….leeroy had to go :,(

    i bet westheimer felt bad about leeroy leaving

    and still i can’t wait for the next episode


    keep up the good work :))

  56. dronex10

    guys remember the last ep of last season there was a cyborg? and the scientist guy was talking? that same sci is in that box and player is a cyborg thats why he has no mic,and why only HE saw that door at end of last season,sorry if this spoiled some things,but player still rocks.

  57. Pie Mastr

    Im a bit confused the producer has been dead for 5 years yet he talks to them like they are infront of him The leet world is better than ever but f*cked up xD also player has owned 2 people with 2 headshots and 2 bullets and leeroy has left,This episode single handedly changed the leet world in many ways.

  58. Thunder

    man i hope next episode comes soon, i cant wait, this episode was awesome, just little anoying that leeroy had to left, but i hope next episode will be great

  59. adrianhansen95

    i dont get it… the producer has been dead for 5 years? but this show has only been in.. 1,5 years? so how on earth do he talk to them on the show!?
    anyway cant wait for next episode!

  60. Stefanus Lie

    Lol, the Ts are training like a badass and kidnaping Adam Sizzler during the summer and torturing him with the ‘nipple shocking’ thingy…

  61. Hotpockets

    Ok This is what i think happened

    So The producer is dead correct so maybe asher killed him and created the box and he knew leeroy’s curriosity would get him kicked so he could join the team and kill everyone. Also Asher (not so much) and Player could possibly be prototype bots AkA cepticonz because the scientist said “it’s been a while since we last saw each other and the producer might have put his brain into like some super computer that has some sort of link to the computer Leeroy built. Then Leeroy might join up with Chet’s old swat team. (just think why would they mention them? Possibly for this swist they have been waiting to make)

  62. Stefanus Lie

    LOL, don’t think too much, hotpockets.
    When they (SFF) mention the Swat Bra, it doesn’t that they will appear in the season. This is SFF, the place where anything could happen. I think the swat bras are just the introductory of Asher’s appearance in the show.

  63. WishingForMidnight

    I think they gave away a very big hint about Player when the scientist gave him his name.

    For those who are Star Trek fans, you might remember that Lt. Commander Data, the Android from The Next Generation, was created by Dr. Noonian Soong. Having a Dr. Soong that works for Noonian was not a very subtle reference, and possibly a big hint about what is going on.

    Great episode guys, keep up the good work.

  64. Unpossible

    Remember the first episode of the season? the Producer said his vacation was “to die for” and Player called him the “Master Zombeh!!” last episode. Zombie = dead (for the most part)

    Ahhh sweet sweet foreshadowing…

  65. Unpossible

    [quote comment=”14651″]LOL, don’t think too much, hotpockets.
    When they (SFF) mention the Swat Bra, it doesn’t that they will appear in the season. This is SFF, the place where anything could happen. I think the swat bras are just the introductory of Asher’s appearance in the show.[/quote]
    Yeah maybe, but they were introduced first by the Producer to Westheimer weren’t they? I think they’ll play an integral part in the ransack of Noonian at the end of the season

  66. Stefanus Lie

    Here’s what I think. At the end, Ts and CTs need some enemies, and that is where the Asher’s squad comes in. The SWAT bras that I mentioned was the Chet’s friends, not Asher’s squad. They are different, aren’t they?

  67. Unpossible

    I was talking about Chet’s friends too. Asher just guest starred on their show. I don’t think Asher has his own squad.

  68. Stefanus Lie

    He MUST have a squad or something. At least a squad of soldiers. In the worst case, a squad of automotons. IF the SWAT bras in the show are chet’s friends, it would be unlikely for them to appear in the end of the season, because they have been browned by the Ts at Episode 1 (Remember at Episode 4, Chet said that the SWAT bras are in the hospital? I think the Ts are the cause of them being in hospital). If they are Asher’s squad, they will appear in the end of the season as the enemies like the muertos.

    Wait, is this the right page to discuss this matter?

  69. Unpossible

    Yes the T’s put them in the hospital, but they could make a miraculous return! Maybe the Comrades will return too! We’re certainly building this season ending up, maybe we should wait until we’re more than half way through to do that. =P

  70. Stefanus Lie

    Yea, sure bra. Mebbe we shouldn’t write our theories here anymore, bcoz SFF may run out of plot bcoz of us. LOL

  71. Anonymous

    o.m.g…where do i start?

    – How has the producer been dead for 5 years? Then how is he talking ot the contestants live. Is he a robot prototype like the hosties? Was he the experiment at the end of season 1?

    – WtF is that scientist doing in the box? is that the real box or just a scam that the producer or asher made to mess with players’ mind?

    – Is player the experiment from the scientist/ season 1? He did have those headshots and that hostie issue, is that why he can’t talk? Because of the experiment gone wrong?

    – Where is leeroy and what has heppened within those three weeks? How/why did all those scientists die? Is anyone going to die?

    But my main question/assumption…

    – Is….Sgt. Asher…..The fake producer?

    One thing I know, nothing in TLW will ever be the same…

  72. marTy

    Mandoza will be back remember Episode 1.9 Death Comes Home ?
    At end sientist was making a clone to cloned him but maybe he will clone producer maybe Producer is mask of something bigger than we think =]


    NOOOOOOOO,Cliffhanger,dang it,i want moar of the leet world!!!And woo,what a surprise,everyone’s dead,so who’s behind all this?Asher,or maybe the weird sound in the death room,maybe that’s the thing that’s behind all this. . .

  74. Alidi

    Long time watcher, only registered after watching this masterpiece.

    Oh man, this episode rocked so hard. I have a theory: Maybe at the end of season 1 the scientist was talking about Player, and Asher might be the next version of the automaton the scientists were working on. And maybe Player is being “patched”. The Producer being dead… well I really have no idea how that can work, but I’m sure when we get an explanation it will be very, very badass.

    Best-estest thing on the net! Keep up the great work SFF! PLAYER RCKOS!!!!11!!

  75. Eddy

    [quote comment=”14842″]Where is the next episode?!

    Cmon, I`ve waited for a month..[/quote]

    That’s because we’ve taken a break. Read the front page sometime, we’ve been talking about it for weeks.

  76. playerborg96


    I knew player couldnt resist ahhhh good old player

  77. Grim

    Eddy, and the team i admire your guys editting skills, producing skills. Everything, i hope to see more and more of this. This is kinda strange, because im a camera man for the company i work with a local cameraman, theres like 6 of us. And the guy above me, well the switcher. His name is Eddy heheh. Just thought that was kinda neat. Anyways great job!


  78. ghassan

    “u need to grow some balls, WHT?!!!,,,am sure cortez has a few u can borrow,,,,i belive that was an offical burn,,,They grow up so fast(crying sound) LMFO that was so funny xD i watched it so meny times LMAO AM STILL LAUGHING the end was amazing n god damn i want the new Ep

  79. CheersMyFriends

    nice nice very nice

    canΒ΄t wait 4 the next episode i hope it comes soon
    Player Rulez ^_~

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