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The Long Goodbye

goodbyeMan. Took us long enough, huh?

The Leet World Series Finale, Army of One Part 2, is now available for your viewing pleasure.

I have to admit, it’s a little bittersweet to be presenting this one to you guys. While we’re sad to see the show go, making a series of any kind is like slamming your testicular area in a car door, so we’re happy that it’s past us. It takes lots of grueling labor and a bit of a masochistic streak to make a show like this. Like that dude in the Da Vinci Code who keeps whipping himself. Ah, self flatulation… wait, I think I got those words mixed up.

Anyway, there’s lots of stories we could tell you about these last two months and what all went into getting this episode up for you guys, and also what kept us from finishing it when we wanted to. Be sure to send lots of love to Jace, Nick and Daniel who kind of took one for the team in the last 24 hours to make this release date possible.

So, check out the episode on the TLW premiere page, or just hit the jump for the normal version.
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A Special Message

There’s quite a bit of you guys out there floating in the nebulous ether of the internet. You know who you are: The Leet World fans. Some of you are on this site, some of you are out on YouTube and some of you get updates from other websites. While we love the long, sweeping arms of “da web”, ultimately, we’d like to see all of our fan community located in one place. That’s why we try to offer things like podcasts, screenshots, forums, trailers, and extras to make sure you guys come here first for information regarding future episodes and projects.

While more and more people are coming from these other places, we’d still like to see our website become more of a central hub for the people that like our videos. So often on YouTube we get messages like “When’s the next episode” or other questions that are answered right here on this site. This little message is up for our YouTube subscribers, encouraging them to come here for information regarding episodes and the like. I thought we’d show you guys, too.

If you are here for the first time, these links might be helpful:

Episode 11 Trailer

Ahmad’s GetSomeHax Commercial

Episode 9 & 10 Outtakes

The Leet World Podcast, Episode 3

Down the Tracks

A close look at the first screenshots from Episode Eleven will more than likely reveal the location of the next challenge. Thought you guys might like the answer to that particular question. We’ve been excited about this episode for awhile, and we really think you guys will have fun with it. From our website statistics, it’s apparent that Episodes 4 and 8 are the most viewed, and we’re guessing it’s because of all the shooting and explosions. Rest assured, you will have plenty of those in our next installment.

Screenshots are below.

T3h leakz Tattling Spawn schemes

Video game news from the webz: LitFuse Films releases their new short, Valve shows off Left 4 Dead, the April Fools “Lego Halo” game, Team Fortress 2 is updated, and the coolest website ever- a list of the top 100 NES games– click on one and you can play it in your browser!

Portal: A Day in the Life of a Turret

If a turret bitches about its job and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound? You bet it does. “A Day in the Life of a Turret” catches two turrets on the job during a typical day at the Aperture Science Enrichment Center, and the monotony that lies within. Enjoy!

Here are some download links:


(Please use the mirrors first to give our server breathing room.)

640 x 360 Mpeg 4

HD MPeg 4

640 x 360 WMV

HD WMV (coming soon)

IPod (coming soon)

Also, expect the first screenshots from Episode Nine in the next couple of days.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do…

But I’m sure the Terrorists will get by. I know you’re all probably curious about the way Episode Five ended, and we’re all glad to hear it. Ahmad’s stunt was I’m sure totally unexpected, and that’s just the way we like it.

Episode Six is already being filmed, though you’ll be sad to hear that some slight delays are in the forecast. The reason? Daniel and Nick are heading out to California to visit our music maestro, Damn Dangerous (or Jace, as he’s known on his home planet). What will Eddy do for the six days they are gone? Write Episode Seven, of course. But I’ll also be releasing some fun (depending on your point of view) content for you guys.

There was about a minute and a half or so deleted from Episode Five that I’m sure you guys will be interested to see, though it’s not super interesting per se, which is why it was cut in the first place. Also, there might be a little surprise for you guys while they are gone, too.

All that to say that Episode Six might have short delays (nothing crazy like Episode Four) just because of the nature of the next few weeks. October is hell month for me at work, plus Nick and Daniel traveling= The Leet World doesn’t get all that fun attention. But like I said, no worries, there will be lots of content for everyone, and once Nick and Daniel return, we’ll be back on our normal schedule again.

In the meantime, here are some screenshots from Episode Six:

Always Causing a Fuss WHERE U GOIN? After the Break-Up